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Die emptyunleash your best work every day[BOOKS] ⚦ Die emptyunleash your best work every day By Todd Henry – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Most of us live with the stubborn idea that we'll always have tomorrow But sooner or later all of our tomorrows will run out Each day that you postpone the hard work and succumb to the clutter that ch Most of us live with your best ePUB ✓ the stubborn idea that we'll always have tomorrow But sooner or later all of our tomorrows will run out Each day that you postpone the hard work and succumb to the clutter that chokes creativity discipline and innovation will result in a net deficit to the world to your company and to yourself Die Empty is a tool for individuals and companies that aren't willing to put off Die emptyunleash Epub / their best work Todd Henry explains the forces that keep people in stagnation and introduces a three part process for tapping into your passion Excavate Find the bedrock of your work to discover what drives you Cultivate Learn how to develop the curiosity humility and persistence that save you from getting stuck in ruts Resonate Learn how your uniue brilliance can inspire others Henry shows how to find and sustain your passion and curiosity emptyunleash your best PDF Ç even in tough times. Your days are finite One day they will run out As a friend of mine likes to say You know the death rate is hovering right around one hundred percent pg 3Todd Henry has given the world a call to action with Die Empty The book is one big reminder that one day you yes you will die and he imparts some useful tools to help you discover what you're meant to do and then to do it to the best of your ability If there is one overriding goal of this book it is this to bring a new found clarity and sense of urgency to how you approach your work on a daily basis and over your lifetime pgs 5 6Henry is into catchy acronyms and veers very close to empty motivational jargon But I feel he pulls himself back in time No one charts a course for mediocrity yet it's still a destination of choice It's chosen in small ways over time and those tiny seemingly inconseuential decisions accumulate until they result in a state of crisis pg 35I learned a great deal from his abc's of mediocrity that include comfort zone as the letter C If I am guilty of anything it is finding my comfort zone boundaries and then staying carefully inside of them Henry believes you do the world a disservice when you don't push yourself Who knows how much you can do if you don't try? Growth is about daily measured and disciplined action It's about embracing purposeful skill development and pursuing new opportunities that stretch you a step beyond your comfort zone even when it means venturing boldly into the unknown pg 89You escape your comfort zone Henry says by creating goals in steps sprints and stretches Steps are goals that can be accomplished in one day Sprints are completed in one or two weeks Stretches are a big goal that takes longer than thatThroughout much of the book the lesson seems to be act observe and act again It touches on everything from fear of failure and delusions to inflated egos and effective communication Die Empty could be described as a one stop shop for almost anything that holds you back from unleashing your best work every dayHenry even addresses the fact that no self help book is the complete answer for anyone The final ingredient in any lasting change or improvement in your life is you You can have the map and there can be gas in the tank but unless you're willing to fire up the engine and put your foot on the gas you'll never get anywhere Intention and theory don't change the world; decisive action does pg 201Recommended for readers who are unwilling to settle for less than their very best work every day The first 30 pages or so resonated with me mostly because I waste a lot of time deviating from well intentioned plans I also love the title The rest of it was painfully boring Better self help lessons might be found in the writings of Marcus Aurelius I'm pretty sure he died empty without giving too much thought to catch phrases like the Seven Deadly Sins of Mediocrity The author's ideas are fine but the writing is dull and clichéd Engage today with urgency and diligence Plant seeds every day that will yield a harvest later Sigh The book sat very uneasily with me for reasons than simply the repetition of bland aphorism It's clear Henry's target market is the middle class white collar worker and although Henry discusses entrepreneurs in many places the overall tone of the book is very much that the cure for a meaningless paper pushing middle management life riddled with Koinophobia is to put energy into your work; all your energy; all your driveWhen Henry talks about frustrated staff who whine My manager is too controlling who are deferring the discomfort of acting on their decision and who are lacking the courage to act I feel like he's talking directly to Gen X'ers who have made it to their 40s and 50s and wondered when the life they were implicitly promised will arrive They played by the rules were the first generation to face crushing student loan debt started at the bottom prepared to work their way up and just somehow never got there and the Baby Boomers who's senior jobs they would once upon a time have moved into are deferring retirement because of economic instability Monica Pott's piece in the Washington Monthly magazine on the post ownership society is an interesting companion read to this book; a look at how some Millennials have responded to the same issues by disengaging from exactly the kind of work Henry is proposing we instead give our all A disclaimer is in order I have been a Todd Henry enthusiast since I read his first book The Accidental Creative How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice His regular podcast is on my weekly “must listen to” list I was thrilled when I heard the title and theme of his second book I’m what business guru Ken Blanchard calls a “raving fan” of Todd’s work Admittedly I’m biased not just because we share the same first name Die Empty Unleash Your Best Work Every Day is about how we can unleash our best work each day and increase the odds that we won’t regret the work we’ve done when we come to the end of our life It’s about living full so we can die emptyWhat I like most about Todd’s writing is his courage He doesn’t hesitate to call out the fluffy platitudes that we are fed in too many business and career books He doesn’t shy away from saying that success and our best work will reuire effort and self discipline Those two things go against the grain of our comfort driven culture I was practically cheering out loud when he said “You cannot pursue comfort and greatness at the same time”One popular fallacy Todd takes on that resonated with me was “The Passion Fallacy” We are told countless times to just “follow your passion” and the money will follow you Besides the obvious impracticality of this advice How many of us actually do get paid for playing video games all