The Rising

The Rising❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ The Rising ⚣ Author Kelley Armstrong – The heart stopping final book in the Darkness Rising trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong      Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends Hunted by two power The heart stopping final book in the Darkness Rising trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong      Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends Hunted by two powerful Cabals they're uickly running out of places to hide And with the whole world thinking they died in a helicopter crash they can't simply go to the authorities for help All they have is the name and number of someone who might be able to give them a few answers Answers to why they're so valuable to the Cabals and why their supernatural powers are getting out of control Maya is unprepared for the truths that await her but she'll have to face them if she ever hopes to move on with her life Because she can't keep running forever     With all the twists thrills and romance that have made Kelley Armstrong an international bestseller plus the surprising return of some favourite characters The Rising will keep you under its spell long after the last page is turned From the Hardcover edition. Woah woah woah that was awesome IT'S OVEEERRR sobsWhat a great way to end such a great series Kelley Armstrong you're fantastic Just to get this out of the way DEREK AND CHLOE AND SIMON AND TORI SHOWED UP AND EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL The only reason why I did rate this book 4 stars instead of five was that it surprisingly started out slow for me The first 70 or so pages were kind of lagging The last half of the book however was everything I could've hoped for Add a cup of action a tablespoon of suspense a teaspoon of sadness a dash of romance a group of characters who were fascinatingly realistic and you've got Darkness Rising all measures are approximated I don't know how to bakeThis book's ending while somewhat bittersweet was the best way it could have ended All the characters seemed or less happy and the last chapter was beyond adorable I have to admit love triangles suck most of the time and I was a little tentative about the choice Maya seemed to be making But I'm completely on board with the choice she made in the end and I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend For Maya to have a better boyfriend NOT MINE Because reaching into a book and grabbing the character you've fallen in love and making him marry you is impossible because they're fictional characters sulks awayIn all seriousness this was a great book We met some new characters we reunited with some old characters and everything was wonderful There was a sense of closure at the end and while the circumstances might not have been completely ideal the characters were happy which of course makes me happy and makes me want them to be my friends WHY CAN'T THEY BE MY FRIENDS Love this book and love Kelley Armstrong It was a crazy wild ride while it lasted Thank you for a lovely trilogy PS Where can I find a Daniel or a Rafe? AFTER READING This book is most definitely the best book in the seriesSo much happens in this book many uestions do get answered andyes we get to see are friends from Darkest Powers againWas there anything I didn't like about this book? Not really but there are some things that I wish we got to see of1 Our friends from Darkest PowersThey only appeared during the last 14 of the book While I don't like how they weren't in the book as often as I hoped I understand We have already heard their story and it is now Maya's turnWhat I didn't like was how they were there but not mentioned so you were left wondering if they were there or not that probably didn't make sense2 The powersWe obviously got a grip on Maya's powers but I din't see many examples of powers The powers were explained rather than told Sure we saw Daniel's and Corey's powers but not often The major problem I had is that Haley's and Nicole's powers weren't really shownThose were the only problems I had in this bookAnd now I must say goodbye to this seriesand Darkest Powers BEFORE READING One of my ultimate favorite series is The Darkest Powers TrilogyBut I felt that it ended way too soonThen I heard rumors that in the new series Darkness Rising the two stories would mergeSo I read The Gathering and got disappointedThen I read The Callingand that's where the conflicting emotions come inThe Calling ended in a way that definitely hinted that our friends from Darkest Powers might make a returncrosses fingersI literally cried of happiness when I read the ending no jokebut then I realizedTHIS BOOK COMES OUT AFTER THE WORLD ENDScries tears of sadnessEDIT IT SHOWS CHLOE ON THE CHARACTERS LISTdoes happy danceEDIT OH MY HOLY DONUTSTHERE'S A COVERAND A RELEASE DATEfaints For the first time EVER I'm hoping for a love triangle in the third bookI love Daniel Why am I being punished for being a loyal fan who reads books as soon as they come out? 2013 Yep you've seen that right I gave 3 stars to the last book in one of my top fav trilogy of all time and also to one of my fav authors I also gave 3 stars to a book i have been anticipating and dying to read for about a year Disappointment won't describe how i feel like shock And i don't mean 'shock' in a good kind of way My hopes and believe in the author went straight to hell It was like being slapped in the face man For those who don't know The Rising is book 3 in the Darkness Rising Trilogy You HAVE to read them in order from 1 3 because they do relate and you won't know and understand things if you read them separately The trilogy is about a group of supernatural