Chains of Revenge

Chains of Revenge[Read] ➵ Chains of Revenge By Keziah Hill – A dark violent and devastatingly sensual erotic fantasy about the binding force of loveLissa Princess of Horvald loved and lost her slave in chains ten long years ago Then she was spoiled and selfish A dark violent and devastatingly sensual erotic fantasy about the binding force of loveLissa Princess of Horvald loved and lost her slave in chains ten long years ago Then she was spoiled and selfish thinking she could bend a warrior of Catiscal to her Chains of Kindle - will But time and adversity have changed her into a leader prepared to give herself to the Warlord Death in order to save her peopleWill he accept her sacrifice Or will his need for revenge blind him to the insidious chains of love wrapping around him chains even a powerful Warlord can't resistor can he. Devadas is a warrior and the younger prince of Catiscal but when he is captured by neighbouring Horvald he is put in The Pit there to fight Horvald's warriors in training until he dies No one knows he's a prince and as far as Devada is concerned he is dead to his country and his parents as soon as he was captured He maintains his own code of honour in a warring country that he sees as wanton they keep slaves the women walk around practically naked and the people have an open attitude towards sex and sharing partnersWhen Lissa the young princess of Horvald and the king's only child takes an interest in Devadas he took the opportunity hoping to find a way to escape or somehow exploit the situation But Lissa wants only a fit man to train her in the arts of love making and Devadas has a month at first before she's married off Those plans don't eventuate and instead the two explore each other in depth Devadas learning as much about how to pleasure a woman as Lissa learns from himWhen her father the king of Horvald takes Devadas along with the other warrior slaves to join his army in his latest venture Lissa is distraught From long exposure to Devadas her attitude towards her people's cavalier slave keeping has changed and when a storm comes through with her father absent she ditches forever her luxury and her frivolous clothes and joins the people in rebuilding the town and planting new crops negotiating with neighbouring Catiscal which also suffered in the storm When her father returns and tells her he killed Devedas along with a number of other slaves who attempted to escape she grieves deeply then locks her heart away planning to stay chaste foreverTen years later the growing empire has decimated her father's army and killed him; its leader a general who calls himself Lord Death comes for Lissa In shock she recognises Devadas but he has changed and worse he plans on exacting revenge on Lissa for the long months she took advantage of him rather than finding a way to free him and the other slaves His demands of her are terrible and she is humiliated by the finely made gold chains he makes her wear and especially by the leash but bargains the safety of her people and their fields in exchangeWhen the new king of Catiscal Devadas' older brother Anton arrives in Horvald thinking to take it for his own and Lissa for his bride Devadas decides to marry her himself But Anton plays dirty and it takes seeing how he treats Lissa for Devadas to realise just what she means to him and how abominable his behaviour towards her wasBetween the new HarleuinMills Boon romance e book imprint Escape Publishing and Penguin Australia's new romance e book imprint Destiny Romance my Kindle is suddenly chokkas with great new romance fiction I picked this one from Escape because it combines erotic romance with fantasy two of my favourite genres though I didn't realise until I started reading it that it's actually a fairly short novella I like novellas but I think in this case as well written as it was it would have been a satisfying novel if it had been well novel lengthEverything that needed to be there was there from some general world building put together in your head from minor details and bits of info scattered throughout to character motivations and some good plot developments But it's the characters that you want to read romance for in whatever form it comes in and in the case of Chains of Revenge it skimmed along a bit too lightly without really delving deeply into their psyches Individually I felt like I understood and could sympathise with the characters no problem but together I wanted a bit chemistry especially in the beginning It rushed through those months and then told us they were falling in love with each other without really showing it or showing them holding back since their positions mistressprincess and slave is a perfect relationship obstacle Things heated up considerably when they meet again ten years later and the story became interesting too but the problem of developing things between the characters remained a bit stunted They just never uite built up momentum and that was disappointing I don't mind the lightly sketched in world building for a novella and I don't mind a fairly uneventful plot but the most important thing in a romance story is the romance right? and building up chemistry between the characters Developing that deeply at the beginning would have given the rest of the story a really solid footing and strong past history that would have added mouth watering tension and gut clenching sexual chemistryOtherwise I enjoyed it and found parts of it particularly fun and juicy to read The chain harness was a nice erotic touch but one of the things that stood out for me was how much I liked Lissa She grew and matured and changed uite a bit rising to a new challenge and coming to realise that much