Cooper's Revenge

Cooper's Revenge❰Reading❯ ➹ Cooper's Revenge Author T.L. Williams – Navy Seal Logan Alexander is trying to put his life back together following a career ending injury in Afghanistan when he learns that his younger brother Cooper has been killed in an ambush while on p Navy Seal Logan Alexander is trying to put his life back together following a career ending injury in Afghanistan when he learns that his younger brother Cooper has been killed in an ambush while on patrol with his Ranger unit in Ira As Alexander delves into the circumstances leading to Cooper’s death he learns of the role that the secret arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps the ods Force plays in exporting terror Alexander vows to avenge his brother’s death With the financial backing of a Kuwaiti billionaire and a group of like minded Special Forces operatives Alexander conceives a plan that takes his team to the Sonora Desert Europe and the Middle East where he comes face to face with the man responsible for Cooper’s death. Excellent readAlmost every person today can relate to this book Everyone has dealt with some aspect of war and or terrorism The characters were developed extremely well The story line was feed to the reader smoothly Even the minor characters were memorable Would recommend this book to others Excellent read Side notewould make a great series COOPER’S REVENGE is the introductory storyline in TL Williams series focusing on former Navy SEAL Logan Alexander and his foray into civilian life where he begins to uncover the truth behind his brother’s death Logan has been relieved of his position with the Navy SEALs due to a horrendous injury that the Navy believes has left him incapable to return to active duty Venturing forth with his own company of former Special Forces Ops and SEALs Logan with the aid of a Kuwaiti billionaire forms a team that goes undercover to remove reveal and destroy an Iranian munitions factory that is responsible for the manufacturing of IEDs Improvised Explosive Device and ultimately the death of Logan’s brother Cooper AlexanderThe reader is introduced to Logan’s group of ten former military soldiers and personnel who will become part of the team willing to risk everything to put an end to the people behind the IEDs There is also a small romance developing between Logan and a former Iranian interpreter for the American militaryTL Williams is a former CIA operations officer and his military knowledge is without uestion The storyline is awash in military jargon and scenarios rife with historical situations and detailed analysis about the Middle East War and its’ affect on the American psyche and nationalism; but it is also a storyline that at times got lost in the vast amount of facts technical terminology and trivia as it concerns the operations in the Middle East Williams also introduces the history and religious belief system of the Muslim Fundamentalists and how it relates to war death and the ultimate revenge At times some of the information was overwhelming and I thought unnecessary to the actual storylineThe storyline and final confrontation are slow to develop as Williams begins to build the background information and training procedures as well as outlining the detailed plans to go in take down and get out for a team that has seen death and destruction first hand The novel is told from third person POV but from two completely different perspectives The Americans and The Iranians The reader is pulled into a story where two distinct sides fight the same war but for different reasons And in the end everyone involved is human and will suffer the pain of loss when neither side is really the winner until the final pull of the switchCOOPER’S REVENGE is ultimately a story about two brothers who went to war both of whom returned home but only one survived This is a story about family and loss; war and hate; betrayal and revenge TLWilliams has written a vastly detailed storyline about a war that shows no sign of ending and a war that continues to send home too many heroes that will be buried before they have had a chance to liveCopy supplied by the authorwwwthereadingcafecom I received a copy of this book from a goodreads giveaway and I really wanted to like it Unfortunately it fell a little short for me The story itself had potential but it did not uite deliver It took a long time to build up to the actual mission roughly 200 pages and then was a little anticlimatic The love story was weak I could not feel the connection and it bothered me that a pregnant woman was drinking wine There were some good moments and the author was obviously knowledgeable about all of the areas he wrote about but it just wasn't for me This was a decent military thriller The action was a bit slow moving for my taste but I still enjoyed reading it One thing I did appreciate was the plot featured many modern elements of the ongoing war on terror I am looking forward to reading the next Logan Alexander novel This was written in a convincing tone The author seem to really understands the details of military operations and protocol I'm keeping my eyes out for additional works from TL Williams Good readStarts and ends well but the middle kind of drags Overall a good read The story line was easy to follow I liked it but it wasn't as polished or complex as a accomplished author would be However this guy writes well and I look forward to his future works

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