Lost in Austen Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure

Lost in Austen Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure❮Ebook❯ ➤ Lost in Austen Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure Author Emma Campbell Webster – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Il tuo nome Elizabeth Bennet La tua missione fare un matrimonio di ragione e sentimento evitando uno scandalo in famiglia Hai dalla tua solo uno spirito vivace il tuo buon senso la tua bellezza passab Il tuo nome Elizabeth Bennet Austen Create PDF/EPUB ä La tua missione fare un matrimonio di ragione e sentimento evitando uno scandalo in famiglia Hai dalla tua solo uno spirito vivace il tuo buon senso la tua bellezza passabile e devi costruirti un percorso attraverso una miriade di scelte che determineranno il tuo destino romantico ed economico Lost in Austen si basa su Orgoglio e pregiudizio ma le scelte che ti Lost in ePUB ô si propongono nel libro ti condurranno nel cuore degli altri romanzi di Jane Austen e in un territorio fantastico Lost in Austen è un labirinto di amori e menzogne seduzione e scandali disavventure e matrimoni una vera sfida e un vero rapimento per tutte le appassionate di Jane Austen. I died Not the ending I was hoping for It was a really good book until I died This book is a great experience for a PP junkie like myself Before I get to my spoilery endings I gotta say that the best part of this book is the choices I didn't read much of it just skimmed it because I knew the story so well It's the choices especially the bad ones that are so entertaining and allow you to explore the what ifs that the movies and books don't explainThere's MANY different endings happy and sad and most of them incredibly humourous I did not explore even half of them I would guessOkay now for the semi spoilery partSo far I've had the following endings1 I was attacked by gypsies on my way to Netherfield to take care of my sick sister Jane I was so disfigured that I will never attract a husband The book reproaches me with That didn't take you long did it? You have failed to complete your mission You didn't even get NEAR completing it in fact You deserve to be disfigured Be ashamed Ouch2 Not that I wasn't trying before but I try to make the decisions that will lead me to Mr Darcy I refuse Mr Collins I am interested in Mr Wickham I go to Hunsford to visit the new Mrs Collins BUT this time I accept Mr Darcy's proposal Why not? I've always been curious what would have happened in that scenario Um I end up having an affair with the one of the gardeners at Pemberely and we are banished from polite society to live in poverty for the rest of our sinful lives 3 Okay so clearly I need to refuse Mr Darcy when he first proposes at Hunsford But this time I also refuse to read his letter of explanation about my accusations of his treatment of Wickham Then I run into Colonel Fitzwilliam who ALSO proposes to me He's cute and nice so yeah I accept When Mr Darcy finds out he challenges his cousin to a duel Lady Catherine will have nothing to do with me marrying either of her nephews but they still insist on the duel Guns in hand the count down begins but before it is finished Lady Catherine shoots ME Darcy runs to my aid and then shoots his aunt Then waving off the Colonel who can't possibly love me as much as he does he shoots the Colonel dead in a jealous rage Then he turns the gun on himself and shoots himself I can't blame him I wouldn't want to live without me either ;4 Okay this time I'm trying again I make all the right Elizabeth Bennett decisions This time I have another mistaken choice such as in ending #1 where I am not sure which direction to go I choose the wrong direction and so do not unexpectedly meet up with Darcy on his way home to Pemberley and end up getting run over in a carriage by Caroline Bingley who is jealous of me and wants Darcy for herself Ouch 5 SUCCESS I finally get Mr Darcy We marry and are happy forever and ever Aren't you all jealous?? I spotted this fun 'choose your own adventure' style story based mostly on Jane Austen's Pride Prejudice all the novels and Austen's life are representedThe reader is given a mission and can then start tracking points earned or deducted on a separate sheet as they go along There are places where the reader chooses the path or where responses to uiz uestions determine the path There are dead ends game over there are lesser choices leading to a snarky lecture and less points and best choices where the snarky remarks are still there but not so pointedYes I am saying this is meant to be light and fun as you goI personally hit three dead ends and was forced to backtrack but I did finish the game with some points in the positive which had me crowing a bit While I wouldn't say its riveting it is most certainly diverting and I could see myself whiling away some time taking another go at the book game at a later pointIt does tend to favor those who have a fairly good knowledge of Austen's works but common sense and a sense of humor will get pretty much anyone through to the finish I could see this being a fun gift for an Austen lover with a sense of humor I know I know A Choose Your Own Adventure book set within Pride and Prejudice sounds too good to be true This really was an amusing diversion and I stayed up WAY too late last night trying to complete the mission of a fortuitous and loving marriage First I was disfigured by gypsies Then I eloped with Mr Wickam and had to join a traveling troupe of actors Then I was murdered by Caroline Bingley Then I married Captain Wentworth from Persuasion But after lots of cheating I won married Mr Darcy in the endI thought this was such a clever idea and I loved the way that the author wove in characters and plot lines from multiple novels I also liked the uestions about regency era life It was really very well done and one can tell that Emma Campbell Webster is a true Austen scholar But I tired uickly of keeping score and then was really annoyed when it turned out that you weren't supposed to go below zero not explained in the instructions and my scores were all screwed up anyway I bristled at the author's implication in the end that the only intelligent thing to do is to abandon Darcy and not marry at all Come ON It was obviously her own modern idea and it just didn't fit I also really hated the ultra stylized illustrations Call me a purist but I wanted something a little period accurateAll in all though really fun I'd definitely recommend this to Austen fans Actually I think maybe it would be enjoyable to somebody who didn't know the novels very well; sometimes it was too easy for me to make the right choices since I knew who the good guys were and who were the bad'uns absolutely loved it This book was SO MUCH FUN It got me through a very bad day with strep throatIt's just like the choose your own adventure books from your youth or your children's youths except you