River Inside the River

River Inside the River[Reading] ➮ River Inside the River ➶ Gregory Orr – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Three gorgeous poetic seuences that combine the intensity of lyric with the thematic scope and range of narrative and mythFrom the acclaimed American poet whose work the San Francisco Review called my Three gorgeous poetic seuences that combine the intensity of lyric with the thematic scope and range of narrative and mythFrom the acclaimed American poet whose work the San Francisco Review called mystical carnal reflective wry come three gorgeous poetic seuences In the first Eden and After Gregory Orr River Inside PDF or retells the story of Adam and Eve The second seuence The City of Poetry evokes and explores a visionary metropolis where every poem is a house and every house a poem The final seuence River Inside the River focuses on redemption through the mysterious power of language to resurrect the beloved and recover what is lost River Inside the River combines Orr's characteristic spirituality and meditative lyricism with storytelling and myth making These are poems that will sustain console and give hope from a poet at the height of his powers. I read this lovely book of poems after just having finished Orr's The Blessing A Memoir In it he tells the unimaginable tragedy of a hunting accident How he as a 12 year old boy discharged his gun in the wrong direction and killed his 8 year old brother In that book the action begins in one field of death and ends in another where the author discovers the sculptures of David Smith a field full of art constructed things things that remind me of these poemsThe three sections of this book Eden and After The City of Poetry and River Inside the River all seem biblical in their scope and scale primal in their energy and yet uietly philosophical The theme of loss and grief the ocean of pain inside us is only made bearable by making things books cities rooms and by the presence of the beloved however fleetingThe poems tell hard truths yet they are not dark One of my favorite lines declaresThe Book said we were mortal;It didn't say we had to be morbidThese are poems that linger in the mind Op mijn werk is dit de muismat omdat we een misdruk hebben ontvangen Na het gelezen te hebben kan ik concluderen Het mag wel een muismat blijven Simple and excellent Like water when you're really thirsty That simple That excellent Three amazing seuences of spare lyrical poems The first revolves around the story of Eden breathing new life into this very familiar myth The next involves the conceit that poetry is a city Orr uses this idea to make keen observations about poetry but about the larger art of being human This volume teaches so much about the importance of minimalism the power of image the surprise of a well placed rhyme the truth behind the cliche that less is Although Orr says these poems are intended to be of a secular humanist nature in my reading they are about God and Christ His Beloved The City of Poems is a fantastic place where every poem ever written becomes a house and is the residing place for all poets who have passed on Beautiful lyric poetry KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Guardian 11 Oct 2013 Reread this book in the middle of the night Cover to cover This is why I own books so I can reread them whenever I want to Note to myself if next time I read this I don't want to read the whole book in one sitting it's in 3 parts Just read one part at a time One of my favorite poets Out of all genres I probably read poetry the least I’m not sure if I’ve even read a poetry book since leaving college But driving home one night I caught a fragment of an interview with Gregory Orr on NPR I liked the poems he read but than that his thoughts on religion and spirituality resonated with me So I found this on my library’s ebook service These are gorgeously simple poems It made me wish I had a paper copy so that I could earmark and highlight the poems and phrases that spoke to me the most til my heart’s content Sublime poems that verge on holy scripture Begins with the story of Adam and Eve moves to the city of poems then in my favorite section meditates upon the nature of the Beloved Simple in language profound in meaning Am so glad I found this volume

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  • River Inside the River
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  • 09 May 2016
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