The Fourth Stall Part III (The Fourth Stall, #3)

The Fourth Stall Part III (The Fourth Stall, #3)[KINDLE] ✾ The Fourth Stall Part III (The Fourth Stall, #3) By Chris Rylander – The saga of Mac Vince and middle school organized crime comes to a thrilling conclusion in THE FOURTH STALL PART III Their business is finished and Mac’s and Vince’s lives have become something th The saga of Mac Vince Stall Part ePUB ☆ and middle school organized crime comes to a thrilling conclusion in THE FOURTH STALL PART III Their business is finished and Mac’s and Vince’s lives have become something they have never been before simple None of the fortune or the glory and none of the risk or threat of juvenile prison There’s even a new business that has stepped in to take their place and take the heat off Mac and Vince for once Things The Fourth Kindle - couldn’t be betterBut that was before things at their middle school started to go haywire Before they found out that there’s a new crime boss at school in the town over trying to consolidate power And before their old nemesis Staples came back to town begging for help after his stint in the clink Just when Mac and Vince thought they were out the business pulls them back in But this time will they be able to escape with their lives Fourth Stall Part PDF/EPUB Á and permanent records intact. I loved it so much it's not surprising that I love it I wish there was a part lV But it was a great way to end the series The story glued your eyes to the pages and blocked out everything else I recommend this trilogy to anyone The third in the middle school series trilogy that had a fun albeit sad and satisfying ending Our hero Mac who runs his business from the 4th stall of the boys bathroom where he takes care of the schools problems turns out to be too much for him and so he tries to get out of the business by handing it over to someone else But as everyone tells him you can't really get away from the business if you don't take your hands out of it and so he gets drawn back in It turns out to be the biggest problem yet he has to solve so big he has to call in the favors of every associate and bully he's ever worked with Much hilariousness ensues and although I would have liked a slightly neater ending with Mac being the hero in every problem Rylander stays true to real life in showing that not everything works out how you expect Probably my favorite of the three books and I have now made my eldest son happy by reading a series he's recommended Off to read another series that another one of my sons is in Reading the same books as my kids provides an enjoyable relief from the heavier stuff I usually read and allows me to connect with my children I highly recommend this endeavor and this book Mac is back but he and Vince are laying low after their last escapade It's hard to stay away from their old life though Staples is back and wants their help contacting his sister who is in foster care and they are contacted by Jimmy Two Tone a new kid who wants to take over their business and give them a cut of the profits Jimmy's doing a great business but Mac starts to suspect that Jimmy is creating problems so he can make money solving them Turns out this is the case and Jimmy has been using students from Thief Valley Elementary to cause the problems but now he owes them 4000 and he asks Mac for help after school events are being sabotaged too fast for him to fix It turns out that Kinko the mastermind at Thief Valley is Staples' young sister but this just makes Mac even determined to take her down in this great conclusion to a great middle grade trilogyStrengths Oh the sheer number of things that would never happen in a middle school makes this a series that the boys adore I can't tell you the number of them that knew the exact date this was coming out and wanted it right away This was the first thing I picked up at a recent book look once I realized it was there Gross jokes over the top villains adventure and running around it has everything I am so glad that they kept the covers the same very striking and attractiveWeaknesses I don't personally enjoy this sort of thing because it makes me worry about the amount of money involved about where the teachers are when kids are being bullied etc In some ways it's a relief to know I haven't completely turned into a twelve year old boy This book was a bit better than the previous ones it built suspense better than the other ones and this one I really felt had similarities from The Godfather with the rival mafias You would like this book if you enjoy mafiacrime books A theme in this book is to know when to give up or surrender to fight another day I started reading this book because I had decided to read the final book of the Fourth Stall Triology The book proved to be a very nice read almost exceeding the past 2 iterationsWhat I liked about the book was the honesty and dedication of the characters in the story For example when Mac was suffering expulsion due to him being framed by his email address being connected to the attack on the school computers leaving all of them internally destroyed his best friend Vince was also accused naturally since they were best friends However instead of blaming Vince and making him a part of the story Mac did everything in his power to prevent Vince from getting in trouble The traits of the characters are what make the book so insightful to read Wonderful book but the ending felt a bit to real for me It was almost too real I get that the book is based off of stuff that truly could've happened but based on all of the other events I was expecting a happier ending In all it was an amazing book and the almost perfect way to end the series The Fourth Stall Part III is a fictional book written by Chris Rylander In the book Mac thinks he's out of business for good because of what happened last year with the SMARTS Kids still were coming up to him to ask for help and it was really hard for Mac to say no but he had too Then one day this guy named Jimmy wants to run Mac's business since the principals were watching Mac 247 Mac and Vince both agreed but little did they know Jimmy was a trouble maker Staples was in a Big Brother program and he had to be Vince's big brother So Staples brought them to Theif Valley where his little sister was If you didn't know Staples had to be separated from his little sister A couple of days past and Mac finds out that Theif Valley has a business just like his So Mac went to Theif Valley and he started a fight with a little kid and then a lunch supervisor comes over and tries to bring him to the principal's office but the teacher gets distracted and Mac made a run for it He hides in the janitor's closet and when the lunch supervisor almost finds him something happens to Mac Read the book to find out I think this book was very interesting and it got your adrenaline running But the book did take a while to get into I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it was very interesting and I did not expect it to go the way that it did I really wish there was a 4th one but there's not I think the theme of the book is always listen to your heart because Mac really thought that he was done for good but he didn't listen to his heart and he got himself in even trouble Mac and Vince retire from the business of helping kids in school with troubles such as test answers to bullying since they want to live the normal teenage life But Staples ruthless teen crime boss that was stopped by Mac and Vince due to his trouble causing comes to Mac and asks him for a favor He asks Mac to reopen the business to help him free his sister from dreaded foster care Mac talks to Vince about reopening the business When they do reopen the business things don't go as planned The conflict in the story is when Mac and Vince decided to stop running their business they find out it's not over yet for them Staples ruthless teen crime boss comes to Mac and asks him to help him with his sister but Mac refuses and says that the business is closed and can't help anyone again But staples begs for help in getting his sister out of foster care Mac then talks to Vince about reopening the business However they had some trouble opening back their business in school since Jimmy the new crime boss at school offers to take over Mac and Vince's business Jimmy causes trouble after their refusal and the two boys have to stop him while helping to save Staple's sisterIf I had to pick something to change it would be the fact that Staple's attitude changes so unrealistically because before he was a psychopath bent on killing them and making a scam of a business Then he changes into a Big Brother This was a program for kids that didn't have a dad to have someone to play with Boy did they end with a good finaleThe Fourth Stall Part III is the final installment of the Fourth Stall and was is a great way to finish up the series They completely ditched all the niceties of the second book it seemed like a different universe from the second book Unlike its predecessor this book goes straight to the adventure and action like the first book They didn't completely become these folly excuses for detectives like the second book It went straight to it and did they deliver Bringing back Staples double crossing another business of another business it's all here in this bookThere wasn't anything wrong with this book Except for the chase of Staples I'm pretty sure even under the cover of darkness you could see the face of who you were chasing with completely different proportions Other than that the book is great They bring back another character from the second book too her role wasn't that important but still So in the end this book was great it was exactly what I wanted and was is a ride through the book So if you're interested in an action mystery deception then you should definitely read this book I really liked this series of books and I'm 72 years young but I remember some of those years and they weren't pleasant I was taller than most of the girls didn't play any sports but loved to read and got heckled a lot So when Mac opened a business to help with some of the problems I was in his corner