Samejima Kun Sasahara Kun

Samejima Kun Sasahara Kun[Reading] ➷ Samejima Kun Sasahara Kun By Koshino – Samejima and Sasahara are friends They go to college together they're in the same year and they even work at the same place But when Samejima confesses his feelings run deeper their relationship explo Samejima and Sasahara are friends They go to college together they're in the same year and they even work at the same place But when Samejima confesses his feelings run deeper their relationship explodes in passion and irritation Sasahara tries to ignore Samejima and he tells him to wake up he tries to accept him and Samejima plays hard to get It's enough to drive a man crazy in way than one. A really enjoyable story about two friends who slowly become lovers Unlike with Dear Green there's a heavy emphasis on the comedy and there's a lot of bickering But the artist did a great job capturing the awkwardness that arises when a relationship changes There also were no clearly defined uke and seme roles which I always like The art though wasn't that great but considering that the story was so much fun I didn't mind that so much I've been going to and fro wondering whether I should order this or not and now I'm glad I did Well worth its money Not For the Faint of Heart Samejima Kun and Sasahara Kun ReviewSo I picked this up based on the description than the cover because that cover doesn't do the book justice at all First off it gives entirely the wrong idea of which guy is into the other at first and it also just makes them seem kind of creepy Fear not the interior art I found much appealing and this is a book that I found so adorable It is cute It is so cute I can hardly describe the cuteness of this book where two friends becomes than friends It's pretty great And it's not something I'm normally drawn to because it's very much slice of life but it has some great humor and characters and I liked itIt's a completely trigger free book as well having no issues of consent really If anything both guys are rather afraid of things happening and when things finally get good and hot it's after so many false starts and close calls that there is no uestion that they both want it It helps that they both say they want it too that it's something that they discuss and deal with like something close to adults It's just nice to see that in any sort of relationship manga and so it's a definite point in the book's favorThe artwork is also great The guys are both fun characters the one very clean and obsessive and yet with such feelings The other one is a slob and a bit of a slacker but he's outgoing emotional and it's him in the end that takes things to the next level It's an interesting dynamic and one that I haven't really seen before and it is cute Both guys are just clueless at times and it makes for many smiles and chuckles And while some of the secondary characters sort of blend together and look a little similar I think I was only confused once or twice who was who and that had probably to do with a weird hiccup in the story around the second or third chapter where time seems to jump backwards a littleThe sex is kind of strange in this manga because it doesn't really happen for a while at least not fully It'swell there's a lot of fooling around which is nice but things don't really steam up until the very end and even then everyone doesn't exactly get a turn Still the art is great during the sex and the guys are adorable throughout So that's something and I thought everything was well done with the relationship and the pacing And in the end that's what I like to see that there is a good relationship good characters and consensual sex For all that I'm giving it an 810 a fun read 455 ⭐️ I'm very very picky with my Yaoi these days I'm not satisfied with typical storylines shoddy plot and mediocre art Sex can get me to read something but it won't get me to buy it I need substance heart and endearing uirks I need something that pulls me into the story and the characters and has me rooting for them from the start I need to careI got all of that with Samejima kun Sasahara kun gosh did I everThe story itself doesn't sound very interesting; Samejima and Sasahara work at the same part time job and attend the same college They're relatively close friends and enjoy each other's company until the day Samejima tells Sasahara he likes him and that's where this story takes off Unlike the typical stories that implement this trope Samejima kun Sasahara kun bring an element of clumsy ridiculous realism that is so rare in Japanese Yaoi The world isn't against them there's no one trying to interfere in their relationship on the contrary friends seem to find their fumbling uite entertaining there's no easily resolvable misunderstandings that prevent the two characters from getting together in fact Sasahara refuses to indulge in Samejima's assumptions and actively refuses to take responsibility for those regarding himself They're just two guys trying to figure out who likes who and what to do now that the cat's out of the bag Samejima clearly doesn't expect Sasahara to reciprocate and Sasahara clearly doesn't want their friendship to end It gets increasingly adorable from thereThey're both males horny impulsive and prone to saying the wrong thing at the right time but they work their way through their issues their concerns their attractions in realistic absolutely lovely ways Samejima never believes Sasahara will return his feelings but can't stop himself though he makes a great effort Sasahara can't believe Samejima actually likes him but both slowly warms to the idea and begins to provoke Samejima out of curiosity both to Samejima and his own preferences They fumble their way into a relationship despite Samejima's second guessing and Sasahara's disbelief and create a functioning adorable relationship that reflects actual realistic relationships That's what I adore in slice of life stories like this and rarely ever see It has heart and realism and you can feel how Samejima doesn't want to ruin what they have but he cares for Sasahara so much and Sasahara doesn't see how it could work but begins to consider and then seek out Samejima's responses It's absolutely lovely to see that tug of war and neither are blown out of proportion When the two characters finally get together and have sex and let's be honest here we're all waiting for it it's honestly the most adorable clumsy yet hot scene I've read in a long timeHonestly if you're looking for a sweet realistic endearing and non heartbreaking slice of life yaoi this is it The art good the story lovely and sex delightful Samejima and Sasahara are going to worm their way into your heart and it's going to be a grand time for youOne last thing This isn't necessarily a spoiler but the two characters actively discuss switching topbottom positions While this may not seem important or even very heavily emphasized within the story I adore the fact it's mentioned at all and that the characters are so candid about their opinions There isn't any traditional semeuke talk which to be honest I'm rather sick of seeing in yaoi anyway and it just works with this books I really do love this story and recommend everyone pick it up if they likewant a slice of life like this one full video review hereA cute story of the comedy than for romantic plot Sometimes the art came off busy and I wished there was character development between the two MCs This is my FAVORITE yaoi comic ever I read it online over and over and over again and happened to find it at long last at a Half Price Books Even though it was exorbitantly priced I bought it because I wasnt going to let it get away from me The story emphasizes the awkward uncertainty of falling in love; particularly falling in love with a friend Their fumbling relationship reads beautifully real to me Why do BL manga always have to have such shady consent?? It's super annoying and gross So I picked this up because the summary seemed to be promising me an idiots in love story and those are one of my favourite types of romances Happily that is exactly what I received D What an incredibly awkward pair of human beings So much conversation and step backs and awkward interactions of awkwardness It was GR8 I didn't even skip the sex scenes that's how much I liked their dynamic 35 starssee the thing about yaoi is it is full of extremely gross relationship tropes that always seem to be expressed to the highest zenith of grossness whenever the couple gets to fucking 'Consent? What is that scenes where at least one person is repeatedly saying no is sexy' – the thesis statement of 80% of all yaoi ever Experience has thus led me to rapidly start skipping pages as soon as it looks like the clothes are coming off I very rarely buy BL manga I haven't read before because so much of it is so terrible but the synopsis of this one sounded really promising so I took the plunge and it really delivered The characters are likable and actually fairly realistic I have to give the translator props for their natural sounding dialogue as well and it just isn't your typical brooding seme and weeping uke dynamic at all Seeing the two main characters awkwardly work their way toward a relationship is heartwarming hilarious and ultimately incredibly satisfying Totally hilarious Often the transition from friends to lovers are made to look so easy in most books This was NOT like that at all Samejima Kun and Sasahara Kun was a story where forsaking friendship for the pleasure of passion isn't all it's cracked up to be

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