Let's Meet a Librarian

Let's Meet a Librarian➭ [Ebook] ➨ Let's Meet a Librarian By Gina Bellisario ➹ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Are you curious about dinosaurs Music Volcanoes You're in luck Mr Field is a librarian He knows how to find information about all kinds of cool things He shows the students in Mrs Rios's class how to Are you curious about dinosaurs Music Volcanoes You're in luck Mr Let's Meet PDF or Field is a librarian He knows how to find information about all kinds of cool things He shows the students in Mrs Rios's class how to use the library Let's hear it for librarians. Finally A book about librarians that focuses on their love of information Huzzah And NO SHUSHING I love how the author and illustrator shows readers a school librarian who does that read stories incorporates technology helps teachers with tech issues puppet shows singsdances i am person who grew up with a librarian in the family my Mom was one throughout her career she knew her stuff and has always taught me the beauty of reading i recall being a young child and seeing her read i read often in my adult life and i love it so fun so many genres to check out great read enjoyable illustrations Let's Meet a Librarian is a picturebook written by Gina Bellisario and illustrated by Ed Myer It is schedule for release on Febuary 1 2013 This is a picture book that gives preschool and kindergarten age children a simplified look at what librarians do It certainly does not cover everything but gives a current look at library work than often seen Mr Field is a school librarian who shows Mrs Rios's class how to use a library and shows them some of the different and unexpected aspects of the libraryLet's Meet a Librarian is a pretty simplistic look at what a librarian does and how a library works but it is aimed at some o the youngest library goers I liked that the look at the library included an online catalog ebooks storytimes play areas an study areas It did a good job of showing that there are places in a library where you should be uiet but that there are places and times when it is okay to be a little loud and speak out The books shows that most librarians really do have to know a bit of everything computer and technology aspects of keeping the library going as well as the research abilities and stored tidbits of information many of us gather on a daily basis My only complaint as a librarian that spends a good amount of my work hours labeling and cataloging is that the behind the scenes aspects that the kids might not see when they visit the library mending processing cataloging reserves etc are ignored I know it is a short book but maybe if children parents and their teachers that do not know about all the unseen aspects of library work went into each book they searched for reuest or check out they might appreciate and visit their libraries and librarians a little bit Let's Meet a Librarian is a simple and well done book that can act as an introduction to libraries for preschool and kindergarten aged children Mr Field the school librarian is portrayed well with a widely varied skill set like librarians nreally need to have at their disposal these days A modern and friendly look at libraries and librarians When I got my copy of LET's MEET A LIBRARIAN for review purposes I was pretty excited Back when I was a kid I always wanted to be a librarian well either that or a country music superstar for some reason so I totally would have adored this book in my very early school daysThe illustrations were adorable and the author incorporated little vocabulary words as he detailed all of the various tasks a librarian might complete finding books fixing computers reading stories etc I did think it was pretty funny that the teacher who couldn't get a sad face off her monitor was later showed in a superhero uniform praised for her ability to help the students I giggled at that one I admitI think it's cute that this series of books explores a range of different careers for young readers and I'm sure this is just the thing to stimulate their young minds to start churning on great possibilities for the future When I was young I had books about fairy princesses and super heroes and all kinds of magical fantastical creatures Of course these types of stories always have their place in the hearts of young people but sometimes it's nice to have a book about something just normal and regular something that almost even seems a bit mundane right? I tend to judge children's books against how they would do in the K 8 school where I'm the librarian Please keep that in mind as you read my review First off I wish the librarian had not been a male At least 90% of the librarians I know are female and none of them fit the standard librarian stereotype Second all of the librarians in my school district don't touch the computers We are not computertechnology wizards That's a lot of pressureThe book was cute but I'm not sure what age level it was meant for It seemed a little too young for the information given I don't believe too many kids at that young level would be interested or really understand Reviewed for NetGalleycomWhat is a librarian? Meet Mr Field He's the school librarian He can help find a book about almost anything you've ever wanted to learn about As a librarian he's also a technology whiz A very simple book for preschool age and early elementary students This is a very simplified description of my job as a librarian but I think it's a good introduction for kids It shows them that we do than just check out books An updated look at what a librarian does Explores various aspects of the job from finding information and books in the catalog and online technology help library tours and storytime with the librarian actually holding the book correctly and showing the pictures to the kids the books needs to explain they are different types of librarians and not all of us know everything about technologyughhh My uibble with this book is that it gives children the idea that all librarians are technology wizards and some of us definitely are not You have to like a book bragging about librarians It was cute uite informative for little kids

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