The Summer Girls

The Summer Girls[Epub] ➛ The Summer Girls By Mary Alice Monroe – Three sisters reunite on Sullivan’s Island off the coast of South Carolina after years of separation in this heartwarming first novel in a new trilogy from a beloved authorEighty year old Marietta M Three sisters reunite on Sullivan’s Island off the coast of South Carolina after years of separation in this heartwarming first novel in a new trilogy from a beloved authorEighty year old Marietta Muir is a dowager of Charleston society who has retired to her historic summer home on Sullivan’s Island At the The Summer ePUB ô onset of summer Marietta “Mamaw” seeks to gather her three granddaughters—Carson Eudora and Harper—with the intent to reunite them after years apart Monroe explores the depths and complexities of sisterhood friendship and the power of forgiveness The Summer Girls is a perfect beach read and anyone who “enjoys such fine southern voices as Pat Conroy will add the talented Monroe to their list of favorites” Booklist. I read The Summer Girls this week and at the end of the book I wanted to know I had been looking forward to reading the most recent book by Mary Alice Monroe and this one did not disappoint As I read I could almost sense the sun on my shoulders the sea spray upon my face the smell of the sea grass and the feel of the sand on my feetthe Carolina beachThe author has written with a depth of understanding about the emotions of love and longing for family acceptance in a dysfunctional setting The family members are not presented as being perfect they each have problems they must come to terms with and make serious decisions The family dynamic is compounded by the troubles regarding growing up with an alcoholic father either dependent upon or absent from the lives of Dora Carson and Harper Over the course of years Mamaw’s ‘Summer Girls’ deal with fragile feelings misunderstood actions and the possibility of a genetic factor which will affect each of them personally The grandmother wants to see the girls weave a bond of sisterhood within their lives before the girls grow older She also has some secrets which must be revealed and confronted The girls experience a wary acceptance of each other as they remember childhood laughter emotional hurt and resentments of feeling rejected during their past years As the story unfolds for the girls and Mamaw I found myself drawn to the emerging strengths of Dora Carson and Harper The storyline also addresses the possible conseuences of our actions due to our love for the mammals of the sea especially the dolphins Now when I vacation in the lowcountry and the beach towns I will be aware of the results of trying to become too close to the dolphins There are some heartrending scenes in the book which will give insight to crossing boundaries with wild nature even when we think we are helping The relationship between little Nate and Delphine is a prime example of how our very best of intentions can go extremely awryThere are layers to the book which make this story than a ‘chic lit’ beach read for this summer The different levels of family interaction and responses during tragedy and in times of joy are heartfelt I enjoyed the book and anxiously wait to read about this family Breezy summer vacation readMarietta Muir known to her granddaughters as Mamaw is turning eighty Her one wish is that those granddaughters Dora Carson and Harper return to her home Sea Breeze in Sullivan’s Island South Carolina for unbeknownst to the girls one last summer Three granddaughters three necklaces three months she thought to herself This was the plan Each granddaughter is struggling in their own way and no one is really prepared to spend the summer with Mamaw besides Carson Carson is broke her career in shambles Dora's marriage is falling apart And Harper is struggling to distance herself from her controlling mother Three sisters each with the same father find themselves together once againI had intended to read this book on a Florida beach vacation which was canceled due to the pandemic It made me miss the beach with its lush descriptions of the South Carolina Low Country Harper finds solace in the beach and a dolphin friend yes you read that right The book is silly and cheesy and exactly what I would have wanted to read while on my trip I especially liked Carson and will eventually pick up the next in the series each book is told from the perspective of a different sister 3 stars Goodreads Twitter Facebook Google Three young ladies Dora Carson and Harper are invited to stay with their grandmother for three months in her old mansions on Sullivan's Island South Carolina There are secrets to deal with serious issues to address and forgiveness to happen One father three mothers and three immensely different daughters growing up separately One eighty year old grandmother to make it all right and pay for her own sins One lost little boy And then there is the bonding as a possibility before Mamaw passes away She has to tryAlthough this is the first book in a series with a cliffhanger ending I have read it as a stand alone and won't pursue the others Not that it was badly written at all au contraire I simply loved the ending as is stands It makes it realThe chic lit element in the book Boy meets girl boy is hero girl is foolish in her conduct the sparks flyandwhoopsthe ending is