like in a democratic system a leader is nothing without healthy happy people to lead and so she puts them first over her own wants and needs Devadas has a lot to learn too and is not a straight forward character So while I didn't find that their chemistry sizzled as much as it could have the potential for it was there and I could believe in them as people and lovers I adore the beginning of this book and the scene where the tables get turned can't say too much without giving things awayI gave it five spankings oops I mean stars This book was pretty good I loved the description of this book It sounded super hot a princess a sex slave warlords? Oh you had me at sex slave LOLFirst off I'm not too sure how I would classify this book Romance Erotica? Fantasy? I wasn't sure if this was set in a mythical land or way back in history What I AM sure of is that you won't care either way once you get into this bookSecond I keep calling it a book but its actually a novella I believe And if you've read some of my other reviews you know that I don't particularly care for novellas This one is a good example of whyNow I know I said that I liked the book and that it was pretty good and those are both true statements But the reason that I didn't LOVE this book and the reason why I don't like novellas are the same in this case there's just never uite enough character development But less me give you some detailsWe first meet Devadas Prince of Castigal He's essentially dying on the battlefield But his enemy warriors from the neighboring town of Horvald captures him and he's forced to live out the rest of his days as a slave in The Pit It seemed like The Pit was the place where Horvaldian warriors are trained to fight It's a brutal awful existence but Devadas won't reveal his identity to his captors because he refuses to be used as some kind of bargaining chip But Devadas' life is about to be changedThat's where Lissa Princess of Horvald comes in Lissa has just come of age and in Horvald women are encouraged to gain sexual experience at this time so that later when they marry they are better able to please their husbands Lissa of course chooses Devadas the fighting slave to instruct her in the carnal arts But Lissa the beautiful and spoiled princess has maybe bitten off than she thinksI enjoyed Lissa and Devadas When we first meet her she's a snooty confident princess who cares little for other people She intends to use Devadas to learn all she can about pleasing a man and then send him back to The Pit She never intended on getting to know him But the time she spends with him the she finds herself caring about him and trying to ease the sadness she sees in his eyes Devadas changes as well He's a hard bitter angry man but the he's with Lissa he starts to care for her as well But war is coming and Devadas is called forced to join the ranks and he and Lissa must part when neither of them want it to endThat's the general overall glimpse of the story The rest is about what happens after Devadas returns from war and I don't want to give it away There's no a LOT that helps you get to know the characters You get a bit insight into Lissa since the story stays with her when Devadas leaves Horvald But there still isn't much She's an entitled brat and then she's not essentially That's my one big complaint about this novella and its not much of a complaint since that reason is the cause of my bias againt ALL novellasThere was one other tiny thing that bugged me but maybe I'm reading in to too much The loose and ribald town called Horvald Horvald? As in Whore vald maybe? And then uptight and sexually repressed town on Castigal? Like castrated?? Or is it like casting judgment? I don't know if that's actually true or if I have too much time on my hands LOLSo I didn't love this novella but I think someone who enjoys novellas would enjoy this one Oh One thing I forgot The Sexy Time was SUPER hot If it isn't already it should be classified as Erotica And for me I think that's what kept this book from getting 4 stars It is for sure worth your time Devadas Prince of Catiscal is captured and treated as a slave by Horvald Instead of the sweet death he craves he is sent to The Pit where he must put his body on the line day after day to train the future warriors of Horvald In order to survive he must be better than all of the warriors his very captivity is helping to trainThen he is given a new duty The people of Horvald are a open people than those of Catiscal and Devadas is given to the Princess Lissa It will be his job to take her virginity and teacher her about the ways of love so that she may please her husband when they wed Devadas is stunned by this arrangement In Catiscal sexual intercourse is mostly for recreational purposes but in Horvald it is very much a pleasure pursuitDevadas is surprised by the explosive passion that springs up between them It becomes much than just a job pleasuring the Princess of Horvald They talk to each other they connect mentally as well as in earth shatteringly physical ways When her father the King takes her with him on a campaign to conuer some other land Devadas and Lissa are torn apartLissa has always believed her warrior in chains died 10 years ago after her father took him away When her father is killed and Horvald falls at the hands of the feared Warlord Death Lissa prepares for death Instead she finds herself looking into the eyes of Devadas and he makes it uite clear that he intends to humiliate her and use her the way he believes she used him all of those years agoChains Of Love is one of the very first books being offered by Harleuin’s new digital first imprint Escape There were five titles released in November and this one was offered