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Lund – When Carruthers Danni McAllister receives an antiue pouch as a birthday gift from her grandfather her first reaction is disappointment Don't assume that something is empty just because there's nothing When Carruthers Danni McAllister receives an The Guardian ePUB ☆ antiue pouch as a birthday gift from her grandfather her first reaction is disappointment Don't assume that something is empty just because there's nothing there her grandfather warns Danni learns that for nearly two hundred years the mysterious pouch with its astonishing hidden secrets as been handed down from generation to generation and each new owner has The Guardian PDF or had to discover how to access the power it holds or suffer the penalty of using the pouch unwiselyWhile Danni struggles to understand the power of the pouch her father's discovery of a rhodium mine makes her family the target of a deadly extortionist plot and the strange pouch is Danni's only hope of saving her familyIn the spirit of The Alliance The Freedom Guardian The Guardian Epub Ú Factor and Leverage Point author Gerald N Lund blends gripping fast paced suspense with a timeless message for readers of all ages. When I read that this book was in the same vein as The Alliance and The Freedom Factor I got really excited and immediately bought the book Those are some of my very favorite books and I was looking forward to of that style from Lund Unfortunately what I ended up getting was kind of a messSo there's this girl named Danni who gets a magical pouchpurse thingy on her thirteenth birthday She also gets a journal so there are some scattered journal entries but they seemed kind of pointless and redundant because the book is a first person narrative so we're getting Danni's perspective anyway And the first person was horrible Lund is old now and he really has no idea how to write from a 16 year old's perspective Her language was weird At one point she says seriously about a million times and at another point she's talking like she's 40 It wasn't consistent Lund should have stuck with the third personThe whole premise of the book itself was weird too This wasn't an LDS novel per se but Lund is an LDS author so I kept trying to figure out what his moral was with the pouch It almost seemed like a metaphor for the Holy Ghost It gives Danni direction and inspiration but it also makes her invisible when needed and conjures up a toy gun that starts shooting real bullets when it's set down If that was the metaphor Lund was going for it just didn't workI couldn't bring myself to finish this book because it was so disjointed to me I wasn't interested in the story even when the action started to pick up I might give this another try later on like when I'm not in the homestretch of planning a wedding but this time around it just didn't do it for me This book has the auspicious title of being the first I read in 2013 So uh That was weird I have missed Lund's books Sure they're long winded and sometimes a little too detailed I really don't need to know specific geography of Hanksville sir but they're good For the most part This one was SO WEIRD It's not at all what I expected Most of Lund's books are down to earth This one is so out there and random It's about a girl who has a magical bag Her family gets kidnapped and the magic bag helps her to defeat the bad guys I mean seriously It's a very weird plot I came away not knowing how to feel It's not necessarily a bad book It's just so weird If you take the pouch as a semi metaphor for the Holy Ghost then no that's still weird because the magic bag gives her gold bars while the Holy Ghost has never done that for me as far as I know I'm not saying skip this book but just go into it knowing how incredibly random and weird the story is And it drags on for a long time mostly due to lengthy and unnecessary 'journal' entries which are recapped 3 seconds later in the actual storyline geographical descriptions and other randomness Also I know Lund is an older gentleman and it shows in this book Namely because it's told through the eyes of a 16 year old girl and it's very painfully clear that it's NOT a 16 year old girl talking Not once does it sound like a regular kid speaking Lund should stick with narrating from the POV of men or doing 3rd person POVs again Because ouch this book was off This was a decent book and a fun easy read but it had several problems that keep me from loving itFirst of all Lund is not a young man any but the main characters in this book are 16 and 17 He said in the acknowledgments that he relied on his younger family members to help him get in touch with teenspeak and stuff but in the end we have characters who switch from ranting like 5 year olds to talking like general authorities in the same paragraph I'm really not exaggerating here Danni explodes when her best friend asks her why she did something but then explains the it was because she received a sudden inspiration in her mind like an enlightening of the senses Really?That brings me to my second criticism The book is based in modern day Utah it's written by a former general authority and it is borderline fantasy Magic pouches? I kept wondering hoping not if the characters would suddenly go to the LDS church or meet the missionaries Honestly I don't think Lund should write fantasy His Magic system worked perilously close to the way the spirit works except that it would also give Danni things that weren't good I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and honestly the weird parallels between the gospel and the magic pouch were mildly disturbing Not because they were bad or I don't like magic in books but because the story was based in Utah and I kept thinking he was going to try to bring the church into it or that his characters are secretly Mormon Strange AnywaysThat being said I read this book in two days and it was engaging and fun to read It made me want to google some of the amazing locations in Southern Utah and maybe plan a road tripLastly and not really a reflection on the book itself I found 3 blatant editorial errors where the wrong word was used i instead of a missing a the in a few