WhiteSpace❴Download❵ ➾ WhiteSpace Author Sean Platt – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Hamilton Island seems like the perfect home The Puget Sound bedroom community has it all — beautiful homes with white picket fences a thriving tech sector and one of the best school systems in the s Hamilton Island seems like the perfect home The Puget Sound bedroom community has it all — beautiful homes with white picket fences a thriving tech sector and one of the best school systems in the stateBut not everything is as it seemsAnd on the morning of September the veil is lifted in a school shooting that will shake the island to its core and expose an evil dynasty and a dark conspiracy that threatens the future of our speciesSeason One includes all the material in Episodes compiled in one eBook. ELEVENBeing accustomed to the serial format repopularized by Stephen King myself loving the serial format of many of the Doctor Who novelizations I was familiar with the style that authors Platt Wright were going for in the series they have produced for ebook format I also was a follower of the two podcasts they freuent The Self Publishing Podcast and Better Off Undead and expected to read something of decent ualityWhat I wasn't expecting in the first series of WhiteSpace was one best pieces of writing I have come upon in the last while ESPECIALLY in a serial format What starts off with a bizzare horrific incident that leaves a small town and several families scarred soon evolves into a psychological sci fi thriller that is best compared to as something out of Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episode that somehow goes even deeper The writers Platt and Wright spin a tale of conspiracy and deception laced with hints the bitter unknown and plot twists that spin form several directions at once through the perspectives of several of the townspeople and their acuaintancesEach chapter leaves you gasping for the next and the end of each episode begs you to read the next If you love thrilling character pieces that leave you totally shocked at the end of each chapter with a cliffhanger that is comparable only to the best of today's television programming I would recommend WhiteSpace Season One to absolutely anyoneI only rate it 45 because there are occasional typos but in the view of this reader I look past each one of them because no misspelled word was going to stop me from finding out what was happening on Hamilton IslandREAD WHITESPACE NOW NOW Woah What an Awesome Story WhiteSpace has been on my radar for sometime and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge I LOVE the serial format and Sean and Dave are definitely masters of the form So sad that it’s not a thing any I absolutely loved WhiteSpace the entire story is amazing The characters the creepiness the setting and worldso completely awesome it’s got it all And the ending holy crap the ending God these guys are goodLooking forward to Season 2 A real brain teaser All the way through the first book and I still have no idea as to where the plot is heading This really has me intrigued WowThis story is so much fun to read It's creepy mysterious and Very exciting I will be digging right in to season two of this story tonight This is the second review I have done on one of the 'seasons' by these two authors I did one a week or so ago on their other massively successful series called 'Yesterday's Gone' after finishing Season two and have since finished the third in the seriesSo impressed was I by their style in both the series' as well as their Zombie story called Z2134 that I hurriedly grabbed the next series called Whitespace I have just finished season one and I have to say I am fast becoming a huge fan of theirs Their ability to leave you reeling after each episode by massive cliffhangers keeps you coming back for and and I can see them gaining a massive following if they haven't already The idea to write books in the form of a series is so clever and I am pretty sure it will catch on and become a very successful medium in which to release books though I imagine the added pressure of having to ensure you don't keep your readers waiting too long after leaving them hanging in the air by some awesome 'Oh my god I did not see that coming' end of episodeseason will make it difficult to keep up the pace and to keep deliveringWhitespace is well written although I did see a few typo's that need looking at and it focuses on a small island town off the west coast of the US where strange things seem to be happening Initially I downloaded the book because I thought it dealt with a school shooting and its aftermath and although that is the opening premise of the book it develops into so much than thatThe characters are well developed and I am sure you will soon have a favourite mine is Brock Houser but I have become fascinated by each one and having just downloaded season two I eagerly await to read to find out what happens to each oneTwists and turns at the end of every episode with tiny little hints thrown in here and there you will be kept guessing throughout and then if you are like me and think you have guessed what is going on will still be freaked when and facts are revealedI look forward to much from this talented duo who I imagine are madly writing to keep up with the demand by their ever increasing fan base Its now 4am and Ive just finished another fantastic addictive read from the library of Sean Platt and David WrightI never thought I would enjoy serialized stories being an awfully impatient reader ; But the boys have had me hooked from my first series of Yesterdays Gone and Z2134 and Whitespace has been no exception I absolutely love the writing style of these guys; but I didn't