teens who's life's are turned upside down They find out they're experiments and try to escape after an incident happens But the people who are after them won't stop until they capture them again And it's not just the guys who were experimenting on them other scientists and similar groups want them tooI was expecting so much from this book I was expecting true awesomeness But it turned out to be just enough enjoyable to keep on reading It wasn't as gripping as the previous books It didn't make me sueal in excitement every time i got to a knew page or chapter In my opinion the characters changed a bit I can't believe i'm going to say this but they were so stupid sometimes i wanted to punch them in the face For example We have this scene where Maya is with we will call him 'h' in a shop and then these bunch of drunk people come inside Things start to get hot they offend Maya and 'h' decides to protect her So he's ready to take a swing at them but then Maya is like I'm going to grab some chocolate do you want some too? And i'm like 'Are you ACTUALLY kidding me?' There were so many things i didn't like i don't want to give to much away so i will just mention a couple of things i kinda hatedWe have another situation where Maya finally meets this guy He look familiar and Daniel asks him uestions that should give her a freaking big clue about who the hell he is But no Maya has to freaking have it written on a freaking piece of paper calm deep breath And the situation that ruined the whole book for me I absolutely DESPISED it and it got me so frustrated that i swear i couldn't even freaking see straight In the previous books the teens actually run away from the bad guys because they actually want to be free and not be locked up in a freaking cage like animals But in this one? Some of them LIKED being captured NONE of them fought back They just gave in I would have killed everyone if i had the powers they had and if that was what it took At least i wouldn't listen to them I would say for them to go fuck themselves Show a little dignity and rebellion kids With that said there were some things i really liked too I absolutely LOVED the suspense and action And the thing i adored the most was being able to read about Derek Chloe and Simon again We first meet them in a different trilogy The Summoning I almost fainted when i first had a gimps of Derek in this book Let's talk about the ending I have a uestion WhatTheHellWasThat? Whilst the whole trilogy did have a nice conclusion the love triangle between Maya Daniel and Rafe sure as heck didn't I wouldn't even call that a 'conclusion' like 'rushing things and ruing readers lives' view spoiler I can't believe Maya chose Daniel And even thought i'm ok with it i'm disappointed yet again There was 'love' between her and Rafe There was danger and it wasn't boring They had something special You can't just break that with a click of your finger Kelley Armstrong That adds up to a badly written love triangle and it was not realistic hide spoiler The Rising Darkness Rising #3 Kelley ArmstrongThe race for survival comes to a thrilling conclusion in the heart stopping finale to the Darkness Rising trilogy from author Kelley Armstrong Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends Hunted by the powerful St Clouds and now a rival Cabal as well they're uickly running out of places to hideAll they have is the name and number of someone who might be able to give them a few answers Answers to why they're so valuable and why their supernatural powers are getting and out of control But Maya is unprepared for the truths that await her And like it or not she'll have to face down some demons from her past if she ever hopes to move on with her life Because Maya can't keep running foreverWith all the twists thrills and romance that have made Kelley Armstrong an international bestseller plus the surprising return of some fan favorite characters The Rising will hold you under its spell long after its breathtaking endتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز چهاردهم ماه مارس سال 2014 میلادیعنوان ظهور سری طلوع تاریکی سه؛ نویسنده کلی آرمسترانگ؛ا شربیانی Whoop Can't wait to see Chloe and Derek again D Also can't wait to see what happens next yearlonganticipationLove this cover o justfinished OMG THAT WAS AWESOME A KJDSAKJDDJHSKJDSJDHS 3 Bullet ReviewThat was AWFUL Running around for 400 billion pages all the info dumping all the prolonged action seuences all the forced romance because EVERYONE has to tell us about Team Daniel as the two have ZERO chemistry for THAT SHIT ENDING?NO STARSFull review to come when I am done doing damage to this waste of paperFull ReviewAfter the events of The Calling Maya Daniel and Corey are in Vancouver on the run They try to track down help and end up accidentally in contact with Ashton Ash Maya's brother They run around some then decide the best way to get help is to drag back the kids from Darkest Powers in between going to visit her grandmother for no reason going to their funeral amounts to nothing getting captured escaping and on and on and so forthAt this point I'm sure people are thinking that I just hate read this trilogy I did not I actually liked Darkest Powers I liked Armstrong But when I started reading The Gathering I was astounded at how paper thin the plot was How forced the character interactions were How lame the romance was And it never got better than what I saw in The Gathering Now that I've finished the trilogy I don't know whether to laugh maniacally or burst into tearsI was never a fan of the characters; I thought they were all pretty meh Sure I appreciate how Maya is way independent than say Bella Swan or most other YA heroines But this book doesn't endear me to any of the characters