In a Pocket of Time

In a Pocket of Time➽ [Reading] ➿ In a Pocket of Time By Helen Matthews ➲ – Every time Caleb hears a saying it happens to him Pockets with watches appear on his shirt when his mum mentions “pockets of time” He soon finds himself in Brumantia where you can be thrown in pri Every time Caleb Pocket of ePUB ↠ hears a saying it happens to him Pockets with watches appear on his shirt when his mum mentions “pockets of time” He soon finds himself in Brumantia where you can be thrown in prison for a crime like “being in someone else's shoes” or end up in hospital with your “fingers crossed” or “sides split” And just think In a PDF/EPUB or what “you're all over the place” can do to you Caleb and his fellow stranded Londoner friends search for their way home but it’s not just the idioms that throw challenges at them Who or what is behind the big secret that’s been bringing people to Brumantia And whyA fast paced children's story that has also appealed to adults with a soft a Pocket of PDF ✓ spot for idioms. “In a Pocket of Time” is a wonderful fantasy adventure for children and middle readers that is based around commonly heard idioms It has a fast pace that is guaranteed to keep kids engaged as well as likable characters that are surprisingly well developed for such a short book The world is fun and full of mystery adding to the funI recommend this book for all children as it is exceptionally good at explaining the meanings of idioms in a simple to understand way “In a Pocket of Time” would be especially helpful for those of all ages with Asperger’s or autism as it can be difficult to process the meaning of certain sayings and the book offers a frustration free path to easier processing of idioms All around a fun book and great educational tool perfect for classrooms and school librariesThis review is based upon a copy obtained through the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review I saw this book in the giveaways tonight and seeing on the book page it being 84 pages I thought it best to use my kindle unlimited to read it rather than entering I Love the cover which is what caught my attention so I missed the age range on it but I don't care because I loved it I had 'zero' idea that it was for young children I've read many children's books and YA so it took reading the first page or two to realize this was way out of my age range however OMG It is one of the sweetest most fun children's books I've ever read If you're an adult with or without kids read it Have your kids read it for a fun adventure of idioms I Love those I used to have a book for my daughter's that only told the idiom and it's meaning With this one it's idioms weaved into the sweetest story This is so uniue and enjoyable Minus one star for some parts that didn't fully match up mostly regarding the age of the MC and how sometimes he seemed really smart while others he was portrayed as really naive I believe there should have been consistency there Solid four stars So while it was out of my age range I loved it and I'm so happy to have had a chance to read it Recommended without uestion to kids parents and adults who are interested in children's books So much fun Caleb is a smart boy who loves to tinker with all sorts of things; he’s even built a little robot that uses a pager to leave messages The one thing that Caleb doesn’t understand is idioms When Caleb overhears his mom say “pockets of time” he is surprised when his shirt magically has lots of pockets each holding a miniature watch This incident is justthe beginning of the adventures that Caleb has as he is whisked off to the land of Brumantia where anytime an adult says an idiom it becomes reality for him and his new friends Caleb must use his wits and some creative language to get everyone home and in one pieceIn A Pocket Of Time is a fun fast paced page turner that children are going to love Caleb is a smart character who comes up with clever ways to solve the problems that he faces His sidekick Lulu is a sweet little girl who made me smile throughout the book I really enjoyed the concept of rhyming words as the currency in Brumantia and found myself rhyming with the children at the bank This story is perfect for kids who are still learning the subtle nuances of language and entertaining enough for adults to enjoy with their kidsThis book was provided to Compulsion Reads for review by the author I got this book for free through Goodreads First Reads25 stars to be honestThis is a book about idioms but it's dressed as a sort of fantasy adventure The idea of a book about idioms is really nice Those are always the hardest part to learn when you're studying a foreign language I mean while you were reading the story of Caleb you were actually learning new idioms without strugglingAt the same time the story behind it was a bit weak I felt as if there were some links I missed and for this reason the plot seemed to be a bit confusing every now and then I mean there were some passage in the book were the author simply jumped from one scene to the other And I have the feeling that there were some things left unexplainedAnyway if you need a way to learn idioms that's the book for you If you're looking for a nice little story well it is the concept is really interesting but it's not good developed This is brilliant I got so carried away and wish it wouldn’t end Hope there’ll be a seuel soon I have won a copy of this book from Goodreads Giveaways After I've had a chance to read it and formulate my thoughts I'll post an honest review Stay tuned This is a good book for kids learning idioms but the ending is uite a let down as there is too much left unanswered that should have been the climax of the book

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  • 82 pages
  • In a Pocket of Time
  • Helen Matthews
  • English
  • 22 June 2014
  • 9781781767894