Flee Aurora Lockette #1

Flee Aurora Lockette #1[Reading] ➿ Flee Aurora Lockette #1 By Miranda Kavi – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk I can flyI have to keep it a secretEverything was fine until I met himI can’t stay awayAurora Lockette has a supernatural ability she hides from the world Gavyn Dhaval is a newly famous actor that s I can flyI have to keep it a secretEverything was fine until I met himI can’t stay awayAurora Lockette has a supernatural ability she hides from the world Gavyn Dhaval is a newly famous actor that shies away from the spotlight When Aurora and Gavyn literally collide in a fender bender on her first day Flee Aurora PDF/EPUB or of law school they are irresistibly drawn to each otherWhen Aurora’s secret is revealed she has no choice but to abandon Gavyn to go into hiding to escape the media frenzy A secret society of gifted humans contacts her to warn of dark forces that seek to destroy her and everyone she lovesAurora must try to understand who and what she is while she fights to protect herself and her loved ones from a hidden sinister force. Flee by Miranda Kavi is an EPIC readFlee is one of those books that makes you shut out everything around you just so you can read Flee is a story about a girl Aurora who has a special gift She has kept this secret from everyone and plans on keeping it that way She lives her life just like any normal person except that she can fly Aurora is very shy and when she has a fender bender with Gavyn she is struck by him But Aurora knows she has to stay away from him The only thing is she can't stop thinking about himThen Aurora's secret is exposed and she has to go into hiding She does not want to leave her family and friends but she must in order to keep them safe She also does not want to leave Gavyn but she does not want to put him in harms way A secret society helps Aurora by contacting her and letting her know she is in danger Aurora will have to figure out what and who she is in order to fight this evil that comes for herThis is a great story It has some many emotions going on at once and to see Aurora and Gavyn build their relationship and try to survive the evil that lurks in the background I will definitely be reading from Miranda Kavi She is the next indie author to follow Amazing Miranda Kavi is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors This book was even better than her last book I couldn't put this book down for anything It annoyed my husbandlolAurora and Gavin were a swoon worthy couple Who doesn't want that kind of romance? Both of their characters were well built and intriguingI was so sad when an unexpected situation broke them apart I uickly figured out what was going to happen but it didn't stop me from being glued to the pagesMy only complaint about this book was that it was way too short I would really have enjoyed about Alaska and maybe what happened after everything was said and done I would even have enjoyed Aurora and Gavin having a fleshed out courtshipI can't say enough how much I enjoyed reading this book I really hope the author considers putting out a seuel There is enough material here to make a great second book I rate this book five glittery stars because this was one of my favorite reads this year Make sure to add it to your must read lists HEY GUYS I'm the author of FLEE Just an FYI this is NOT a Young Adult Book Happy reading Aurora Lockette isn’t your typical law student she can fly but she keeps that secret to herself and it’s caused her to have issues meeting a guy When a chance encounter puts her in Gavyn Dhaval sights she doesn’t expect much After all he’s an attractive actor filming in town for a short time Even though Aurora knows she shouldn’t she can’t help falling in love with Gavyn and when he professes his love for her as well she knows she needs to tell him the truth However before she can have a chance a little girl falls off the cliff while camping and without thinking she fly’s over the edge to save her Aurora does the only thing she can do and flee from Gavyn jumping on a plane and headed home to disappear with her mother before the media get’s attention After all most of her fellow law students had eye witness accounts of seeing her flying when she caught the little girl While there may not have been video footage the media storm brings out the crazy’s drawing unwanted attention for Aurora putting her family at risk Thankfully she’s not the only one who can fly and with someone training she will join the fight on the good side Will she ever be able to get over her lost love Gavyn? Will she survive her fight with the creatures stalking her?I like Aurora she’s smart even when things went south uickly she’s level headed and she’s tough I really liked that she’s going to school for law even if she’s not really sure if that’s what she want to do with her life She joined the battle really uick but after losing your one love I don’t really blame her I also like the chemistry between her and Gavyn it just works they complement each other I’m curious to see how it’s all going to play out I picked this one up ages ago as a kindle freebie but never seemed to give it a shot However the cover has changed and when I saw it again I knew that I had to read it Besides who doesn’t love a law student who can flight and fights against a powerful enemy to save her family I really like the concept for Flee it’s uniue and tells a fast paced whirlwind romance and battle against evil A perfect mix of action romance and just enough mystery to keep you guessing till the last page I really enjoyed the author’s writing style the story is well written and flows from start to finish beautifully Flee is one of those books that is hard to put down I ended up finishing it in just one even without stopping I highly recommend if you like the supernatural you check it out Note I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was excellent to read The character of Aurora was someone to look up to because she was doing everything in her power to make something of herself She had a strong moral attitude of what was right and wrong Gavyn was a sweetheart he was someone that I would want to fall in love with although I did think that their romance seemed hurried in parts and overall it was believable Some parts were pretty predictable but overall the theme and pace of the story was awesome Also on I can fly It's not as cool as it sounds Actually it really sucksDon't you just love it when the first sentence