One Last Thing Before I Go

One Last Thing Before I Go➳ [Read] ➮ One Last Thing Before I Go By Jonathan Tropper ➾ – The bestselling author of This Is Where I Leave You returns with a hilarious and heart rending tale about one familiy's struggle to reconnect “Mistakes have been made” Drew Silver has begun to acc The bestselling Thing Before eBook ↠ author of This Is Where I Leave You returns with a hilarious and heart rending tale about one familiy's struggle to reconnect “Mistakes have been made” Drew Silver has begun to One Last PDF \ accept that life isn’t going to turn out as he expected His fleeting fame as the drummer for a one hit wonder rock band is nearly a decade behind him His ex wife is Last Thing Before MOBI î about to marry a terrific guy And his Princeton bound teenage daughter Casey has just confided in him that she’s pregnant—because Silver is the one she cares least about letting downSo when Silver learns that he reuires emergency life saving heart surgery he makes the radical decision to refuse the operation choosing instead to spend what time he has left to repair his relationship with Casey become a better man and live in the moment—even if that moment isn’t going to last very long As his exasperated family looks on Silver grapples with the ultimate uestion of whether or not his own life is worth saving. Update This is a 199 Kindle special today This author is so much fun but he hasn't written a book in uite a while I'd love to see a new book come out by him When I need a comic tragic very fun book I think of Jonathan Tropper This book fits the bill This was everything thing I wanted 'at the moment' Jonathan Tropper is my 'go to' author when I'm in the mood to read about Jewish families their problems and laugh my ass off He's got some FABULOUS lines I only wish I could remember them myself at times 'use them on others' ha haI'm Jewish It can feel a little too 'red Green' everywhere I go this time of year 'for me'so as treat to myself I turn to reading something fun funny pathetic mostly just wonderful knowing my Jewish born heart feels a little supported during this season just sayin I wanted some 'humor' about real people Jonathan is the man I had so much fun reading this book reading the best lines to my husband watching him laugh telling the entire story to my friend Kim at the gym while we were doing our carido yet I had not gotten to the end yet we were 'both' trying to 'guess' the ending I can't wait to go back and tell herwe both got the ending wrong and a 'little' rightSeveral 'parts' to the ending we were trying to 'solve' all partsPeople even NON Jews who have NEVER read 'Tropper' do not know what they are missing This author knows 'people' Silver is forty four a former drummer with the one hit wonder band The Bent Daisies After the front manvocalist Pat Mcreedy left them and went solo they tanked dried up and disbanded Now Silver is a notch above broke and his ex wife Denise is about to get married to the doctor who wants to perform life saving surgery on him But Silver is about the most passively suicidal guy you may meet in fictionSilver lives on his royalty checks from the song “Rest in Pieces” or plays Bar Mitzvahs and weddings when he can get a gig Mcreedy’s career is epic and glitzy and he sleeps with sexy celebrities Silver hangs out with a group of losers in the tatty Versailles apartments where they scope out young daisies in bikinis and nod off at the pool In between they make weekly deposits at the sperm bank to supplement their income Tropper has a knack for combining flippant with rueful to achieve sharp and piercing His leading men are Jewish middle aged overweight and emotionally adolescent This book and the last one—This is Where I Leave You have titles that underscore absence departing and abandonment There’s as much death cloud as sex haze in the atmosphere But there’s at least one compelling reason to keep Silver onward through the fog Or is there?The only person who seems to need Silver right now is his eighteen year old daughter Casey But only because she’s afraid of disappointing her mother with the news that she’s pregnant So she tells her dad whom she sometimes calls Dad but often calls Silver She’s a combination of spiky and vulnerable and her presence makes you root for Silver to wake up from his numbed slumber and be the strong and able support that she needs The scenes with Casey are often the most tender and fragile “Mom and Rich got me a G35 for my graduation”“That was nice of them”“Mom’s still compensating for you I milk it a little”“I would Can I ask you something?”“Sure”“Why’d you come to me?”“Really?”“Yeah”“I care less about letting you down”This isn’t the side splitting laugh out loud humor of the last book but is just as witty and cinematic The movie rights have already been spoken for which may bother some readers—that it has a filmic presence to it I think of Adam Sandler and would be surprised if anyone else plays him in the movie However the snappy dialogue and supple visuals are fresh and acute with its bent sense of humor Silver keeps accidentally thinking out loud which may be the most gimmicky aspect although it is nuanced gimmick if you will There’s a hint of customized formula but with an edge to it and some loose ends that feel right My husband and I have an eighteen year old daughter and—don’t shudder we found aspects of this book therapeutic and and highly relatable It’s madcap at times improbable and sometimes too clever And yetand yetit’s about ordinary people trying to redeem themselves to make sense of their place in the world confront their shame and cowardice and to love their children without too much toxic spillover Sometimes we need a mop and a bucket to clean up our messes and a spark from a uick funny savage messy poignant yarn about a guy who thinks out loud45 stars One Last Thing Before I Go is the third of three novels by Jonathan Tropper which I read back to back and I considered abandoning it shortly after I began reading The story began with 44 year old Drew Silver divorced father of a 'soon to be' off to Princeton daughter named Casey sitting around the pool with his friends These friends are other middle aged divorced fathers who sit around ogling young college aged women who spend their days sunbathing These men are all living at an establishment known as the Versailles an efficiency hotel near the interstate and all spend their days complaining about their ex wives