What Must I do to be Saved?

What Must I do to be Saved?[PDF / Epub] ☆ What Must I do to be Saved? By Marcus Grodi – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A growing majority of Christians today believe that all that is necessary for salvation is an individual's faith in Jesus Mega churches everywhere proclaim this Jesus and Me theology built around a si A growing majority of Christians today believe I do Epub µ that all that is What Must ePUB ô necessary for salvation is an individual's faith in Jesus Mega churches everywhere Must I do MOBI ò proclaim this Jesus and Me theology built around a simple application of Must I do to be MOBI :¿ John belittling the need for membership in any religious community the practice of any rituals the reception of any sacraments the submission to any leaders or the adherence to any set of doctrines Salvation is merely by faith alone in Jesus alone by grace alone But is this biblically theologically and historically sound This book argues from the perspective of a biblical hermeneutic or interpretation of continuity that salvation has always involved than this simplistic expression of modern individualism. I have heard Markus speak and he spoke from the heart When I read this book I felt he also writes from the heart As a convert from the Protestant faith to the Catholic faith I knew about the Roman Road and the just me and Jesus view I did not know or understand the Old Testament plan of salvation This book explains it in easy to understand terms and makes the connection to the Catholic plan of salvation or should I say the Biblical plan What must I do to be saved? This uestion from the rich young man in Luke's Gospel still tugs at man's heart today I certainly felt this struggle in my spiritual journey in my early 20s and I wish that a book of this nature had been written when I was going through my spiritual turmoil What must I do to be Saved? is written by Marcus Grodi a convert who hosts the television show The Journey Home on EWTN He also founded The Coming Home Network for people who have converted or are interested in converting to the Catholic ChurchThe book starts off explaining the Protestant path of salvation which varies from pastor to pastor Most methods consist of some form of the Romans Road scripture passages in the Letter to the Romans that help you realize you're a sinner in need of being saved which leads to a sinner's prayer and has led to the whole Jesus and me attitude Mr Grodi then goes on to explain why this method is insufficient and how one can still feel like they aren't saved because they didn't experience that emotional feeling I remember the Romans Road well and definitely prayed the sinners prayer what seemed like hundreds of timesMr Grodi then uses the rest of the book to walk the reader through an Old Testament path of salvation and a New Testament path With his clear flow charts one can see the striking similarities between the two and see how the Old Covenant was replaced by the New Covenant complete with grace sacraments and the Church I definitely feel like I could have used this explanation when I was going through a searching phase from my Southern Baptist background to my eventual conversion to CatholicismI have one grief with this book and it occurred in a paragraph in the ConclusionWhen asked about how he views the Eastern Orthodox Church Mr Grodi said A uick glance into any phone book reveals the absence of unityThe Orthodox churches are divided churches not one united Family of God I assume he is referring to the fact that there are Greek Russian Antiochian etc Just because they say their Liturgy in a different language does not mean they aren't united in their beliefs These are our Eastern brothers and Jesus wanted us to be oneFor the reason above I am taking away 1 star from my rating of this and only giving 4 out of 5 stars Blessed John Paul II worked toward ecumenism as did Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI I'd even wager Pope Francis will as well The above section should be omitted if this book is ever edited and a revised edition is released Other than that it was a well laid out book that would benefit someone at any stage in their journey from Protestantism to Catholicism Why You Must Join the Catholic ChurchThere is no believe in Jesus Christ alone You must repent be baptised learn what the Catholic Church teaches accept Communion Confirmation Reconciliation stop sinning go to Mass receive Christ in Communion John 316 or the Roman Road do not lead you to Christ Good book It makes me want to read of his work What must I do to be saved? This is the most important uestion anyone can ask What must I do to save my soul? Depending which Christian group you ask today you'll get plenty of conflicting answers Many sincere Protestants will say all you need is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Others say the only reuirement is a heart felt prayer Still others maintain that you must pray a sinner's prayer But which one is right? And what about the sacraments like baptism? What about the Church? Are they necessary for salvation too? Must we be part of a faith community with rituals sacraments doctrines and a system of church government? Or is one's own individual personal faith enough? When an Evangelically minded Presbyterian minister examined Sacred Scripture for the answer to this uestion he was surprised to find that his study of the Bible led him to the Catholic ChurchCatholic convert and EWTN host Marcus Grodi provides a clear answer to each of those uestions He begins by examining many popular approaches including the fundamentalist Me and Jesus alone style and the popular Roman Road presentation Grodi points out that each of these approaches is partially true but nevertheless still flawedHe walks readers through the Old Testament the New Testament and many writings from the Church Fathers to paint a fuller accurate picture of salvation one that includes prayer conversion the Church the sacraments and the Communion of Saints as vital parts of a whole As I read this book I realized that I had always had little mental gaps in my knowledge concerning the connection and relationship between the Old and New Testaments We need the proper scriptural and historical context so that we can embrace a Christianity that truly is the fulfillment of God's revelation in Jesus Christ This is a perfect book to help you understand what it means to be a part of the Body of ChristThis book was written specifically for non Catholics which makes it a great book to share with anyone asking you this most important uestion The author explains how he operated as a protestant trying to convince Catholics they were wrong Then he shows why HIS arguments were wrong and shows the Catholic point of view is correct This is a great outline of why the Catholic Church is truly Biblically based and in line with tradition If you are looking for an accurate understanding of the Bible and the Church this is it What must I do to be saved?? A uestion that can create a boatload of conflicting opinion among Christians of different types is answered simply and clearly in this little book Loaded with Scripture Marcus Grodi shows what was reuired from us by God in the Old Testament and how it continued into the New Actually the basic types of reuirements have not changed at all God wants outward actions and inward attitudes in both the Old and New Covenants Even the answer to sin is much the same and yet utterly different If you thought that simply believing in Jesus is enough well on one hand you're right But what does 'belief' mean? What does the Bible SAY?Go ahead and get one of those thick tomes that maybe 1% of the population can understand Or read this book and see if it doesn't make the answer to the uestion a whole lot clearer Many uestions answeredI'm a Catholic revert and I dragged my poor husband along I read constantly about my faith so my husband is always asking me Why this and Why that? Fortunately I can rely on Marcus Grodi for answers for the both of us

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