we've supposedly gotten to know better All the characters seem to be variations of snarky teen MayaRafeCoreyHayleyAshton Oh god Ashton What an obnoxious p#% I hated how he was so overprotective and creepy for a sister he just barely met Stop policing Maya's actions a hole What characters aren't snarky teens are just so boring Daniel Nicole Even the reappearance of the Darkest Powers kids can't save the book and if you are reading to see them don't as they seem to be merely caricatures of their former selves But even as caricatures they are STILL better than the characters created for this trilogyWhat was obnoxious somehow than the characters themselves was how in this book Armstrong gave up on Team Rafe and decided to have every character try to promote Team Daniel Numerous times from every character we are told how intimate and close Maya and Daniel are how they aren't friends how they read as dating Hey get your boyfriend off me what do you mean he's not your boyfriend? and I'm just tilting my head in bewilderment I never once read any sort of sexual chemistry between Maya and Daniel and further why the flying frak do they have to be romantic partners in the first place? Why is it when a woman shows concern for a male friend it has to be a romantic relationship? This is not to say I was Team Rafe BTW just that I buy Team Rafe than Team DanielBut this show don't tell is pretty much systematic problem of the entire trilogy Nothing is learned organically; no one investigates; the information just falls into people's laps like a cat who vomits on you Need to have Corey find out about his superpower? He does it offscreen and then when there's no action dumps all the information on Daniel and Maya Need to fill the audience in on the Darkest Powers events? Infodump from Calvin Antone and Maya relating what she read from the convenient data the author gave her Then we have the constant movement the constant action as if Armstrong is trying desperately to hide the fact that there isn't enough story to necessitate a 3 book 300 page long series I love action as much as the next girl but geez a good 34 of the events could have been omitted such as the romp to visit Maya's grandma and nothing would have been lost For instance the diversion to Grandma's house gave us nothing They sneak to her house meet her learn nothing meet no new people get chased back to the mainland All it does is stretch out the book so it could fill the page uota That is allBut the cherry of sorts on this pile of elephant excrement is the absolute crap ending I can't detail how awful and painful it is as it would probably be spoilery but suffice to say we spend 3 books building to this moment and end up almost exactly where we started The negotations last one paragraph and everything is suddenly hunky dory except for that threat of another trilogy to wrap up what should have been wrapped up here Meaning I basically spent all the money on 3 books and the time reading for NOTHINGNo wonder people hate reading No wonder people only read a book when they are on a plane I would give up on reading if all I was doing was tuning into one massive infodump after another with boring characters forced interactions endless action scenes capped off by an ending that made the entire trilogy pointless Hell I'm so dejected at the end of this trilogy I'm halfway to uitting reading myself And I've basically been reading since second gradeA while back I read a book Arclight that kinda broke me and my love of reading It wasn't terrible but it was just all the various things about reading that I despised that I kinda wanted to uit reading foreverThis book is worse than that It's worse because it was pointless It's worse because it tries to conceal its problems with plot and characters with endless action and chase seuences It's worse because it sets up one relationship with actual chemistry but then uses its characters to TELL us how amazing another one a virtually platonic one isIt's worse because after reading this book I don't know that I can go back and read any of Armstrong's booksI don't read to hate books; I don't write reviews to hate on books or authors I write the above out of frustration and despair Most of the books I was so sure I'd love I seem to end up feeling meh about or hating And who wants to do any hobby that they hate?Please excuse me while I go cry into my pillow I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK If I had to choose only one book to read in 2013 it would have to be this one I have waited two years to see Chloe Derek Simon and Tori again I loved those guys and while I was happy with the ending I was not satisfied Darkness Rising has been a good series I love Rafe and Maya together and I love Daniel as well I like the characters a lot in Darkness rising but this trilogy doesn't have the amazing plots that Darkest Powers did I loved those books from the first page while in this trilogy it has definitely taken me longer to get into each bookI have really really really high hopes for this book and I know that Kelley Armstrong will not disappoint Can't wait for April 2013On a side note I also absolutely love all of the covers for both trilogies They are just plan awesomeUPDATE 111612THE SUMMARY I WANT TO READ THIS SO BAD All they have is the name and number of somebody who can help them That is totally going to lead them to Chloe and Derek I'm so excited I can hardly wait for it to come out Just five monthsUPDATE 122512Slowly but surely the release date is approaching Slowly but surelyWHY IS IT NOT APRIL YET???? I NEED THIS BOOK I read this for Derek and Chloe But even they couldn't resuscitate my interest in this series Bleh

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