Warsaw❮Read❯ ➮ Warsaw Author Richard Foreman – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The Warsaw Ghetto 1942 Adam Duritz a Jewish Policeman is charged with the duty of selecting five people each day to be transported to Treblinka or else he will be selected himselfThomas Abendroth is a The Warsaw Ghetto Adam Duritz a Jewish Policeman is charged with the duty of selecting five people each day to be transported to Treblinka or else he will be selected himselfThomas Abendroth is a German soldier trying his best to retain his humanity in the inhumane ghetto Thomas befriends Adam Both men make enemies of other people in power thoughYet far than his friendship with the German Adam realises that his salvation resides in his love for Jessica Rubenstein If he can save her he may also save himselfTheir fates and those of others will intertwine and be decided during a climactic evening on the streets of the ghetto where love and tragedy abound – and collideWarsaw is a novel which lingers long in the heart and mind For fans of Dostoyevsky’s Crime Punishment and Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s Ark. A heartbreaking account of life in the Warsaw ghetto that uses a mix of historical fiction and fact to bring to life the relationship between the Jewish captives the unrelenting SS and the the powerless Wermarcht troopsThe book itself suffers from a slow start that will undoubtedly throw some readers off especially combined wuth the author's frustrating habit of using both first and last names to identify his characters with no conceivable logic to how he switches between them That beeing said there are sections of the text that are frought with emotion and heavy with the gravity of the situationWhile the author does at times anyway have a tendency to overwrite a scene taking the drama to extents that would make Williams Shatner shake his head he for the most part produces a readable and passion filled textAs it is historical fiction so aspects are stretched to the edge of believability and accuracy but these aspects aid the novel on the whole and are acceptable While not the greatest book I have ever encountered I do recommend it to fans of the genre Good from the historical point of view but the style didn't work for meBoth this book and my reactions to it are full of contradictions On the one hand it is a well researched historical novel which allows the reader to appreciate in a small way the horrors of the ghetto on Warsaw That one does not comprehend life in the ghetto fully is not the author's fault How could one understand such appalling circumstances without having experienced them? However for me at least the characters never really came alive and the philosophical element of the novel which I felt should have been one of its strengths and something that should have raised the book to a different level seemed artificially shoe horned in I also found the language an impediment to my enjoyment The archaisms and Richard Foreman's constant push to slightly alter the meanings of words were frustrating In 'A Clockwork Orange' the protagonist's elouent use of a cleverly devised language full of words derived from Russian served to emphasise the 'otherness' of his brutal cliue and was one of the outstanding features of the novel but here I didn't feel the linguistic novelties added to the work; for me they remained artificial and unnecessary even when I discovered it was Foreman's intention to write a WW2 novel in a nineteenth century style modelled on Dostoyevsky Tolstoy and Checkov There have been so many positive reviews that I feel the fault must be mine Be that as it may the freuent typos do need erradicating They say this is a book that lingers in the heart and mind; however it only lingers because you wonder how it managed to get published in the first place The writing was bad and as another said trivialized the suffering of the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto I finally had to give up on the book after about the 25% mark on my Kindle as I just couldn't stomach reading it any longer Additionally the fact that this book is fiction is so well buried in some adverts for it that I went into the book thinking it was a history of the Warsaw ghetto not a let's jump on the Holocaust history fiction bandwagon bookBook received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I don't really know how I got so far into this before I put it aside but it became a matter of time only before my stubbornness not to fail to finish ran out and I gave in I used to pride myself on never having not finished a book but these days I've got better things to do better books to read I wish I'd read some of the reviews beforehand; I'd never have picked it up if I had It's all there in the one and two star reviews Please don't bother reading this I was ready to put it down after the first few pages because it was not grasping my attention Paragraphs with all its grammatical punctuation and spelling errors were much too long Then the author changed abruptly from one character to another in the next paragraph without identifying the characters I would have to back s d reread to see who he was taking about And what's with the sister being named Jessica and the brother named Kolya duh This reader's journey into understanding hellThis novel Warsaw and other similar period novels bring a greater identity and understanding of the tragedy on WWII Such hardship such sorrow such helplessness and pain are painted on the canvass in the chapters of this book Highly highly recommend reading I was moved beyond my ability to describe in written words I would have enjoyed this story but the spelling and grammar mistakes were really bad Also there was no clear distinction when the story moved to a new setting or character so it hot a bit confusing A shame really I wondered who edited it because they spoiled the enjoyment of this story Sad and scaryMan's inhumanity to man as described in this book is unbelivable The style of writing was different and detracted from the content for me Well written historical novel about the ghettos of Poland with love and fear in eual measure Eye OpeningI love these stories which take me into awful situations and through good writing skills take me to places and situations hopefully I'll never have to be