The Knowers

The Knowers[PDF] ✪ The Knowers Author Merry Brown – Will’s sole ambition is to get out of high school alive and away from his vicious father His brilliant plan to fly below the radar blows up in his face when he gets involved with the mysterious Lizz Will’s sole ambition is to get out of high school alive and away from his vicious father His brilliant plan to fly below the radar blows up in his face when he gets involved with the mysterious Lizzy Will worries for Lizzy’s safety exposing her to his dangerous world only to discover what Lizzy really is and what she fights How can Will a Knower and Lizzy a daughter from The Garden possibly find a way to be together. I am a librarian at a juvenile detention facility I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads The following review is from a studentKept me on edge great heart throb and I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy I received a free copy of The Knowers from the authorFrom the very first chapter of The Knowers I was completely lost not with the mysterious occurrences but with the progression of the story I'm not sure if months passed in this book or if it was mere weeks but everything seemed so rushed that it really threw me off and left my mind wandering around in a fog It was as if one minute Will was at school the next it was the weekend uickly followed by the next school week all in one chapter I was seriously bogged down a couple of times trying to figure out what time of yeardayweek it was I like the forbidden love aspect of the story but I couldn't get involved in Will and Lizzy's relationship He was constantly talking about how amazing she was and how everyone could open up to her and she would make them feel better but aside from a few brief comments about her abilities I never really understood the allure of Lizzy She was amazing I get it but why? I just felt like I really didn't get to know her as a character And why did she love Will? They hung out and played guitar together but how does that evolve into the earth shattering mind bogglingcan't live without you love? I never read any deep conversations between the two of them and they never shared any passionate moments prior to falling for each other so to me the relationship felt shallow It reminded me of a of ten year old kid who think they're in love with someone just because they're cute and played tag with them on the playground once Will and Lizzy's love just fell flat for me and that was gravely disappointingAlso does Will have ADD or something? They would be talking about what she is and instead of finding out about who or what she is and what exactly it is that makes her anything but ordinary because he'd been obsessing over these things he's saying so you do love me? and why did you avoid me for so long? I just knew that any second he would yell out suirrel and run through the trees chasing imaginary butterflies It was maddening He couldn't seem to hold a structured conversation for any natural length of timeSpeaking of conversations what teen boys ever get together talk about girls and give each other love advice? Will Michael and John may need to check themselves because they totally sounded like a group of lovesick teen girls Will's relationship with his dad What was that? Was his dad good before the tragedy or was he a jackass the whole time? I'm really not sure Will loathed his father with an intensity that I just couldn't understand I'm sure I would have shared his feelings if there had been an actual explanation of who he was what he'd done and why he was to be hated I get he's some kind of mobster type dangerous creep but I just didn't understand how long he'd been that way I also didn't understand the whole deal with Will's brother Anyway that whole thing was too much for me to even attempt to process so I tried to ignore Will's daddy issues for the most part I'm really thankful that I received this book for free and I hate that I didn't really enjoy it However the author had an amazing idea for a story Perhaps if it had been written in depth and the progression of the story was slowed down I would have enjoyed it better Actual rating of 35 The idea behind this book was very new and exciting I love reading super original books and I have yet to read anything like this novel However I thought the characters were really underdeveloped and that it was very slow moving I was all the way into chapter 18 before anything really happened I am used to reading a book and gaining the sense that I instantly understand the main character and it feels like I have known them forever but in this novel I didn't get that feeling from any of the characters I would be reading and a name would pop up and all I could think was Who are you? I give Dr Brown a big round of applause for doing all the publishing and writing by herself Publishing a book is not an easy job This is a very good novel for being the first one she has ever written I think she has some brilliant ideas if only she could tie up a few loose ends I won this book as a First Read through Goodreads I have to admit that I'm getting tired of the teen supernatural genre but the premise of this particular novel was new and exciting No sparkly vampires or sullen werewolves The story was interesting and original I found the dialogue a little stilted at times particularly for teenagers; however overall it was a good read I would recommend it to friends I loved this book beyond words I identified so much with Lizzy and Will The camping chapter was incredibly moving I hope than anything there is a second book My heart was fully involved with this book and its loveliness I won this book from GOODREADS FIRST READS and loved it This book was interesting and gave you a new perspective on some things I hadn't really thought about I look forward to reading other things by this author This book has to be one of my least favorites the story was dull and plain the characters had no depth the conversations had no wit or charm this book was just words with barley coherent sentences Unfortunately its just another attempt that could have been brilliant but went horribly wrong GOODREADS FIRST READS REVIEWI did like this book It's not without its faults and I would probably lean toward 35 stars but I'd prefer to give it credit rather than less credit so I went with 4 This is a very original story Authors tackle mythology in modern times all the time as in Greek or Roman mythology but rarely bring in Christian mythologies I know some of you will argue with the mythology statement but whatever I thought it was well done if not completely believable in context As with Twilight why the hell would these creatures who are hundreds or thousands of years old want to be in high school? Blech wouldn't catch me making that choice I know they may look young but if you look 17 that means you can generally pass for adult Then again it wouldn't be a teen novel would it? So I'll get off that silly point Then again I think this novel would have possibly been a bit better if written for a mature audience with mature themes put into place Substantively I thought there actually could have been The story seemed rushed in places and since there was a good story here that was a shame There was pontificating on the part of Will what's going to happen? does she still like me? when I would have liked to see action and to see that action expanded upon to be shown the story rather than been told Overall though I thought the characters were fairly good and likable It usually irks me when there's a perfect character but in Lizzy's case this is explained so I'll give it a pass in this instance Overall this was a very enjoyable read and I would recommend it for someone who's looking for a light uick book to enjoy I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was an amazing read I loved it from start to finish and once I was finished I knew that I needed to read book 2 right away I fell in love with the characters most of them and felt like I was a part of their group right from the start I loved how the humans were the ones with the strange nameThe Knowers and that we are the ones that needed saving and were able to accept this I enjoyed the banter between the characters and the fact that while there is some kissing that the book does not in any way revolve around sex The book made the reader love it for the story and not the sex It was refreshing to see that the story was able to entertain keep the reader intrigued and have the reader fall in love with the characters not because they take their clothes off but because she developed them and gave them a personality I loved how the story continued to flow throughout the book and never once was I wondering what had happened or what I missed The story keeps the reader guessing and it is in no way predictable It is a story of love family friendships and the underlying meaning is a great oneBeauty will redeem us all Overall this is a uick read but a good one and one that should be added to your TBR list sooner rather than later Pick this one up and you won't be sorry 45 stars First of all i want to give a HUGE thank you to the author Merry Brown for sending me a copy of her beautiful book i really loved the cover AND the back; The story is about William who only has one goal get out of high school and away from he's horrible father who wasn't always like that but since the tragic accident who took the life of his mother and sister changed completely and doesn't look like the same man; so when meets and get to know Lizzie he uestion himself if going away is the best idea after allso i really liked this book is an fast and easy to read book with beautiful characters Will is such a good person and so SWEET agh; the plot of the book it was awesome THAT topic is so original view spoiler all the Adan and Eve topic was really clever hide spoiler

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