The Cat and the Bird

The Cat and the Bird❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Cat and the Bird Author Géraldine Elschner – A treasured painting by Paul Klee is the basis for this whimsical tale about a cat and a bird and about the themes of freedom and friendshipA cat lives in a house filled with toys but every day she dr A treasured painting by Paul Klee is and the Epub á the basis for this whimsical tale about a cat and a bird and about the themes of freedom and friendshipA cat lives in a house filled with toys but every day she dreams of being free like the bird she watches through the window Finally with the bird’s help she is able to escape and dance on the roofs of the city by moonlight This lovely The Cat ePUB ô story unfolds in a series of playful brilliantly colored illustrations based on the artist Paul Klee’s work Influenced by the artist’s bright palette and use of shapes and line the book culminates in a dazzling reproduction of Klee’s Cat and Bird Accompanied by information about the artist and this iconic painting the book invites appreciation of the unfettered joyfulness that makes Klee one of the most universally loved artists of all time. I enjoyed the illustrations by Peggy Nile which were a nod to Paul Klee's vibrant style The story inspired by the artist's love of cats rings true to what I know about the nature of those mischievous creatures This one is definitely successful than some of the other picture books inspired by famous artists that I've seen recently This is a very simple children's book but also so much As mentioned in the authorship it is inspired by Paul Klee and it contains information about him Klee was a cat lover so this metaphoric story is about a cat who feels caged and seeks the assistance of a bird I thought the artwork breathtaking and the story beautifully layered for appreciation by all ages First thing you open the book and your jaw drops and you feel omg what is this Is this some kind of magic This books is truly a gem in it's own sense Be it story or illustrations whatever it is Illustrations are like canvas which gives it different feel and texture A story of freedom and trust Cat had everything to be happy in own house with cozy basket warm milk and toys But the perfect house was locked up twice So cat sat by the window whole day and night and used to dream about beautiful garden outside Whenever cat closed eyes could sense red leaves of autumn soft carpet of moss beneath and high up on the treetop was the bird who sang beautifully For ages cat wanted to catch the bird and felt taste in mouth But something inside was stronger than urge to devour bird He envied bird as bird was free to fly and come and go as pleased Then one day he called out to bird and asked to peck at the bar of my prisons Bird didn't believe but cat's promise let bird agree to help Bird peck away the bars of cat's cage and as soon as cat was free he sprang to the edge of horizon He danced with joy in moonlight He thanked little bird and said he can never forget and this act will be always engraved in his memory Forever I am totally in love with this book and Noa is enjoying it's bright colour and simple story A really nice picture book inspired by a famous painting These birds are making weird noises The cat dresses up like a doctor to eat the birds The birds do not let him A villain in disguise will not deceive the wise Art for Children a story inspired by a painting by Paul Klee If I could I’d give it 35 stars not 4 A beautiful book inspired by Paul Klee and his painting The Cat and the Bird Amazing illustrations and a beautiful story that both the young and the old will enjoy Great book for art collaborationintegration Paul Klee loved cats His paintings inspire Elschner's story of a cat in a cage who longs for freedom and for the deliciously beautiful bird flying free outside his window The bird sets him free and happily enough the cat is grateful dancing with joy and doesn't eat himOriginally published in France 2011 Translated by Cynthia Hall for Prestel Verlag 2012 Illustrated by Peggy Nille It's a really simple story with not much going on but I found it really beautiful I didn't order it for the library I work at because the desire the cat has for the bird is almost sexual but I think I might add it to my own collection I was looking for books that told about some famous artists for school I liked this book telling about Paul Klee's Cat and Bird painting I thought it would be a good intro into the style and ideas of Paul Klee in a simplified form