get to be Elizabeth Bennett Depending on your choices you'll see characters from all of Jane Austen's works as well as people she knew herself Everything is expertly woven together and so many times I found myself laughing out loud especially when my carriage ran over Mr Elton from Emma in his effort to stop it to make his affection for me known The book also has a points system by which you can judge your progress on marrying for love and not ending up in the poor house It made things extra funny for me I highly recommend you keep track of your pointsAnyway this was really well put together and very enjoyable It only took me a few days but I finished my mission and was married to MrDarcyThis was a fun book with some very interesting twists and cameos by Austen's other characters make it such a treatThrough my various attempts of failure which there was not shortage of I was led astray attacked by gypsies got lost felt into puppy love with Henry Tillney kidnapped by Fanny Price called idiotic times than I can count lost and gained everything but I laughed and giggled along my choices and the patch they tookOverall a fun read Amusing but not uite as fun as I expected Some of the wilder endings are silly couldn't she have borrowed from the juvenilia if she wanted to go nuts? when youElizabeth Bennett are put into Northanger Abbey youshe still acts like Catherine Morland and as other reviewers noted sometimes a modern viewpoint seems privileged over Austen's own time especially in the uber ending which nearly wrecked the book for me but I pretty much ignored it If I'd been in my twenties I might have neatly ripped out the pages The snark also occasionally gets out of hand and it's a good thing Webster designed the book so you don't have to keep track of scoring because I am unsuited to do so both in basic cussedness and because I have a horrible case of the flu and can barely spell my own name right now But this book was fun enough to entertain me while terribly sick and light enough it wasn't a strain to read and sometimes do we really ask of books than that? As Sir Walter Scott wrote of Ann Radcliffe Perhaps the perusal of such works may without injustice be compared with the use of opiates baneful when habitually and constantly resorted to but of the most blessed power in those moments of pain and languor when the whole head is sore and the whole heart sick If those who rail indiscriminately at this species of composition were to consider the uantity of actual pleasure which it produces and the much greater proportion of real sorrow and distress which it alleviates their philanthropy ought to moderate their critical pride or religious intoleranceOh I forgot it's not a GoodReads review without pictures Good silly fun The first time I tried I ended up getting into Marianne's plot from Sense and Sensibility then after coming back to Pride and Prejudice slipping on some ice and breaking my neck The second time I ended up marrying Henry Crawford from Mansfield Park which the book does not allow to be a happy ending but I went into it with my eyes open After that I stopped following the hilariously complicated rules and just flipped through trying to check out the different possible storiesYou uickly learn how it works basically if you fail to stick to PP's plot you either digress into a different Austen novel or in one case into Austen's biography or you meet some terrible disaster The only exception is view spoiler the very end which gives you an option to leave behind the marriage plot entirely hide spoiler This book was amusing  If you are a fan of Jane Austen's novels and the author assumes that the reader is going to identify with Elizabeth Bennet in particular the thought has probably crossed your mind that it would be fun to imagine yourself progressing through the plot of Pride Prejudice and other Austen novels  This book is one of the obvious ways that this itch can be scratched and it has at least some re read value I must admit although it can take a bit of effort to keep up with the major and minor connections as well as the fortune intelligence and confidence scores as well as the failings and accomplishments and how they affect the ending one reaches  As someone who is a fan of choose your adventure books 1 this volume was definitely one that I found appealing and I managed to read most of it while I was getting my car tuned up a bit which is always something that is enjoyable to do  This is a book that is easy to enjoy and appreciate and should have a lot of fans of Jane Austen enjoying itWhat happens when one is lost in Austen?  Well most of the book uses the plot of Pride Prejudice and divides the material into five parts and the choices made along the way can drastically affect one's fate in very dangerous ways  Periodically there are choices that have to be made that will push the reader into one sort of relationship or another that will plunge the character into the depths of despair or grant new friends and enemies as well as an understanding of the social world of Austen's novels  Throughout the book there are also uizzes that give the character new skills and abilities that will make the adventure successful while some disasters will lead to a life of spinsterhood or a gruesome death or even a lifetime in prison as I found out in one of the choices I made  Obviously most readers will have one or two endings in mind that they want to achieve but it is not always as easy to reach this desired ending as one may hope and it can take a bit of rereading and retracing one's path to get away from some of the disastrous conclusions that this novel can take so readers should be prepared to face up to some truly serious and weighty decisions being made in what seem like very trivial choices  The world of Jane Austen was one where single jokes and comments and even the choice of a lane or a way to spend the evening could have drastic effects on one's fateThe author has clearly done her research in making this book a compelling look at the social context in which Jane Austen's novels take place  And there are certainly elements of several of Jane Austen's novels that blend together wonderfully here as the author views all of Austen's novels as being in a shared universe where one can reject a marriage proposal from multiple heroes of Austen novels and step out of Pride Prejudice to enter Emma and Mansfield Park over the course of one's adventure as I did while reading this book  The one has read and appreciated Jane Austen the this book is easy to enjoy and succeed at  Will your heroine end up being killed by highwaymen or stuck in a loveless marriage or end up jilting half of the heroes of Austen's novels and leaving them heartbroken and lifelong bachelors?  Only you can decide so choose wisely1 See for example

Lost in Austen Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure
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