Souls in Peril

Souls in Peril❮Download❯ ➾ Souls in Peril Author Sherry Gammon – Max Sanchez is the “it” kid at Port Fare High He’s the star of the baseball team he’s dating head cheerleader Emma McKay and he has a throng of wonderful supportive friends JD Miller is the sc Max Sanchez is the “it” kid at Port Fare High He’s the star of the baseball team he’s dating head cheerleader Emma McKay and he has a throng of wonderful supportive friends JD Miller is the school’s punching bag verbally and emotionally He has a Souls in PDF/EPUB ² loving mother but her choice in boyfriends is uestionable leaving him a target at home as well as schoolA tragic car accident ends it all for Max when his soul is prematurely removed from his body The powers that be have asked him to go back to earth temporarily to help classmate JD Max always up for a challenge takes it as a chance to see his beloved Emma again and uickly jumps at what he views as the easy task of helping JD Max knows with a little cardio he can easily whip the guy into shape ending all his troublesWhile staying mentally connected to JD Max’s soul steps into JD’s body However Max’s reality is shattered as he enters a world void of love and hope JD’s world life as the bullied kid Will he survive Will JD Did Emma's love for Max die also Will Max be able to help these Souls in Peril or is it all as hopeless as JD believes. Wow where do I begin with this review? Yet again author Sherry Gammon totally blew my mind with one of her books When I read and reviewed Sherry's first novel Unlovable back in November of last year I was absolutely smitten with the story I honestly never thought she would do it again with Souls in Peril and write a literary masterpiece This is one of those books that will stick with you long after your done reading it and as I told Sherry it very well might be the BEST book I have read in 2012 The story begins where we meet a very popular high school kid named Max Sanchez He has a awesome life A Mom and Dad who dearly love and support him A wonderful loving and sweet girlfriend named Emma McKay Everything is perfect for Max and Emma Both soon to graduate and begin their lives togetherThen there's the not so lucky A boy named JD or Lumpy Larry who the mean kids nickname him at school and his best friend Izzy or Icky Izzy They both struggle with the day in day out abuse and bulling at school and at home At home JD deals with his Mother's abusive boyfriend Who does everything from calling him names to psychically beats JD Poor Izzy's home life is no better She is being molested by her creep of a Father all the while dealing with a sickness that is slowly killing her One night after a dinner date with Emma at Max's parents house they decided to go out for some frozen yogurt at a place nearby Although Emma chooses to go home for the night Max and his parents still go out On their way home Max and his Mom and Dad get into a tragic car accident in which not one of them survive So when Max wakes up in limbo not knowing what has happen he finds his perfect world torn into shreds While his parents make it into heaven Max comes to find he shouldn't have died that night along side his parents Gabe who is a angel explains this mishap and offers Max a deal Gabe will grant Max a period of time to go back down to earth and fix a life for someone in desperate need with the added bonus to see Emma again This Soul in Peril just so happens to be JD Lumpy Larry who Max finds out was somehow involved in the car accident as well Max will be living in JD's body he can think for himself as well as move for JD His main goal is to find a way to help JD become strong find HOPE and overcome the bullies and the beatings even if it kills him Again I don't want to give any away because I want any new readers to this story to find out what happens to MaxJD Emma and Izzy through the course of the book To feel and experience what JDMax had to deal with and fight up against The story is so deep and there are so much that happens than what I wrote above Souls in Peril touched my heart than any book ever has I love a book that once done reading it you feel like you can walk away lighter and uplifted Sherry writes this story for both a bully and those who are bullied can find find hope or see the errors of their wrong ways The story truly spoke to me and touched my soul In The beginning of the book I was hooked and left breathless In the end I was blown away and left in tears One of the many wonderful things I loved about Souls in Peril is Sherry's ability to have such an expressive writing style The reader can sense and feel every raw emotion good or bad during the book She made me feel like I was right there in the book living through JDI cannot recommend this book enough to everyone Trust me read it and tell me you did not shed a tear or learn something about yourself Being bullied myself most of my life during school was so very hard for me some days I just wanted to give up I just wish I would have had THIS book for me to read when I too was a Soul in Peril Yes I know this is one of my longest reviews and if you have read it up to now then give yourself a gold star All kidding aside please please please read this beautiful book I guarantee you'll not regret it Is it possible to be a bully and not even realize it? To say things that can ruin another person’s entire day or life and never even notice the effect you’re having? It is for Max Sanchez a popular seventeen year old with the kind of life others like JD Miller can only dream ofJD is an overweight lonely young man with serious bullying issues both at home and school When Max is forced to walk in JD’s shoes for a while we get a uniue view of the issue of bullying from the point of view of an outsider Sherry does an amazing job of helping her readers discover what it’s like on both sides of the fence giving insights into not just the bullied but the bullies as well Besides the hot button issues and uniue perspective the story alone was fantastic Sherry’s amazing writing and storytelling skills come to life once again creating not only an impossible to put down read but characters that are both relatable and likable despite their flaws With a whole cast of supporting characters this book was than just a surface storyI would absolutely recommend this book to anyone but