in a book grips you right away? It has everything enough information and mystery to keep you intrigued As a kid I freuently dreamed that I could fly I blame Peter Pan for this obsession so I was immediately interested to find out why would that suck Except for the obvious reasons of course wind messing up your hair and blowing up your skirt Aurora is just another girl who moved away from home to attend law school On first glance there is nothing special about her Except that she confessed to us her darkest secret When she gets excited or stressed Aurora can fly just float up to the sky And since you all know how stressful is new school and environment she has this problem uite oftenAurora tries to avoid people because she does not like attention She is not shy but careful because she does not want her little secret to be discovered So how does she after one week in law school ends up as best friends to a hottie who is a star on a movie filmed nearby? Not only that the other star of the movie even hotter dark bad but not so bad boy is kinda flirting with her To uote Aurora I'm not sure when I'd been transported to a much cooler alternate dimension where I met movie stars on a daily basisYeah right?Although a little bit predictable the first part of the book is still cute contemporary romance with light paranormal elements And then it feels like someone told to the author that there is not enough paranormal in her book So The Shyama enters the scene Demon like beings that hunt and kill gifted people And the book explodes with random plot twists There are dramatic escapes fights flying and of course big show down at the end Again Aurora said it all I was living in a poorly scripted science fiction B movieFlee by Miranda Kavi is a mix of contemporary romance and paranormal genre There were a couple of good ideas but due to the books shortness I feel like neither the romance or the paranormal elements of the story had enough time to be developed fully A lot of things are told to us without explanation why and we have to just accept them Still Flee by Miranda Kavi is interesting fast paced read it will definitely hold your attentionI recommend this book to fans of contemporary romances set on college handsome movie stars heroes paranormal books about people with special abilities Disclaimer I was given a free eBook by the author via BB Book Tours in exchange for a honest review This text is also posted on and my blog At first I picked this book as an R2R read to review because of the pretty cover The synopsis also captured me I started reading on the last week of January because I had nothing else to do but sit there and wait for my sister It started of fast with her understanding how to control her powers and work them already which is a very good point about this book because I just can't take some books where it takes forever Anyways the book started to get exciting near the end which is why I gave it a four stars I just can't take it when the whole 34 of the book contains a lot of useless crap Okay maybe there were a few other good parts but honestly I could cut out a few parts and this book would be AMAZING Other than that Gavyn and Aurora's encounter was cute and uirky I don't know why and their relationship is just one of a kind There was no such thing as I'm gunna stalk you till we both admit our feelings for each other kinda crap which is even better What bothered me the most though was the fact that there were many grammar and spelling errors that I just couldn't get pass If you are looking for a uick and easy read pick up this bookRead at Flee was a really good and uick read It was predictable in some parts but had enough surprise left for me to discover It had the appropriate amount of romance and action and suspenseI enjoyed Aurora as a character she seemed like a good person trying to make something of herself And I loved her new friend Bree they were definitely meant to be friends I was sad at the end because they didn't say whether they stayed friends or not I'll just assume they didI did enjoy the love interest and their romance I felt that Aurora and Gavyn's love was kind of insta love They did go on a lot of dates but it was a little uick for meI wish the author would have took a little bit time to describe the things coming after her Like why were they so scary? Why did they want her? Why did they chase her kind? It wasn't properly answered You just knew that that's how it wasI gave this book four stars It was a good story but wasn't amazing I definitely recommend itwwweverythingboooksblogspotcom R2R FleeI received a free copy in exchange for a reviewAurora has a very unusual secret one that her mother has spent her life protecting She can fly Aurora has tried to lead an as normal life settling in at law school in Texas Little did she know that being here was going to open this secret wide open and introduce her to a whole network of others like her Also she meets her true bonded love a British movie star filming a movie on the same campus Everything takes an unexpected turn though and she has to struggle with her life her new love the safety of her family and her mission in life'It was a lie I was afraid to run in the morning I was afraid of the pecan grove I was afraid because I could feel something watching me even now'This story was not at all what I thought it would be It took a turn that I was not expecting and was extremely fun to read I hope the author keeps up with this story line since this could turn out to be a fun series I really liked this book It was refreshing to see a new addition into the recently created New Adult genre for the 20 somethings The characters are fun and easy to root for The relationship between Aurora and Gavyn feels natural too None of the “love at first sight must have you now” type stuff It was interesting to see how Aurora really struggles with her ability to fly like it’s of a burden then a gift something she tries to clamp down on since she can’t always control when she feels the need to fly This was a uniue perspective from KaviThe story is steady paced and the plot keeps you guessing I certainly never saw that barbeue scene coming wow My only con was how it ended not that I didn’t like the ending I did I just thought it felt like it kinda wrapped itself up a little too conveniently and uickly I am definitely looking forward to learning what else is in store for Aurora and Gavyn in the next installment

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