sentencesDefinitely not up the standard set long ago by The Alliance Favorite Gerald Lund book by a mile Guardian by Gerald N Lund 5 STARSThis is a great story It is full of enchantmentdramaaction and humor tooThe main characters are three children with two of them teenagers Danni McAllister at age 13 gets a birthday present from her grandfather that is an old purse or bag that has been passed down in thier family for over a 100 years She tries to hide her disappointment in itHer best friend for years has been Ricky Ramirez he has to help babysit his sisters and even works with Dani's father part time He is a year older than DaniCody is 10 and Dani's sister He is smart with numbersDani Cody's family is being held hostage for 20 million dollars that thier family is selling a mine for that price The kidnappers know a lot about thier family and what they are up toDani is a tomboystubborn She gets a rifle for her 13 birthday too and her grandfatherfatherRicky and her go camping and Ricky and her get taught how to fire the rifleDani gets teased about the pouch that is called the Guardian because her mother makes her take it to school in her middle school everyday One day some interesting things happen to Dani and she learns a little about what the pouch can do She learns some important lessons along the wayWhen thier family is kidnapped Dani and Cody get away and caught again and escape Every time it looks bleak for them something happens to help them out of trouble But when things are looking like they will workout something goes wrong so you are on your edge of the seat waiting for what happens nextIt is a well told story and I hated to have to put it down The characters are exciting with flaws and good points This is a book that a lot of different ages can read and enjoy it Or even read it together I loved it Would like to read by Gerald N LundThis book makes me want to go camping and explore some of the places that the book takes place in Dani lives in the small town of Hanksville They talk about a few different canyons that are close by thier Even Lake Powell which I have not gone to for yearsI wish I had a purse that made wishes come true for me I recommend that you read this book and be carried away with its enchantment tooI was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when I had read it by NetgalleyPublication DateDecember 26 2012 Publisher Deseret Book Shadow Mountain Publishing File Size 769 KB ASIN B00A6FELP4 The book takes place in the slot canyons of Southern Utah and even stretches to Lake Powell which must be one of the most uniue lakes in the world Technically it's a YA but it’s the kind of book mothers and daughters will enjoy reading together Fathers and sons too since there's a lot of action in this one It's a hard book to put down I also love it for very personal reasons More on my blog here This was very well done It was slightly different than the previous books by Lund that I've read I think because this book was meant for a younger audience and it wasn't a strictly LDS book It has spiritual elements to it but nothing from a specific religion though it still includes historical information It was hard to get into but once the story got going it was a fast paced story that was easy to understand and taught a lot of good lessons It also made me stop and reflect on myself at times I thoroughly enjoyed it I really am not sure how to categorize this bookit has the pouch which would be ranked as fantasy the kidnapping which would be suspense and the kids trying to figure out the how and why which would be mysteryThe first 50 pages or so are a little slow but keep reading It sucks you in until you don't want to put it down until the whole mystery is resolved Great writing and good characters make this a 3 12 stars If you are expecting this to be historical fiction like his Work the Glory or Undaunted it isn't like that at all Think Alliance Freedom Factor Levrage Point even One in thine Hand which are his earlier books and that is the style of this new book by Gerald Lund I couldn't put this book down What a great story When Carruthers Danni McAllister received a 200 year old pouch for her 13th birthday her first reaction was disappointment Her grandfather told her to respect and take care of it She didn’t really care about the pouch at all About a year later her grandfather and father found a rhodium mine all of the rhodium in this mine was worth about 20 million dollars On the way bake from the mine Danni felt like her mother and brother were in danger When they got back to the house Danni’s grandfather and father and herself were captured and held hostage by a gang The leader was El Cobra Danni and Cody were able to escape thanks to the pouch They went over to Danni’s best friend Rick’s house Rick Danni and Cody then had to figure out a way to save Danni’s family without calling the police or letting El Cobra know that they called the police One of the main themes of this book is family Throughout the book Danni does what ever she can to free her family She tries to keep them safe at all time and doesn’t want to put them in any danger Also the pouch is a family heirloom so she needed to learn to respect it and to treat it in a nice way I really enjoyed this book because of how well Gerald N Lund described the characters and the places It was a very good book and I really liked how exciting and suspenseful his book is I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure books I would also recommend this book to anyone who is in upon our high or high school Overall this was a very good book The Guardian was not your typical Gerald Lund book I was looking for another Work and the Glory type book with a wonderful story to follow What I got was a teenage fantasy that was very unsatisfying Danni the main character was uite a flighty silly teenager who is following directions from a magic pouch With Lund as an LDS author I kept trying to find a spiritual connection with this pouch and the events that took place But I could find none I was very disappointed in this book and hope that of his writing will be as strong and uplifting as his earlier books

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