especially those who have faced the issue of bullying in their lives This is another Sherry Gammon top shelf 5 star read for me I have a compulsion when it comes to writing reviews where I need to write it the second I finish itI was up until 2am finishing this astonishing compelling and moving novel Despite the crazy hour I NEEDED to take the time to write the review while this story and its characters were still fresh in my mind First a brief note on bullying and my own personal experiences going into reading this novel Bullying is something I've never been able to tolerate luckily in school I wasn't bullied nor did I witness it on any great level In addition I had a strong group of friends that made it easy for me to ignore anything that might be said about me behind my back and there were things said but nothing that left emotional scarring as with JD and Izzy In high school I sat at a lunch table full of what I affectionately nicknamed my fellow orphan chairs My mom an avid antiue collector decorates with only antiues and all of the chairs in her house are different uniue but all eually beautiful She calls them orphan chairs My friends in high school especially those I spent lunch with were like those chairs All different each beautiful in their own way And that's what this book reminded me of My first day of high school I picked an empty table in the lunch room to sit at by myself Towards the end of the lunch period a few guys from the freshman football team came over and talked to me inviting me to sit with them from then on It was their kindness and kindness of others like theirs that propelled me through those tough four years of trying to find myself without losing myself to the constant pressure that always lingers in a high school setting I could go on and on but what it comes down to is that this book really grabbed hold of my soul in ways than one I was transported back to my own high school years and then someWith that in mind this novel is not for the faint of heart JD and Izzy were not as lucky nor were they easily excepted at least not for a long time They had hard lives and struggled endlessly with bullying in nearly every aspect of their lives As Ms Gammon states in the end of the novel these are extreme cases of bullying and not all of those who are bullied or those who do bully come from these types of home environments but the truth remainsit does happen So rarely do people consider how much deeper the pain is in others than what appears on the surface The reality of it is that most people suffer those who we might assume have hard lives and those who pretend otherwise you simply can't know unless you've walked a day in their shoesThis novel paints that picture clearly than any novel I've ever read or probably ever willFurther Gammon tied these two characters together so effortlessly creating a real and tangible struggle between striving to overcome and the desire to buckle under the pressure that I felt as if I was the third wheel in JD's body I felt his pain his agony his desperate need for it to just end I felt Max's struggle just as strongly trying to pull through pushing against the weight of grief so embedded that it seemed unmovablePowerful message aside the skill that is reuired for an author to be able to so effortless transport their reader to that emotional depth and connection is evident in Gammon's writing She managed to tell a story so well rounded and so emotionally gripping that her readers can't help but learn from these character's struggles walking away dare I say it with a whole new outlook on life and on bullying I've read in a few previous reviews that Souls in Peril should be reuired reading I for one know that I will certainly be making sure that my children read it Bullying is intolerable And we all need to make a conscious effort to put an end to it once and for allREAD THIS BOOK Sherry took this book in a direction that I was not expecting but it was perfect It definitely got the message out there One thing I noticed when I read her first book was that Sherry is really good at making you feel exactly what the characters are feeling And if it's at all possible she does an even better job at it in this book There were so many times that I had to put this book down and walk away cuz I could feel the characters' pain I felt Em's pain like as if it was me that had just lost someone Or JD's and Izzie's pain that I was the biggest scum that was ever on the face of this earth If I were a high school teacher I would definitely make my students read this No I WOULD read it to them to make sure that I knew they were actually get the message from this bookI loved the ending as weird as that sounds I think it was the perfect ending It was such a slap in the face to all those bullies out there because we know that stuff like that really happens People can only take so much before they just give up on everything And the ending does just that There's no happy ending with that part of the book But it needed to happen so that people could actually see that things aren't always happy and cheerful like hollywood likes to portray it as This book shows how just smiling or giving a helping hand to someone in need can change someone's life in such a drastic way You see it with JD and almost with Izzie We just don't realize how much we effect others by our actions and words Whether it's something good or bad big or small And I think this book really hits down on that hard I just wish I could make everyone read this Like those bully's out there that mean to cause harm to others or those that don't even realize that they are bullying And especially to those who do get bullied so that they can realize that keeping uiet isn't always best That there is always someone somewhere who will help them if they wont give up there hope and reach out to someone I wish I could express better how much I feel like this book needs to be put into the hands of those young and old I just hope this review has done enough to convince you to read it Go learn about JD's story so that you can see better what you can do to start putting an end to this huge problem we have going on in every parts of the world Give these characters a chance to tell you their story Go find out if your a Max or JD a Nick or an Emma If you don't like who your like then change it