Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2)

Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2)[PDF / Epub] ☉ Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2) By F. Paul Wilson – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Dark City is the second of a new preuel trilogy Repairman Jack The Early Years by F Paul WilsonIt's February 1992 Desert Storm is raging in Ira but twenty two year old Jack has pressing matters at hom Dark City is the second of a new preuel trilogy Repairman Jack The Early Years by F Paul WilsonIt's February Desert Storm is raging in Ira but twenty two year old Jack has pressing matters at home His favorite bar The Spot is about to be sold out from under Julio Jack's friend Jack has been something of a tag along to this point but now he takes the reins and demonstrates his innate talent for seeing biters get bit With a body count even higher than in Cold City this second novel of the Early Years Trilogy hurtles Jack into the final volume in which all scores will be settled all debts paidAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. This is the second book in the three book preuel that will make up the final Repairman Jack novels It's once again giving the background about how Jack came to be the man that took on the horrifying Rakoshi in The Tomb It's an entertaining story thats working along a number of story lines If your new to F Paul Wilson then you should know that nearly everything he's written is connected to a much larger Secret History of the world and every repairman Jack novel walks the fine line between Lee Child's Jack Reacher type vigilantly justice and HP Lovecraft's world from beyond It all started way back in the stunning novel The Keep and moves through to the eually great novel Nightworld and there are jogs this way and that way that cross over Repairman Jack and through the Advisary Cycle of wonderful bookstand through other short stories Iv'e read nearly every word that F Paul Wilson has ever published and the reason I have is that he has a very readable style that is combined with a very distinct vision of justice Which basically means that bad guys may make a few hits here and there but in the end they are going to get their asses handed to them and then some And really who doesn't like seeing the bad guys beaten?FPaul Wilson could have used these three novels to just walk us through the details of Jacks life that taught him the tricks of his violent trade but he went a step further and made some complex and riveting stories that are really entertaining to read I greatly enjoyed Dark City but it does fill me with a little sadness because there will only be one Repairman Jack Novel and I hate to see Jack go But on the other hand I'm really interested to see where F Paul Wilson goes next because it's been one hell of a ride so far The second book of the Repairman Jack preuel trilogy takes place in 1991 and continues to show us Jack’s progression from an adolescent and somewhat naïve rogue to who he will become as the formidable Repairman Jack In this volume Jack is only 22 years old but really turns the corner from follower to leader and begins to stake out his future as a fixerSeveral subplots intertwine in this book The major plot from book one where Jack helps to put down a ring of child enslavementsex fiends continues and really brings Jack to a realization of the sort of fine line he will need to walk while skirting the law to bring justice Simultaneously the big bad of the entire Repairman Jack series is looming as radical terrorists intent upon bringing jihad to the US at the behest of the blind Sheikh Omar are actually playing into the hands of “The Order” but don’t actually realize this But perhaps the most fun is to be had when Jack takes on what will become a typical sort of fix it case by thwarting a con man’s attempt to swindle an old lady which in turn helps Jack’s new friend Julio in other waysLong time fans of F Paul Wilson’s “Secret History of the World” will likely pick up on some subtle clues here that work toward the greater plots to come including a lady with a dog multiple coincidences and minor mentions of characters that will have greater roles in future novels This is all done in a very subtle manner so those readers who have yet to experience the rest of the RJ series will not feel like they are missing anything at allCan’t wait for book three Fear City the final novel in the “Early Years” trilogy Decent but as with the preceding entry in this trilogy a serious case of preuelitis It's definitely interesting to see the way Jack's philosophy is developing over time but I really don't need every ancillary character from the rest of the series to appear for a brief fan service cameo And please please please F Paul Wilson stop writing sex scenes You are really very bad at it and I would like you to stop The plot moved along at a decent pace Some characters were taken care of a bit uicker than I had imagined but I figure he was saving room for bigger events in the third volume I actually took interest in the secondary characters this time You can tell the author does his research I also have to give him a hat tip at introducing supernatural elements that do not seem supernatural at the moment I find Jack to be an interesting protagonist although I am not sure if I buy his desire for symmetry He still seems somewhat of a blank slate I put this on my Urban Fantasy shelf mostly as a nod to what's to come in the series Here we are just establishing the character and filling in ground work and answering a few uestions that may have been in the minds of some readers who have read through the series these are preuels written after the series There is even the answer to one of the inside jokes for those who hadn't read vintage or classic science fiction The name Isher Sporting Goods get explainedJack he comes away from these books with the name is involved mostly with mundane criminals and terrorists though a certain group rears its head for the first timeAs always when it comes to a Repairman Jack book a good read Enjoy It's Getting Dark But It's Not There YetDARK CITY is part 2 of the preuel trilogy of FPaul Wilson's best selling Repairman Jack series The trilogy describes Jack's entrée into his adult life as Repairman Jack still sans a nome de gun and and answering machine as a 22 year old in 1991 NYC Part 2 picks up directly after the opener with Jack looking for wheels and deciding on the Corvair referred to but not seen in the adult series He is still entangled with the Muslim pedophile slave traders from the first book plus a threat to new buddy Julio's bar The Spot for which he devises a repair that is as clever and