The River of Heaven: Poems

The River of Heaven: Poems➚ The River of Heaven: Poems free download ➟ Author Garrett Hongo – The River of Heaven was awarded the 1987 Lamont Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets for a distinguished second book of poems judges Philip Booth Alfred Corn Mary Oliver In it Garrett Hongo h The River of Heaven was of Heaven: eBook ↠ awarded the Lamont Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets for a distinguished second book of poems judges Philip Booth Alfred Corn Mary Oliver In it Garrett Hongo has drawn from his unusual background born in Volcano Hawaii of Japanese ancestry and educated in California at Pomona to provide the materials for poems that would be highly exotic were they not infused with a level headed sense of realism and a strong feeling that mundane realities are perfectly natural material The River PDF \ for the poetry of our time Here Garrett Hongo transforms his mundane realities into elegant poetry The volcanoes of Hawaii the gritty urban streets of Los Angeles a California beach after the death of his father—the places of Garrett Hongo’s past metamorphose into a poetry that is compelling and immediate. Garrett Hongo The River of Heaven Knopf 1988Hongo's second book of poetry was the Lamont Poetry Selection for 1987 an award which usually lends a great amount of buzz to a poet for a very short time Hongo unfortunately is no expection and not long after this book's release he slid back into the relative obscurity afforded most of the country's top poetsHongo mostly writes in and excels at narrative form; a forgotten art in the Eliot influenced American culture of the latter half of the twentieth century Unlike most narrative poets Hongo is willing to take the time to remember what poetry is while telling his story and never lapsing into prosaic sentence structure while still getting his points across An example I opened the book at random to pick it; seldom is a book of poetry good enough throughout to do that from the middle of the poem Morro RockAnd I knew a girl oncewho lived near thereand whom I'd visithitching north needing her stillShe was the first I'd knownwho could sit obliviousstill in her long shiftpull both knees to her armsand rock gently in the sandwhile a thin foam of sea washed around herI'd stand barefoot in the foamwhile the ocean percolated around usand toss wet handfuls of sandtowards the combers empty of feelingThe Rock filled the space behind usThere's not an unwritten rule of poetic creation not broken in that stanza and yet Hongo pulls it off without seemingly any effort at all Truly excellent stuff that should never have gone out of print those machine spunrituals of tenderness they called the blues jigoku Yes I know Hongo is talented Yes I know I'm breaking the literary canon law when I say I'm rarely impressed and that he frankly bores the shit out of me That said I do admire his craft and I met him at a reading on tour supporting this book I believe and definitely a nice guy so I do have many friends and acuaintances who write stuff that's not really my thing Ron Rash comes to mind but I can still respect their craft and besides I doubt they like my stuff anyway LOL Cautiously recommended Wonderful narratives My sister's teacher so I might be a bit biased I did not fall in love with any of these poems nor did any of them particularly speak to me but I enjoyed them nonetheless Many of these are a few to several pages long; very few are shorter than one page Despite this being longer than I generally prefer I found myself enjoying themThe main reason I enjoyed them is their narrative All of them tell a story The stories they tell seem to me to be the kind Tom Waits would tell if he were California educated Hawaii born and of Japanese descent They are well lived in stories; stories of being other; semi seedy stories; stories of bravery longing desire hopes unmet and so forth beautiful imagistic poetry set in California and Hawaii Colorfully grittily prose ily descriptive

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