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Cruel Modernity[Ebook] ➬ Cruel Modernity ➫ Jean Franco – In Cruel Modernity Jean Franco examines the conditions under which extreme cruelty became the instrument of armies governments rebels and rogue groups in Latin America She seeks to understand how extr In Cruel Modernity Jean Franco examines the conditions under which extreme cruelty became the instrument of armies governments rebels and rogue groups in Latin America She seeks to understand how extreme cruelty came to be practiced in many parts of the continent over the last eighty years and how its causes differ from the conditions that brought about the Holocaust which is generally the atrocity against which the horror of others is measured In Latin America torturers and the perpetrators of atrocity were not only trained in cruelty but often provided their own rationales for engaging in it When draining the sea to eliminate the support for rebel groups gave license to eliminate entire families the rape torture and slaughter of women dramatized festering misogyny and long standing racial discrimination accounted for high death tolls in Peru and Guatemala In the drug wars cruelty has become routine as tortured bodies serve as messages directed to rival gangsFranco draws on human rights documents memoirs testimonials novels and films as well as photographs and art works to explore not only cruel acts but the discriminatory thinking that made them possible their long term effects the precariousness of memory and the pathos of survival. Just finished Jean Franco's Cruel Modernity Durham Duke University Press 2013 From the start I was intrigued by the book Franco a professor of comparative literature began with a promising premise seeking to explore the relationship between cruelty modernity the nation state politics masculinity and misogyny Cruelty on the massive scale described in these pages is not a spontaneous and individual act committed by deviants It reuires sanction from the state or from the rogue organization as well as a process of dehumanization It is often directed not toward an eual but toward a helpless and hated enemy a peasant a child a pregnant woman or a member of an indigenous group each of whom transgresses the ideal masculinity that kills the mother and exalts the father But while cruelty clearly is a transgression of the inherent dignity and of the eual and unalienable rights of all members of the human family listed in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights as the foundation of freedom justice and peace in the world it cannot be explained as a throwback to some prior state of humanity Not only has cruelty been instrumental in the cooperation of the nation state by private interests and the softening up of civil society through a regime of fear; it is also a scar on liberal society 247It was theoretically sophisticated uoting all the right sources and authors for such a study However studies of cruelty risk becoming a catalog of abuse in their effort to craft a coherent study There is no doubt that Franco provides a phenomenal amount of research about cruelty torture rape and the systemic abuse of power in Latin America but too often the catalog of these abuses becomes a litany that reifies the horror in the telling This is a problem for anyone wanting to study cruelty Language fails to express the nature of horror and cruelty and while Franco discusses the tension between the need to narrate the unspeakable and the inability to express it the endless catalog of abuse fails to prove her point As she uotes from the novel 2666 No one pays attention to these killings but the secret of the world is hidden in them 238 This work feels largely descriptive a little too taken aback by atrocity to theorize about it I had high hopes for this book but it wasn't uite what I had expected It's much a literature including fiction and film review about the cultural presentation of violence and cruelty As I had only limited reference to the works in uestion it often proved frustrating The overall arc about the connection between modernity and cruelty and the connections between dictatorships and gangs were there and academically interesting but I do wish they were better fleshed out But the problem with discussions on torture and cruelty is the inherent difficulty with sources and bias So Jean Franco tried to avoid this problem by centering on fictional portrayals that have the ability to withdraw one level and yet still reflect societal norms Also warning a lot of this book is graphic In what is described as a disturbing and powerful study leading Latin Americanist Jean Franco explores what she describes as the hypocritical modernity in Latin America that reuires the privileged population to give up the basic human taboo of inflicting harm upon others Through literature photographs testimonies and archives she had meticulously explored what it means when globalization violence and gender have collided to reshape Latin America in the last two centuries She uses pertinent case examples from the civil wars in Guatemala and Peru as well as current events along the borders of Mexico and the US as well as where Argentina Brazil and Paraguay meet at Iguazu This is a must read for anyone interested in Latin America

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