Eve's Diary

Eve's Diary[Epub] ➞ Eve's Diary By Rachel Caine – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Eve s Diary is a short story in Eve Rosser s point of view Eve s Diary is a short story in Eve Rosser s point of view. This really made me grasp how young Eve actually is I can t recall much from my previous read about her brother and Brandon but I do know that I m dreading being reminded about it all. I liked this little insight into Eve and her diary. This is nothingthan a very short chapter detailing the events of book one from Eve s point of view.If I m honest, after reading this I disliked Eve somewhat That changed as the books progressed meaning I wasthan happy when there were nodiary entries to be found at the back of books Seriously, this just made her seem like a character to dislike and such is actually not the case for Eve. This should not have made me hate Eve as much as it did There was a disconnect between Eve in Glass Houses, and Eve in Eve s Diary and she just didn t feel like the character at all. My book came with this bonus material It was good and funny like Michael the totally Hottie McHott of Hotland Funny, humorous and entertaining but it lacks the depth. I really, really, really like reading from Eve s pov, I have no idea why Maybe because Caine enjoys writing Eve and it shows The only reason I m not giving this five stars is because of an error that I think it has It says the Claire is going to find the book, and then Shane makes his deal with Brandon, but isn t the reason Claire wants to find the book is because of the deal So shouldn t it be the other way round This was a free short story included in one of the early Morganville Vampires books with Eve narrating it It was a short decent read and is not included in Midnight Bites, the Morganville Vampirs anthology. This came free with the paperback of the first book in the series It gives Eve s point of view of the first book There seemed to be a disconnect between the Eve in the main story and the Eve in the diary, but a diary is a view of the writer s innermost thoughts so I can understand why there may be a difference. Lizard 2.Wombat 3.Overall 2.5. Rating 3 stars.This is a nice little look into Eve s perspective of things I wish it was longer but it was infinitely interesting to see things from her point of view.