free on as a promotion and I grabbed it for my Kindle when I saw it posted on twitter I plan on reading the rest of the titles soonDevadas is a proud warrior the Prince of Catiscal who would prefer a noble death to being kept as a slave by the nation of Horvald Catiscal are not a slave keeping nation so it doesn’t sit well with him to be ordered about or used When he is chosen to be the one to instruct the Princess Lissa in the ways of the marital bed he is resentful but also unable to prevent the way in which he responds to her To his surprise he comes to enjoy his time with the Princess as the bond between them deepens to be something much than just a slave and mistress But Lissa is a Princess and Devadas is still just someone captive and he must do whatever those in charge wishWhen the tables turn and he finds himself in a position of power over Lissa some 10 years later he sees the perfect opportunity to extract some revenge He binds her in chains that she must wear publicly so that the people can see that their Princess is now the whore to the Warlord Death and bound to do whatever he wishes Although Lissa begs not to wear them when she is out in the fields helping Devadas is unmoving It seems that the old passion between them hasn’t gone anywhere and even though Devadas seeks to bed her only as a way to humiliate her it soon becomes clear that there is to it especially when Devadas’ elder brother now the King of Catiscal turns up and demands his bride – LissaLissa is a spoiled Princess when she uses Devadas but he is a grown adult when he comes back and begins to take his so called revenge upon her He is mostly kidding himself that all he is after is the chance to humiliate her before he resumes being the Warlord Death but both of them are hopelessly clueless about the way the other truly feels and Devadas has no idea that all these years Lissa has believed him dead because that’s what her father told her It isn’t until Devadas learns that his elder brother with whom he has never gotten along intends to claim Lissa that he begins to accept the fact that his feelings for her are not so hostileChains Of Love is uite a spicy but short read but there were two thing that tempered my enjoyment of it and these are purely personal but that’s what reading is a personal experience The first was overly excessive usage of a particular word during intimate scenes I loathe this word it begins with ‘C’ so you fill in the blanks yourselves I hate it in every day conversation which seems to be popular now among high school and twenties aged males I hate it used as an insult and I hate it used as a descriptive term And this book is absolutely littered with this word In every scene in which Lissa and Devadas are intimate it must be used at least four times It pulls me out of the story because it’s such an ugly word and I really really dislike “cunny” even which is used once in this book If you don’t mind this word then you’ll no doubt enjoy the erotic scenes than I did but if you share my sensitivity to it and I’m no prude I read plenty of hot stuff it’s just this particular word that I do not enjoy then you may have the same issue I did in that it pulled me out of the scenesThe second thing is that the relationship the second time around develops extremely rapidly perhaps too rapidly for my liking given they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years and they are both very different people Devadas seeks to humiliate Lissa despite the fact that they’d been on good terms when he left and had to go and fight a war for her father She didn’t humiliate him for her amusement when she was a teenager it was part of the cultural custom for a virgin to be taught the ways of the bedroom prior to marriage She was haughty and often a bit condescending but she was also a Princess Devadas is a grown man both times and his revenge is a bit childish and makes it even difficult to believe that he still has actual feelings for her I’d have liked a little character exploration and depth to the arrangement between them the second time around in order for me to get satisfaction out of this one A princess uses a slave to teach her the ways of sexual pleasuresin every way imaginable Months go by and love has bloomed between the two even though neither has admitted it or said it to the other Eventually the slave is taken from her to assist her father the king in his war Her heart breaks when her father returning after 8 long months tells her that the slave was was killed It is now 10 years later and the Warlord Death has conuered her city He is her lost slave She is thrilled until he lets her know that she is now his slave and that he is her master in all things He proceeds to place a gold link harness with matching lead on her and parades her around in front of her people For what happens next you must read the book I picked up Chains of Revenge as a free book as part of the launch of Escape Publishing I don't usually read erotica so this was so freakin' hotThe world building rocked I loved how the status of women was woven through Challenging suffering A difficult world for men and women but one where love does make a differenceStrong characters running through a story that was a lot than revenge I first read Chains of Revenge as a self pubbed book Amongst all the books I read it stood out I remembered it well which talks to the strength of not only the storyline but the bold muscular voice of Keziah Hill It was ok the whole time I kept thinking 'why?' Why would he do that or why would she say that? It's also like 90% bow chicka wow It's a one and a half star kinda book Read it if you must Very good story

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