not what you would have expected at all and that's what I liked about it The book is also much much than that It is about family values and bonding And dolphin research and nature conservation Without the chic lit thrill it could have been a powerful novelNevertheless it is still a good potpourri of life and family Skillfully narrated gripping inspiring authentic and hopeful In fact it is one of those books that kept me proverbially reading under the blanket with a flash light By not reading the rest of the story in the series I lessen the predictability in the formula for yours truly and make this experience a good one in itself This is where a 12 star would come in handy The Summer Girls is a thoroughly entertaining story set on one of my favorite places in all the world Sullivan's Island SC It is the island of my childhood vacations as it was for the three sisters in the novel My father and his 11 siblings were born on the Island thus we went there in the summers to see my grandmother Monroe does a lovely and loving job of capturing several aspects of the island; the pace the scents the feel of the place The sisters' stories are neatly and believably developed All of the characters have the ring of truth to them There is a love story as well Thankfully it doesn't take over the book and isn't tawdry or mawkish Why not three stars There are some writing issues that bugged me One is with repeated information I just can't abide with repeated information For instance you only need to tell once that the Beast is Carson's name for her car Afterwards just call it by its nickname or another descriptor This happened with other tidbits of information as well Then there were sentences that plain out didn't make sense If I had a red pen I would have done some editing That and a lack of weight holds it at three stars or three and a half Fluff but uite enjoyable I will read others by the author Monroe captures the feel of family ties so well in this story The setting of course is beautiful and I was transported to Sullivan Island I loved the character Marietta Mamaw and her wish to bring her Summer Girls together again and make them realize how important family isthat they are always there love them or not you can't get rid of them They often know all your secrets and failuresand can usually see what you try to hide from others As different as you may be there is always a tie that binds I loved that Monroe writes about strong women though I would have liked to feel that I came to know Dora and Harper as well as CarsonI felt this was Carson's story not their story This is my first Monroe book and it won't be my last The perfect summer read I was really looking forward to this book and I really wanted to like it but I really just didn't I love books about women and summer and some secrets thrown in But I Gotta admit I was really bored I did wake up a little with the scene with Delphine and the fishing wire and that was such an upsetting part of the book but for the rest of it I just couldn't get into it The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe is a 2013 Gallery Books publication I was provided a copy of this book as an XOXOpert the official street team of XOXO After Dark It's almost officially summer and many of us are ready for vacations trips to the beach and soaking up some rays by the pool I admit there are books I go for in the summer months because I'm just in the mood for them The Summer Girls with it's apt title is a perfect summertime beach read I can envision the South Carolina summer beach home Mamaw named “Sea Breeze” and imagine sitting outside with a big glass of iced tea or lemonade listening to the waves enjoying the refreshing breeze and smelling the salty sea air Sounds like perfection But as we will see life is not always as picturesue as the scenery when Mamaw writes each of her three granddaughters explaining she is thinking of selling “Sea Breeze” and inviting them to come spend one last summer with her there Well it takes some wrangling but all three girls all grown up now with real adult issues do manage to grant their grandmother her wish So say hello to Dora Carson and Harper the Muir sisters This first book in the series focuses on Carson an out of work actress who is flat broke and may have a little trouble with alcohol She is actually relieved by the invitation to visit her grandmother since she is at loose ends She immediately takes to the waves and is nearly attacked by a shark but a dolphin saves her life From this point on Carson begins to feel a bond for this particular dolphin she named “Delphine” But it's really against the rules to get too involved with the dolphins because it's dangerous for them But the bond between them in unmistakable and this distraction is uite cathartic for Carson who has a little work to do on herself and in the process she meets a nice guy named Blake But is there a future for them or will Carson embark on a whole new adventure without him? We also meet Carson's sisters Dora and Harper with Dora taking the second chair in the book which will lead into her own story in the next installment But briefly Dora is going through a divorce has a special needs child with autism that she practically smothers by breathing down his neck 247 and is having issues with her weight Harper is the youngest of the girls and has been left with a