Souls in Peril is seriously one of the best books I've ever read It had me in turn laughing and crying my heart aching for all the characters involvedMax is a kid who has it all he's popular athletic has a great family and the perfect girlfriend Then in an instant his life changesJD is the opposite of Max in luck Overweight and bullied both at school and at home JD's only bright spot in life is his friend IzzyMax and JD's lives become inexorably intertwined and for the first time in his life Max is forced to understand what it is to walk a mile in JD's shoesThis book gripped me from the first page and refused to let go until I'd read all the way to the end The ending isn't all flowers and sunshine either It's real Like life But I promise you won't be disappointedGammon's writing is full of humor sorrow realism and pulls you into places you might not want to go but will be happy you did when all is said and done I HIGHLY recommend this book Warning This book will break your heart Oh boy This book tore me up It is a beautiful story with a wonderful message that everyone should read and take to heart Max was such a great character and Emma was wonderful too JD and Izzy their stories were just gut wrenching Really makes you think about the things you say and do and the way you treat people I am not sure what I was expecting when I joined this tour but whatever it was I had it wrong This book was amazing and extremely emotional to extents I had not anticipated But let's just start with the basics The cover? Absolutely brilliant main reason I signed up actually To be honest I hadn't known how much it fit with the theme of the story until I've read it it really was brilliant The title worked in it as well but the synopsis didn't give much to how emotional the story would turn out to beThis book is about Max Sánchez who basically has it all He has the perfect life perfect friends teammates parents home life girlfriend and body His perfect life however ends before he knows it and even though it was an 'error' he could still play out the rest of his life if he can help JD out JD was the opposite of Max in every possible way He had a perfect nothing except the knack of getting beaten up by almost everyone around him His school life was a terror his home life was a terror even the bus rides and the walks home were a terror To add to that he was being blamed for killing everyone's beloved Max and his family Izzy JD's best friend was having an eually awful life so there was no one to help either At first Max thinks it would be easy helping JD out all the kid needed was to lose some weight and shower once in a while little did he know about how hard JD's life really is Max is struck by a hard reality as he watches everything that was in his life through the eyes of JD and discovers how easy he'd had it and lucky he had been He thrives on helping JD out even if it killed him metaphorically speaking since he already is deadI cried a lot throughout this book Even with the paranormal part of it but still seeing everything JD had to go through was absolutely awful and it wasn't just Max who felt for the kids I did too Bullying can be in all forms and shapes I've been through my share and loathed it but mine was nothing in comparison to what he went through so I couldn't say I understood Even poor Izzy I hated what she went through I absolutely adored Emma she really was the perfect girl for Max Although I hated Max at first found him cocky and arrogant seeing him in JD's head made me like him even he really was a decent guy otherwise I am guessing Emma would have left him soonerI seriously hated the part where Max died and was given his assignment I don't know I am ok with people playing out the part after life just as long as there's no mention of God and stuff that usually ticks me off So after that part passed it was easy to get back into the theme of the book I honestly don't think I was in such an emotional roller coaster reading a book since 'One Moment' which really was a terribly emotional book This book was almost as bad I didn't cry as much but was emotionally invested in the story and couldn't stop till it was over The writing helped stay in the mood and the story was great I absolutely loved itRating 455 Just W O W This book was so amazing and touching from beginning to end I didn't want to put it down for a second but unfortunately life and sleep got in the way so it took me about 3 whole days to read it Otherwise I would have just read straight through Sherry Gammon is a true genius when it comes to characters After finishing I wanted to call some of the people the next day to see how they were doing They had become that real to me Then I had to remind myself I couldn't because they were fiction I was a victim to bullying at a young age This book touched me so deeply I wish I could go back in time and give it to my younger self I know if I'd read these words back then it might have helped me get through those tough times a lot better I think this book should be on the reuired reading list for all those in high school and junior high It's a comfort and a guide to those being bullied and an eye opener to the kids who do the bullying I loved how the author showed us what it was like on both sides and we were able to witness what it would be like if the roles were reversed Then we got to watch the characters grow and triumph as they learned to work together I also loved how it was told from the perspective of a teenage boy You don't see that very often in YA and it was fun to get inside Max's head Such a powerful story I recommend it to all WOWWZA I love all of Sherry's work and this book was no different It was Heaven Can Wait meets Freaky Friday in a wonderful mesh of writing that brought to light the evils and peril of bullies from the inside out While the content was serious the smattering of humor kept the right amount of lightness to a than ugly subjects It makes one stand up and take stock of how we treat others in our lives I feel every child age twelve to eighteen should have this book as reuired reading along with their parents Well done Sherry well done Wow not at all what I expected This book should be in every school library maybe mandatory reading This book will make you think smile worry feel anger cry I could keep going This book is worth the read