The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu❰Reading❯ ➺ The Call of Cthulhu Author R.J. Ivankovic – From the talented pen of popular deviantartcom contributor RJ Ivankovic HP Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu for beginning readers from Chaosiumcom108 pages hardback and in full color From the talented pen of popular deviantartcom contributor RJ Ivankovic HP Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu for beginning readers from Chaosiumcom pages hardback and in full color. I have lost count of the number of copies I have of Call of Cthulhu since after all it is a short story however upon learning of this new edition I had to see for myself what it was all aboutSo I can honestly say I have no idea what brought about this project but I must admit its great fun If I said Dr Seuss I would think just about everyone who freuents this site would recognise the name So when I say that in this book you have H P Lovecraft meets Dr Seuss you pretty much have the idea of this book in oneYes it is the 're telling' of Call of Cthulhu in the style of Dr Seuss from the prose right down to the artwork it has it perfectly represented and its great fun Sure the book has considerably condensed the material but the feel and style of the book is still miraculously conveyed Sure there will be some scholarly purists out there who hate this book But for me this is a great way of re introducing the story to new readers while at the same time raising a wry smile the established ones This is a great book and I am happy to place it on my bookshelves the uestion is will we be seeing adaptations? Dr Seuss meets the Call of Cthulhu with an emphasis on the former Well delivered OVERALL GRADE B to B plus I have no real problem with Lovecraft's work in and of itself however in recent years it has become trendy overrated and attracts a very pretentious audience Because hipster nerds lately have discovered HP Lovecraft you get a lot of merchandise like this which is lame than funny It's really too bad because a parody of Lovecraft's stories that was actually comedic rather than pretentious could've been a great book Two of my favorite things Combined into one This insane mash up Is really well done Dangerously delightful Might give children entirely the wrong idea about the Great Old Ones Interesting interplay with the dark side of Dr Seuss Dr Seuss meet HP Lovecraftwhat a perfect match Loved the story and it rhymed so well that the kids loved it too The Call of Cthulhu for beginning readersBy R J IvankovicPublisher hasn’t been published yet Available for viewing at deviantArtcomhttpdrfaustusaudeviantartcomgalPublished In NADate Pgs 75SummaryA beginning reader parody adaption of The Call of Cthulhu in the style of Dr SeussGenreScience Fiction Horror ParodyMain Character Francis Wayland ThurstonFavorite Character Cthulhuand the prose style which is almost a character unto itselfLeast Favorite Character Nope Don’t have a least favoriteFavorite Scene When Cthulhu awokePlot HolesOut of Character None that I could seeLast Page SoundHA GreatnessAuthor Assessment I would look at anything else written by himDisposition of Book Why isn't there a screenplay?As a cartoon I would love to see it Doubt it’d ever be made but it could be glorious A Dr Suess version of HP lovecraft's most favorite storyWow imagine reading that one to the kidsChild Momma I'm scared to go to bedMother Why are you afraid?Child Daddy read Catooloo againI have spent all day reading about slavery in the American South for a research paper It is really relaxing to read about monsters that aren't humans Simple funny scary lovely Excellent adaptation Great art and edition Dr Seuss and Lovecraft is a perfect match