sizable inheritance which sounds great except she never knows if a man likes her or her money the best The sisters didn't grow up together since they share a father but have different mothers however the three often spent summers with their Mamaw They were never all that close as adults and do not stay in touch Mamaw is out to change all that hoping this summer they will get to know one another again and forge a lifetime bondWell things got off to a rocky start as the sisters got catty with each other and behaved like children But by the end of the book we see some progress and while there is still a lot of work yet to do the sisters may be on their way to fulfilling Mamaw's greatest wish OK full disclosure again I read the second book in this series first and once I had finished it I made myself a promise that I would find the first book and read it ASAP Well it took me a while but with a little help from the XOXpert team I finally settled in to read this first installment in the “Lowcountry Summer Trilogy I enjoyed reading Carson's story and the dolphin angle is really interesting There is a lot of drama some laughter some emotional moments in the story making it a well rounded tale and the perfect lead in for the series Next up we will get to know Dora and her son Nate a little better I think readers of Women's fiction Chick lit and Contemporary Fiction will like the book a lot I highly recommend it and can't wait to find out how things work out with Harper 4 stars The Summer Girls are DoraCarson and Harper Sisters they share a fathernow deceased all have different mothers Their individual upbringings as different as night and day The one person beside their father that they share is their grandmother Marietta Muir known affectionately as Mamaw Mamaw has drawn her summer girls back to her idyllic South Carolina home Sea Breeze for what she believes might be her last summer with them As adults they each have gone their own way drifting ever farther apart Despite the fact they all show up the reunion does not go smoothly Each young woman carries heavy emotional baggageIs a reconciliation possible? The author has done a terrific job in developing her characters and family structure There were no easy answers relationships faltered and problems were dealt with realistically The grandmother while wise and loving had her own share of difficulties past and present This was a perfect opening to my summer reading Good beach read but a bit disappointing Based on the synopsis I was expecting this to be one of those books where several women go to the beach together and end up having a lot of interesting interactions where you really get to see their different personalities Instead this book focuses mainly on one of the three sisters Carson The others are secondary characters If I had realized this was part of a trilogy at the outset I might have had different expectations Presumably the other sisters get to be the focus of the other books Still I'd rather have all three of them be interesting and importantHonestly I wasn't particularly fond of most of the characters in the book They all start out as giant babies each wanting her own way Tiresome There is some personal developmentgrowth during the book but still a lot of self absorption I guess it's not surprising that the characters are all fairly messed up given that the girls' father was an alcoholic but everyone seemed annoyingly irrational and overreactiveAlso wtf the view spoilerpart where Delphine gets tangled in the fishing line? For that matter wtf the whole Delphine storyline at all? It just seems cartoonish and out of place Both Boyfriend pitching such a fit and Carson screaming at Nate to make sure he knew it was all his fault seemed completely childish and insane a you think the kid hasn't figured that out and isn't already upset? and b he's 9 Get off his case Also the way this whole part is presented it's as if Carson was some negligent dolphin dumbass when in reality all I remember is her saying Don't feed the dolphin but being too slow to prevent Nate from throwing it one very small fish The dolphin saved Carson's life and chose to spend time in the cove If one very small fish is enough to keep it fed for all these weeks then I guess you could say these people were to blame for the dolphin becoming a mooch but that seems pretty implausible Although I was sad to see Delphine hurt the whole blowup cascade among the humans seemed unnecessarily overblown and childish And then Carson and Boyfriend have a lukewarm resolution thing and suddenly they're sleeping together again? That part seemed rushed and unconvincing hide spoiler full disclose i read an advance copy of this book when the author whose work i've enjoyed in the past asked me for an endorsement so my review might appear to be influenced by that however i only endorse books i really like and this was no exception it's such an intriguing concept three sisters who don't know each other same father three different mothers and raised in different parts of the country that i would've been hooked even if it hadn't been about dolphins a special interest of mine my biggest disappointment with this book was the ending i'd forgotten it was the first of a trilogy until i got to the end now i'm anxiously awaiting the next installment

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