neatly designed and executed as the many to come that that will earn him the name Repairman JackThere are several clues andor foreshadowing of events to come over the next couple of decades having to do with the Secret History of the World that becomes the prime motivator of all things in the both the regular adult RJ series as well as the YA Young Jack trilogy but there is nothing terribly explicit here In fact if one has not already read these other RJ novels the mentions of chaos coincidence and several characters that make sometimes very brief appearances will simply not be noticed But for long time fans of the series the genesis of many things is here and clearly in evidence and nicely worked in to the storyThere is a lot of backstory fill here to the good but in some ways Jack Just Jack for the first time seems perhaps a bit too self assured for a 22 year old even one that has escaped all the problems that he did as a teen in the YS Young Jack Trilogy and the first entry in this trilogy of apparently last ever RJ Adventures Still there are continuing hints of the overpowering blacknessanger that will play an important role in the future for Jack but the focus is firmly on the here and nowFPWilson is a highly skilled writer and Repairman Jack is his crowning achievement with the totally but post hoc intertwined Adversary Cycle a close second This is not the best of the many RJ novel hence only 4 not 5 stars but it is still a not to be missed addition to Wilson's Opus Magnus I await the final jeez I hope not chapter with bated breathRecommended for all RJ fans And it might not be a terrible place for FPW and RJ tyros to jump in eitherJM Tepper This the second installment in a preuel focuses on the early years of this author’s Repairman Jack seriesWith this tale readers are taken back in time to observe a 22 year old Jack running from a gang of Dominicans The angry group has their machetes waving high above their heads as Jack climbs on top of a moving subway train to get away In other words from page one the action is intenseIt is the early 1990’s and Jack is trying to settle down in New York City On his way to becoming an urban mercenary as he calls it the brush with the Dominicans was somewhat of a misunderstanding; they object to Jack being their boss at his oh so tender age When Jack gets away he heads to his favorite bar ‘The Spot’ Julio the owner is about to lose the bar and Jack wants to make sure that doesn’t happen; he’s trying desperately to get something on the person who is buying the bar and make him go away for good Jack does find somethinga true scammer who goes after elderly ladies to get their money But the scammer is not all Jack runs across; he even has a chance happening with Arabs who are planning the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 One thing occurs right after another that seem like a string of coincidences leading the reader to Jack’s eventual destiny But the actual reasons why Jack became who he became are still out there just waiting for this incredible author to pen Book IIIA fast paced thrill fest it would be wise to read the first novel Cold City which is a truly terrific lead in It’s no wonder why thriller fans rave about this ordinary guy who is out to protect the citizens with a little of the supernatural thrown in for good measure The middle book in the trilogy of Repairman Jack preuel novels set in the character’s early years in NYC is about how the character became who he is This novel is great for FPaul Wilson nerds but it is clearly a fan service Being that I am a serious fan of this character and world to say I was happy with it is an understatement I am not sure this book would have the same effect if you were not a reader with 15 Jack novels in the back of your mindThat said Dark City is a well plotted crime novel that has lots of nasty characters getting what they deserve thanks to Jack’s well thought out plans I enjoyed all the little tiny ways that Wilson tied the events in subtle ways to the wider plot of the Secret history of the world The saga that plays out mostly in the six Adversary cycle and 15 Repairman Jack novelsThis novel is mostly about the jihadists and the child slavers that Jack got in the first novel by tricking them and giving freedom to the girls You see Jack train and learn his revenge and fix it craft while making the friends that become important to him in later yearsThis is an easy read and a must for serious Jack fans but not where you start It is a preuel and I think you should read the other books first Dark City by F Paul WilsonI may be one of the few action adventure readers who has just discovered Repairman Jack This is a series that documents one man's uest to right wrongs in a uniue vigilantegodfather manner This specific book appears to be the middle book of a trilogy chronicling the early years of Repairman Jack I read the Keep a book in another Wilson series years ago and was impressed I'm somewhat dismayed I wasn't diligent in keeping track of what Wilson was writing as the Repairman Jack Series seems to incorporate a lot of what I enjoy There is action adventure and retribution The retribution is earmarked by what your extreme fantasy punishments might be for despicable behavior Even those of us who consider themselves normal often find we are gripped with rage when we see things like human trafficking and abuse Jack does something about it Jack flounders a bit in this book which provides clues as to whom he becomes in later books That is an assumption on my part since I haven't read the later books yet I recommend the book and I plan on reading of the series Site may or may not come up I got some errors trying to access it Jack is back He is still fighting with the Muslim pedophiles that he broke up their slave tradesex ring in Cold City He is also helping his friend Julio keep The Spot from being sold but the other owners He also has a run in with Dominicans from the landscaping job he worked when he first got into town We also get to see how Jack is training working with the blackness that takes him over and starts planning on how to take care of situations with a creative eyeThis is only the second Repairman Jack book that I have read I really liked Cold City and thought this was a good follow up I enjoy following Jack as he is training himself to be something bigger and better I think that if you have not read the Repairman Jack original stories this is a great way to get into the series from the start For those that have read them I think that you will enjoy seeing how Jack started fine tuning his skillI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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