day? Todd points out that it is a selfish approach to finding meaningful work Eventually the passion dies down and we are left searching for a different obsession A better approach is asking “What value can I add?” instead of “What can I get?” When we pose the uestion this way it correctly reminds us that we are not the center of the world We know that when we are the center of our own world it’s a very small worldafter allAnother example of Todd’s courage occurs in the chapter titled “Finding Your Voice” which tackles discovering our uniue expression of value through our life’s journey He challenged me when he wrote “Great work results when you stop doing only what you know you can do and instead begin pursuing what you believe you might be able to do with a little focused effort” In the infamous words of television character Barney Stinson Played by Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother “Challenge accepted”Todd’s writing tone is one we would find from a buddy who is sitting across the table having coffee with us It’s friend to friend encouraging conversation rather than top down pronouncements In addition his stories are nicely balanced with practical applications and probing uestions at the end of every chapterThis is the type of book I can see myself rereading on a yearly basis to keep myself on track in fulfilling my life’s missionThe message of the book is simply stated “Don’t go to your grave with your best work still inside of you Choose to die empty” May that be true for us all From the cover jacket Die Empty is a tool for people who aren't willing to put off their most important work for another day Todd Henry explains the forces that keeps us in stagnation and introduces a process for instilling consistent practices into your life that will keep you on a true and steady courseEverything that needs to be said has already been said But since no one was listening everything must be said again Andre GideThis uote came to mind as I was reading through the book If you are an avid reader of self growth books that has a focus on career growth you will find that a lot of the subjects Todd Henry writes about have been written elsewhere; the book feels very familiar and in time will readers might feel it redundant to read furtherThe difference between this book and others may be that it offers a lot of probing uestions that make the readers think about the subject It gives you a lot to think about which I think is good Rather than feeding its readers information the book forces us to take part in a discussion and come up with something of our own Some books make us feel really energetic after reading it; it might be because of the inspiration we receive; it might be because of the new information we want to apply Some books make us feel cold after reading it; just because it's a bore and nothing new has been learnedFor this book I feel lukewarm towards it and that isn't necessarily a good thing Die empty it is not about getting everything done today it is not the same as “live like there is no tomorrow it is not about following your whims So what does Die empty mean? 1 Your days are numbered – finite someday they will run out Do not waste the opportunity 2 You have a uniue contribution to make to world 3 No one else can make your contribution for you Do not make yourself a victim 4 Your contribution is not about you; cultivating a love of the process is the key to make a lasting contribution 5 Avoid comfort it is dangerous Greatness emerges when you consistently choose to do what is right even when it is uncomfortable 6 Take a stand; do not shape shift If you do not stand for what you believe in you will eventually lose yourself in your work 7 You must plan seeds today for a harvest later 8 Know yourself define your battles and be fiercely curious 9 Find your voice and stay connected 10 And at last; forward your experience A definitely must read book 💜“only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” A fabulous read about making a difference in your life each and every day rather than living by your to do list I will keep this by my side as a reference and reminder to live and act with purpose The title says it all the book is empty Pretty dull full of common truth told much better elsewhere Had to force my self through 34 than I couldn´t take it any Finished this book during the COVID 19 uarantine 31 March 2020 1145 PMIt's easy to get lost and wake up many years later in a strange land asking yourself where am I how did I get here and how do I go back ? This is one of the few nonfiction work related books I've read which is not my to go to genre so this book was like a sweet introduction to thatDie empty is a book that discusses how to treat your job the way it should be treated it claims that unlike most books and opinionsthat demands to focus on personal life and treat our job as just 8 hours in which we go do a certain task and go homeThis book says that our job should be than thatwhether you love or hate your job I believe you can find yourself somewhere in this book the most amazing thing about it is that it tells you the things that you already know and believe but afraid to say even to yourself and also mentions new things that open new perspectives you didn't know existed beforeAnother thing I liked about this book is that it first explains the problem then tells you what you can do about itIt actually gives you practical hard solutions in addition to the practices at the end of each chapterOverall I think this book was amazing and I believe that everyone should read it uotes that I loved and highlighted on my kindle Waiting for the permission to act is the easy way outDon't go to your grave with your best work inside you Choose to die emptyYou may be doing great work and you may be doing a lot of work but you're not making progress in a way that is personally meaningfuland waaaay to many other uotesI loved this book If there’s one book that America’s politicians should be reading it’s Die Empty Unleash Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry Although the book is aimed at creative professionals and they’re used for most examples the principles and insights gleaned can relate to anyone that’s willing to get honest with themselves and open up to Henry’s advice Die Empty is less about a stringent set of rules and tasks that you must accomplish and about adopting a different mindset Henry makes sure to tell us that the “work” in the title doesn't only reference our professional careers but applies to the work we do in our private lives as well Die Empty is peppered with uestions to ask ourselves and if your mind is open to it you’ll start subconsciously picking out the ones that relate the most to you I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone executives politicians real estate agents my mom because although you may be happy with your success or career I think that we should do everything we can to continue growing ourselves and those around usDisclaimer I received a free advance copy of the book to review

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