believe I could find a book better than Yesterdays Gone which has been one of my all time favorite EVER booksThe boys have this amazing knack of keeping you hooked right from chapter one starting with a shocking school shooting and then feeling apart of how Hamilton Island is rocked to its core ; we actually feel that affiliation with the families in its aftermath with devastation to come I found every character relatable believable with enough depth to make sure they bring out your own emotions towards them I love Brock Houser his similar I feel in character to our favorite Boricio to all the Goners out there; but a bit toned downI couldn't put my kindle down as Series one sweeps you along through murder after missing person; every chapter immersing you into complex sinister plots and intriguea real must for every sci fi fanAlongside the conspiracy theories murder mysteries; I love the side romance building between Jon Conway and Cassidy and his strained relationships with his father and brother You have everything from murder mysteries conspiracy theories deceit sci fi horror romance and paranormalThis well written series with its well developed characters will keep you guessing right till the end with yet another massive mother of all cliffhangersI think I love this than Yesterdays gone and that was one if my fave all time ever readsIf you've never read any books from the boys and you love sci fi you NEED to read this Another brilliant another masterpiece where do they get their ideas fromIm off to read Series Two I cant wait to read It doesn't get much paranoid claustrophobic or creepy than this serial novel If you like it dark and spooky and a new riddle around every corner you will love Hamilton Island and the characters that inhabit itHere are the things that I loved about this dark season1 The characters rock and are all different They don't all sound the same The wide variety of people involved in this story make the story have a ton of different ways to go I think we have gotten too focused on only having one or two characters in a story mostly because we can't seem to focus on anything any I have always liked novels with many different characters and this one has that in spades2 The mystery is awesome I love the idea of some dark someone pulling the strings of a mystery This story has that You just never really know what is going to happen next and that helps to build the paranoia3 The drama of the individual stories kept me coming back to Season One I don't want to get two deep into this but suffice to say that the drama of each individual character in this story is what kept me gong Without it you just have a bunch of flat people all trying to figure out who dunnit NO thanks I'd rather have characters I care aboutAll in all this is an awesome book by David Wright and Sean Platt If this is number one in the series I can't wait for the second one So Shooosh I'm going to check out Season Two right now In terms of just plain enjoying the words on the page White Space Season One is the best book I've read so far out of the PlattWrightTruant triumvirate It lacks the thrills and chills of Yesterday's Gone and the Invasion series and it doesn't have a larger than life character that sucks all the air out of the room like a Boricio or a Meyer DempseyBut a reader would be hard pressed to find better writing The story takes off from the very first pages the plot is fresh and original and the timing perfect as the action ebbs and flowsThe dialog is realistic Platt and Wright are masterful in their use of narrative to drive the story revealing just enough to keep the reader turning the page but never so much that the reader knows what's coming next White Space's characters are as three dimensional as you or I John Cassie Milo and the rest are all flawed beings trying to make sure those flaws don't outweigh their positivesThese guys keep punching out books and I keep buying them The law of probability says there's got to be a stinker in there somewhere but I haven't found it The stories just get better I liked this book MUCH than I thought I would Even though it starts out with a bang literally it took a while for me to really get a feel for it what this was where it was going because it isn't really that evident at the start It's actually a hard book to put on a Goodreads shelf because it touches many genres which for me is a good thing Makes it much interestingI'm not going into the plot at all first because I'm short of time and second I don't want to spoil this at all for anyone all I'll say is that it's worth the time to read and get to know everyone in the bookThe only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because for my own personal taste I found that every once in a while there was a bit too much info But that's just me I'm totally looking forward to continue with Whitespace; it's different and curious and dark and nasty and just plain cool All it took was one chapter and I was glued to this story Goddamn Platt and Wright sure know how to wrap readers around their little finger Good characters mystery after mystery twists and turns I just couldn't put it down I am already into Season two hoping desperately that Season three will be out soon It begins with a school shooting in an island community where everyone knows everyone Sounds basic but it's not Lots of little weird things are starting to happen There are so many hints and clues as to what's really going on that nothing makes sense Lots of theories will be going through your mind and then Bam the ending happens and all your theories need to be rewritten I can't tell you as I wouldn't know where to start or what might give something away All I can say is that you should read this