and lamenting the fact that they don't spend enough time with their children This story about middle aged men in the throes of a very pitiful depressing and stereotypical mid life crisis sounded way too much like people I know in my real life I thought I might just pass on this one I'm not sure WHY I continued to read I suppose part of it was that I had read Jonathan Tropper's novels and I couldn't accept that this cliche he seemed to be presenting could be the entirety of the story The other reason I kept reading was that despite the fact that Drew Silver 'Silver' was pathetic I was privy to his thoughts and feelings underneath his longings for his 'glory days' that is his time in a one hit wonder rock band called the Bent Daisies he appeared to be thoughtful and confused and there was such a sorrowful uality about him that I well I wanted to know It was clear from the outset that although Silver was hanging out with the men from the Versailles who generally didn't seem to go in much for introspection that he was different in some way Sure he was ogling the young women along with his friends but he also was caught up in thinking that it was finally clear to him that his life was not going to turn out the way he had expected it to or planned He was thinking Mistakes have been made It's hard to know where to start Things have been a mess for so many years that trying to pin down a starting point is like trying to figure out where your skin starts All you can ever really know is that it's wrapped around you sometimes a little tighter than you'd likeJust as Silver was attempting to piece together what was wrong with his life he was facing a new unexpected challenge He was visited by his daughter Casey and he realized that the new challenge he was presented with just might give him some clarity The truth about his relationship with Casey was that he hadn't had much of a relationship with her since he and her mother Denise had divorced it will surprise no one to learn that he has not been anyone's idea of a model father His relationship with Casey gradually evolved from playful to strained to distant and once puberty had had its way with her her once habitual forgiveness became somewhat elusive And just then this brilliant young woman who was on her way to Princeton was standing in front of him telling him she was pregnant and she made it clear that she was telling him before anyone else because it didn't matter to her WHAT he thought of her Even though Silver was hurt that Casey was sharing her dilemma with him only because his opinion of her didn't matter to her he felt that maybe he had a chance to finally be the father he should have been all along and always wanted to be The two hatched a plan for Silver to accompany Casey to a women's clinic to figure out her options but on the way there fate had other plans for Silver he suddenly became extremely ill and lost consciousness When he became conscious again he found himself in the hospital being told that he had a tear in the inner wall of his aorta and he had had a ministroke He needed surgery right away; but whether out of sheer stubbornness or just a deep feeling of not having any idea why his life should continue Silver decided he would not have the surgery Instead he wanted to try to be the person he should have been all along in the time remaining to him To guide him he made a 'to do' list 1 Be a better father 2 Be a better man 3 Fall in love 4 DieThis novel was about so many thingsWhat initially seemed like a frivolous but yes somewhat funny look at middle aged men having a mid life crisis turned into so much For me this book became one of those unexpected surprises a book that I hadn't known I was looking for but turned into something that spoke to me on a very personal level Although the novel is about Silver's existential crisis and his need to make peace not only with himself but his daughter Casey his ex wife Denise and his parents the relationship that I identified with so profoundly was his relationship with Casey Throughout the book Silver endured much painful introspection and difficult but honest conversation with Casey in order to finally realize It would have been so easy to do things like take her on drives to the beach to a movie Anything It's not like he was busy traveling the world He was right here and nowhere to be foundOnly through the magic of a well told story could it happen that I became Casey and she became me I also have been a fatherless daughter from about the age of 9 ; and only in my daydreams and imagination could this scenario play out as it did between Silver and Casey I will never have the opportunity for such honest conversations my father passed away years ago But this beautiful poignant story of a daughter and the father who failed her but sought to be someone she could rely on found that place in me that I keep hidden and filled me with hope because well a girl's gotta have dreams doesn't she?Note There are spoilers contained in the comments following this review It may have been a mistake listening to two Jonathon Tropper books in a row Perhaps had I listened to this one first I may have liked it better Maybe if I had read rather than listened to it? This one didn't work for me It wasn't awful but it didn't have the insight honesty or hilarity I have to come to expect from this author 25 stars sadly I don't know Jonathan Tropper or what his life has been like but he sure does have the ability to provide pitch perfect perspective into young and not so young men struggling with what they've made of their lives His This is Where I Leave You was my favorite book of 2009 and I've enjoyed a number of his earlier books as well because I love how he gives poignantly funny voice to these somewhat dysfunctional men as they try to get a handle on their past present and futureIn his newest book One Last Thing Before I Go Drew Silver is a 40 something musician who briefly had a taste of fame as the drummer of a one hit wonder band years before What he has become good at is making a shambles of things—his ex wife is getting remarried and his college bound daughter with whom he shares a sporadic relationship has just revealed she's pregnant To top it off he drinks too much has gained weight and lives in the Versailles an apartment building mostly populated with divorced men like him He finds it's easier to do nothing than risk disappointing others or himselfWhen he discovers he needs a life