Richer Than God

Richer Than God➜ [Epub] ❧ Richer Than God By David Conn ➦ – Richer Than God is an authoritative provocative investigative account of Manchester City's history culminating in its transformation as Sheikh Mansour seeks to spend the formerly miserable Manchester Richer Than God is an authoritative provocative investigative account of Manchester City's history culminating in its transformation as Sheikh Mansour seeks to spend the formerly miserable Manchester club into the European elite When Conn asked an American working Richer Than PDF/EPUB or in Abu Dhabi whether its economy had been at all affected by the global recession he said 'My friend we're Richer Than God' It is also a tale of innocence that of a six year old boy transfixed by his sky blue heroes coming of age as a writer with the mature understanding that both his club and the game are businesses Why should modern football continue to claim the unuestioning loyalty of fans when there is so much in the game to uestion. I was taken by surprise by this book a bit but in a good way I expected it to be they usual team book that details a championship season and provides a little context of team history That is not what this book did David Conn grew up a big fan of Manchester City He goes into very interesting detail about the History of Manchester England which I now know was a real starting point for the Industrial Revolution Today Manchester is much like our old steele towns and has some of the highest unemployment in England Conn also takes this opportunity to really dive into some interesting territory He explains and criticizes the enormous amount of money involved in the Premier League and argues persuasively that it is the same reckless behavior that got banks in trouble He does this by detailing the immense amount of money dumped into the team by its new Abu Dhabi owners He then contrasts that with the Glazer family and their debt ridden takeover of Manchester United I believe Conn intentionally found every reference to Glazer and tried to include at least two of the following words within every sentence the name appears Debt ridden borrowed money twat bank fees interest saddled to the team unconscionable yes even unconscionable and finally a running tally of all the interest owed by the team that increased every time he brought up a new topic David Conn hates the Glazers even though the Glazers are destroying his team's biggest rival Hates them passionatelyConn also chronicles the history of Manchester City FC and details its frustrating history and tortured fan base He describes the championship season in some detail but focuses on his money thesis and history the most He really educated me about Manchester and its region the history of the team I have followed loosely from across the pond since '05 or so and showed me exactly how every rule designed to keep teams around for community benefit have been destroyed to make way for obscene money in English Football It is higher than a 3 but not a 4 so consider it 35 I really enjoyed this even as a United fan Conn has struck the right balance between memoir and investigative journalism and his fan mindset doesn't influence the remainder of the book A fascinating insight into the tumultuous changes City has seen One of the best books about modern football that I have ever read Thoughtful absorbing enlightening Read it David Conn is one of my favourite football writers ever since I bought The Football Business and devoured page after page of insight and thinly disguised scorn into the scurrilous results when money clashes with the national sport and the losing positions of all normal supporters Brilliant angry writing a tone that continues in his regular articles for The Gaurdian It's an fascinating topic to cover and Conn has lent his inuiring mind to most from the despair riddled recent years at Fratton Park to the impact of the Glazers on Manchester United and hey it isn't good This book was always going to be a winner then made so because Conn grew up supporting City and has followed them through some very dodgy years the even dodgier year of Thakswin Shinawatra's chairmanship to the current set up His closeness to the club lends a personal autobiographical tone to the text Conn tells us about his upbringing what City means to him and his feelings about them somehow being transformed into the world's richest football club It's a good way to approach the story as at heart Conn's just a fan like the rest of us and his reaction to the club's sensational change in fortunes is utterly authentic Like many City supporting friends I know he'll take the Millionaires Club because hell it's his team and perhaps they deserve some good fortune however much fans of other sides choose to accuse them of buying glory but there's a dark side to the success such as the influx of pampered footballers Carlos Tevez doesn't come across especially well or the incomprehensible jarring clash between City and the deprived part of Manchester within which it's based There's some discussion of working conditions within the Emirates the oil flooded state to which City are now inextricably tied about the impossible levels of disappointment experienced by Conn and many others when a folk hero like Francis Lee returned to rescue the club from unpopular owner Peter Swales in the mid nineties and wrecked every dream invested in him over the ensuing years Despite Conn's widely stated affiliation with the Bitter half of Manchester this is as objective a look into the club as it gets intelligently constructed and suffused with heart This is a good read from one of my favourite football writers Conn details the fall and rise of City the financial machinations involved in high level football business spectator sport versus participation the consistent ineffectiveness of the modern FA the differences between the development of the modern game in England and Germany even some brief history of Abu DhabiWhile I did enjoy a lot of this the above paragraph highlights one of my issues with the book At times it feels very scatter shot; almost as if Conn is constantly being distracted by another of his pet topics This often leads to repetition of key points across multiple chapters and makes me think that the book was mostly adapted from a series of articlesAs I said though I'm a fan of Conn's writing particularly his socio economic analysis of the modernization of football through the last thirty or forty years There's a lot to enjoy here and not a trace of the usual cliche ridden huff and puff style of British football writing This is the best of the many books on football that I've ever read and contains crucial insights into the often massively detrimental effects of the commercialisation of sport As a newer Man City fan The Sheik’s era reading this book felt like sitting down with a lifelong fan who gave me an incredibly detailed account of their history Exhaustive but not exhausting this book is definitely not for everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed it Even if you are not a Manchester City fan this gives you a detailed account of how foreign and domestic investment into England’s football league has changed the very nature of the game forever Excellent book about the rise of City Some parts dwelled too much on specific matches and the players for someone who is unfamiliar with the team it's hard to follow along sometimes but overall a great read Was mildly disappointed in the continuous mention of fathers and sons especially as the game appeals and to mothers and daughters and women in general A great read for Manchester City fans or fans of football in general I have been going since 2005 and it's fascinating to read the changes the club has gone through that I barely understood then The author does go on tangents as he seems to get distracted like an excited puppy He provides great context to everything but sometimes ruins the flow of the narrative A book based on facts and personal views of a beloved football club by David Conn A dream book to write for sure for a fan knowing its history and meeting people behind the club and other people in footballThere is involvement and a strong interest for the subject by the author Although I was wishing for vibrancy in the writing process It's a slow read with a massive uantity of text page by page A book like this reuires actually some pictures to keep the readers interest in top A book and author that definitely earns a high rating due to its research and enthusiasm but it didn't manage to capture me with the art of writing

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