A morte e a morte de Quincas Berro D'água

A morte e a morte de Quincas Berro D'água➹ [Download] ➵ A morte e a morte de Quincas Berro D'água By Jorge Amado ➼ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Best Kindle A morte e a morte de uincas Berro D'água Author Jorge Amado This is very good and a main topic to read the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo Best Kindle, e a eBook ☆ A morte e a morte de Quincas Berro D'água Author Jorge Amado This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book. uincas Wateryell’s double life his wife and children prayed for him after he called them vipers and without so much as a glance over his shoulder walked out of his respectable middle class home forever And to think such an obedient meek husband and father a former exemplary employee of the State Rent Board; the derelicts tramps hobos gamblers and prostitutes in the sualid neighborhoods of his second life all loved him their first and foremost shinning star of seedy bar and sailor skiff uincas’ great great grandfather was a captain and uincas could feel the sea in his blood through ten glorious years of carousing marathon card games rum drinking and thousands of debaucheries their leader Daddy great pal and hero would spin his new life around a sualid flophouse where he would occasionally crash in his bare dingy room furnished with sagging moth eaten cot; leader and pal Daddy and hero did I previously mention his roles If so it bears repeating his arms always spread wide embracing down and outers against all odds his open heart his warm smile rum fueled fire sparkling in his eyes all this is noble splendid spirited liberating and caused his family endless embarrassment and shame A friend recently wrote me saying how another world renowned author from Brazil couldn’t hold a candle to the storytelling of Jorge Amado It’s hard to argue with this statement since Jorge's nearly thirty novels astonishing literary masterpieces loved by millions of readers from intellectuals and esteemed critics to workers in the field prove Jorge to be among the world’s foremost storytelling giants And please do not underestimate this Jorge Amado novella under review – its less than one hundred pages contain sheer energy excitement and euphoria joy and jubilance than an entire shelf of works many times its length penned by a good number of other authors The spirit of wild intoxicated Dionysius has an undeniable presence on every single page If you are not yet acuainted with the author this little gem is the perfect place to imbibe some Jorge Amado storytelling splendor Set your spirit free The Double Death of uincas Water Bray is about hypocrisy of relatives sincerity of buddies and listlessness and sangfroid of the dead It is literally heavy with ironyWhen a man dies he is reintegrated into his most authentic respectability even having committed the maddest acts when he was alive Death with its unseen hand erases the stains of the past and leaves the dead man’s memory gleaming like a new cut diamondIn some strange way the tale reminded me of Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck but it was much sardonically wickedThere they all were now in silence on one side the family of Joauim Soares da Cunha—daughter son in law brother and sister – and on the other side the friends of uincas Water Bray Swifty put his hand into his pocket and felt the frightened frog as though he wanted to show it to uincas With a movement that looked like ballet the friends drew back from the coffin and the relatives drew closer Vanda cast a glance of reproach at her father Even in death he preferred the company of those ragamuffinsSome people want to forget their dead at once and for the others they become a byword 22620Lol pretty good I'm actually really excited to read of his work in particular Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands 28220Found this one when I was looking for classics outside of the Western canon You can find me onYoutube | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Website Death with its unseen hand erases the stains of the past and leaves the dead man's memory gleaming like a new cut diamond —A line from the bookuincas Water Bray a disreputable card playing dipsomaniac dies in his miserable Bahían hovel with holes in his socks and grease on his stitched up vest Because he was once an upstanding citizen and a doting father his daughter wants revelations of his ignominious ways swept under the carpet to avoid embarrassment She favours a discreet funeral without fanfareHis notorious yet loyal friends though only know him as a much loved local legend The drunkards vagabonds prostitutes brawlers and gamblers mourn his passing by drinking themselves into a sentimental stupour while uincas smiles in his coffinAnd so the scene is set for the shabby old hedonist to enjoy his last hellraising hurrah with the aid of his inebriated amigosAnd the rumbustious ending to the rogue's colourful life is pleasingly fitting perhaps even poetic The sincerity of his true friends brought a smile to my face and left me with a warm glow in my heart Additional note this is a very brief tale not even a novella and at only 90 pages long you might feel it doesn't justify the cost This novella is like a small cup of Italian espresso condensed in under a hundred pages the whole flavor of the rather long winded account of Dona Flor the essence of living in the tropical city of Bahia the double pull in opposite directions of respectability and lust for life the fight for the memory of man who died twice ten years apart view spoiler actually with a little help from his friends and a wave of the magic realism wand of the author uincas rises from his coffin and dies a third time by the end of the novella hide spoiler Novella is an overstatement for the length of this book about 50 normally formatted pages But it is a gross understatement of the epic scope and depth of humanity it portrays The main character Joauim Soares da Cunha or uincas Water Bray is dead for the entire book But he is also fuller and alive than most fictional creationsThe plot is simple enough uincas dubbed the king of the tramps of Bahia by the newspapers is found dead A formerly respectable civil servant he has spent the last decade drinking rum gambling consorting with prostitutes and living under a different name apart from his family His respectable daughter brother and their spouses claim the body and prepare it for a respectable burial But then his tramp friends come take the body out for one last night on the town pour liuor down its throat carry it around as if its drunk refer to it as if its alive and ultimately it chooses to jump off a boat and be buried at seaBut in the course of this reflected through the perceptions and memories of others you get a glimpse of a larger than life charismatic figure in the slums and the contradictory ways in which he is viewed and processed by two sets of people Plus it is also humorous and humane albeit not exactly in a laugh out loud sort of a way One of my first books read which are authored by a Brazilian writer this novel turned out to be so so good It can be considered a crash course in creative writing how to make a character taking bad and selfish decisions be amazingly relatable and easy to sympathize with A man walks out on his family to lead the life of a homeless bum and you totally get why and cheer him on by the time the book is overThere is also the matter of his double death spoiler alert I think it's the true mark of a literary genius the way Amado constructed those scenes Even though the character seems to have come alive and talks and moves and so on the way his movements are described has an amazingly insidious uality that allows you to interpret that all of it was the fantasy of drunkards carrying a corpse around It's so ambiguous that it could really go either way Amado is praised for the way he works class consciousness into his writing and you see why The way he describes the common man from the poor classes in the Bahia region is amazing You get an entire palette of motivations lifestyles and attitudes from just one short and rather linear story Chapeau originally published in 1959 the year after amado's nearly flawless masterpiece gabriela clove and cinnamon the double death of uincas water bray a morte e a morte de uincas berro dágua is a slim sprightly affair a folk novella with rich colorful characters it is an amado after all double death is set in the brazilian author's home region of bahia and follows the family and friends of the notorious title character after he passes away and subseuently unpasses away although but the slenderest of romps a tale in which amado's storytelling savvy is given scant room in which to flourish the vibrant charm often found in the late novelist's work is still present with lush settings blithe characters and a surreal plot the double death of uincas water bray is a brief but boisterous affair the street noises came in through the open window multiple and merry the sea breeze put out the candles and drifted over to kiss uincas on the cheek the light spread out over him blue and festive a victorious smile was on his lips as uincas settled himself better in the coffin in a new translation from the portuguese by the esteemed gregory rabassa garcía máruez cortázar machado vargas llosa lobo antunes et al The way he writes is compelling The descriptions are enough to make you feel you are where the story is I liked the plot but sometimes I felt the book just went on and on but not really going anywhere I didn't know it was a magic realism book so it was a pleasant surprise A delicious lagniappe; an almost perfect bit of Amado's magicSome characters are familiar from other stories but i never tire of his hilarious archetypes His distaste for those who take themselves too seriously is ticklish wisdom