saving operation to repair a tear in his aorta he decides that rather than spend time in the sad state his life has become he'll refuse to have the operation That decision of course doesn't sit well with his family or friends and neither does his newly found habit of actually speaking his thoughts out loud which leads to numerous awkward painful and emotional situations What Silver wants than anything is to be a better man be a better father and to fall in love but whether he can accomplish any of those before dying—or being abandoned by those he loves—is anyone's guessOne of Jonathan Tropper's strengths as a writer is his skill in creating characters that you don't necessarily admire but can't help but like His voice is also tremendous—he's definitely comfortable throwing in humor to temper the pathos and emotional situations but it never feels forced or false And if this book isn't as funny as some of his earlier ones that's than fine Silver's journey of self discovery and some self loathing takes you on an enjoyable and engrossing ride one that makes you laugh makes you smile and maybe even tears you up just a littleTropper is definitely one of those authors you should get to know unless the whole man in early midlife crisis mode thing doesn't work for you And even then don't be deterred Whatever Tropper I'll give you this much you did deviate in your usual style by writing in third person and your character was not your usual 'loser but in a charming way' since this guy was just a loser and while you still objectified women a'plenty you at least threw in the condescending 'woman that he was into was NOT the hottest bridesmaid she wasn't even second she came in third this is almost a direct uote so don't you now think I am enlightened for being willing to settle??'but at the end of the day you are still you your characters all have the same personality whether they are nineteen or forty or ninety male female rabbi doctor Everyone leads each other into the next snappy line so that no one says anything of meaning oh well wait until you start waxing poetic out of nowhere in a way that is SUPPOSED to make me marvel but dude it never doesAnother thing Spontaneous poll for all you people out there when is the last time you spoke out loud AND DID NOT REALIZE YOU WERE DOING THAT UNTIL SOMEONE ANSWERED YOU?? I'm guessing NEVER Especially if it were whole paragrpahs of deeply personal information In Tropper world this happens ALL THE TIME I think he has done this in other books and since he is a whiz at self plagiarizing I feel confident that this is true and it makes me batty What a convenient trick to pull And it's not even slightly funnyIf I wanted to watch a sitcom I wouldn't be reading a book How about you put your strengths where they belong and stick to smart mouthed caricatures on the screen?I will give this two stars because I finished it 35 stars rounded up to four I received an ARC of this from a Dutton giveaway on Twitter I'm generally not into books that explore the male psyche but Jonathan Tropper's latest offers a solid story well drawn characters and some great dialogue Indeed the dialogue is where the book really shines and I could easily see One Last Thing Before I Go being made into a movie My favorite parts were Silver's exchanges and interludes with Jack and Oliver which alternated beautifully between moments of tenderness and hilarity Good stuff there Casey was a serviceable enough character despite swearing up a storm and calling her own father Silver who does that? By no means do I think this book will be a great classic but it's worth reading as a book of its time ie now ish and a film studio should definitely consider securing the rights 35 Stars Always amusingsometimes laugh out loud funny As I listened I imagined it as a great comedy series and I marveled at the author’s very clever wit When you just don't care whether the main character in a novel lives or dies well it's probably a good sign that you won't be recommending this book to others I wasn't offended by the characters in One Last Thing; I was annoyed by them Or perhaps even worse I was bored by them The protagonist a divorced middle age man who was one the drummer in a one hit wonder band openly admits to being a loser That he spends much of the novel making declarations of loserdom without actually doing anything about it well it didn't incline me to disagree When I wasn't annoyed at Silver himself I sometimes found myself annoyed at the narrative itself Silver's health condition rather conveniently results in the complete lack of a verbal filter He goes into extended internal monologues only to come to and realize that he's spoken his thoughts aloud The plot device feels so overtly gimmicky that any enjoyment that the reader might have received from the resulting character interaction is negated While there are moments of genuine humor much of the banter and the book simply felt forced Wow I loved this book Gobbled it up I was at work yesterday mourning the fact I couldn’t read it no librarians do not just sit around reading on the job and even though I was ueasy and should have just napped when I got home I read and read and read until I was done The ending though not a “happy ending” is satisfying And the meat of the book is a meal of laugh out loud funniness and aching sadness a savory blend that never has one element dominating the others One reviewer has noted that Tropper just “gets men” Although as a woman I will likely never get men to anyone’s satisfaction though not for want of trying I feel like I get them a little better after reading this book I even feel like I understand my ex husband baffling soul that he is a little This is a great read for anyone who has ever screwed up and lost a relationship isn’t that all of us over the age of 16? Tropper’s insight into people’s train of thought is remarkable There are so many “yes you’re right” moments Here’s an example “Usually she hates it when her pity for him interferes with her anger and she compensates with extra nastiness ” Think about that for a while and you too will realize the insight of that observance The book is full of them But it’s never didactic in any sense — it just flows and the fabulous humor keeps you flowing right along with it Until you reach the end and you sense a shift in your overall understanding of humanity You have to love when books can do that

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