The Last Days of Newgate A Pyke Mystery

The Last Days of Newgate A Pyke Mystery[KINDLE] ❃ The Last Days of Newgate A Pyke Mystery ❧ Andrew Pepper – 'A story of high intrigue and low politics brutal murder and cunning conspiracies tangy and rambunctious stuff' Observer 'Gripping and atmospheric' Daily Express'Enjoyably disturbing likely to leave t Days of eBook ✓ 'A Days of Newgate A PDF \ story of high intrigue and low politics brutal murder and cunning conspiracies tangy and rambunctious stuff' Observer 'Gripping and atmospheric' Daily Express'Enjoyably disturbing likely to leave the reader clamouring for ' TLSSt Giles London three people have been brutally murdered and the city simmers with anger and political unrest Pyke sometime Bow Street Runner sometime crook finds himself accidentally embroiled Last Days of Newgate A PDF/EPUB or in the murder investigation but uickly realises that he has stumbled into something sinister and far reachingIn his The Last ePUB ô pursuit of the murderer Pyke ruffles the feathers of some powerful people and falsely accused of murder himself he soon faces a death sentence and the gallows Imprisoned and with only his uncle and the headstrong aristocratic daughter of his greatest enemy to help Pyke must engineer his escape find the real killer and untangle the web of intrigue that has been spun around himA story of intrigue conspiracy and murder set in th century Britain for fans of Antonia Hodgson Last Days of ePUB ↠ Ripper Street and Patrick Easter'The novel drips with all the atmospheric details of a pre Victorian murder mystery pea soupers dingy lanterns and laudanum' The Times'Pyke ia an intriguingly unfathomable character' Financial Times'Pyke is violent vengeful and conflicted in the best tradition of detectives His story takes in grisly murder and torture and uses s London in the same way that hard boiled fiction uses Los Angeles as a mirror of a corrupt society' Time Out. The last days of Newgate rightfully earns a place as one of the better historical novels There is a score of characters to keep track of and a wee bit of patience and reflection is needed to keep them on the inner movie screen The novel is perhaps not for the casual reader as it is a bit complex than usual and puts historical realism over readability and sympathetic notions The plot follows a murder mystery set in London during the Georgian era its protagonist is a bow street runner first policemen of London I had to look that up 😀 Pyke such a runner privately also specializes in the recovery of stolen goods for which he gets a “finder’s fee” True to his Machiavellian inclinations Pyke learned how to shoulder his way through and up in a society that had him start at the bottom As we meet the character of Pyke he had been doing fairly well for some time Soon however the ante is upped as Pyke is confronted with several murders Pyke seems uite a cultured man yet being rather callous most would not exactly call him a likable person This might be off putting for some but I feel such a character adds to the historical accuracy the book After all the London 1829 was for many a muzzy unjust brutish place where most got shortchanged not only by the law but also by life itself Therefore Pyke’s mindset and behavior fits well within the plot with its political intrigues interesting twists and turns and overall historical realism The main problem I had with this book was not the fact the protagonist was unlikeable although he is Pyke is shown as not just described as hard cruel vicious We're shown that he treats people women appallingly on than one occasion That's fine that's not necessarily a bad thing in a protagonistThe problem is the inconsistencies One moment it's clear that he and the author knows that he's not likeable that he's meant to be an antihero The next his actions are excused or overlooked He always manages to trump people in dialogue insulting and outdebating them and getting away with it In the first few pages it's made clear that he's attractive though not in the suave if effete manner of an English gentleman No Pyke has to be masculine and also made clear in the first few pages has no trouble getting women and that he dumps them they don't dump himHe does something that is nasty and while it's being done it's presented as him being a hard man borderline criminal ruthless After though there's an explanation like him explaining why he had to do it one that she and we are meant to accept It's like the writer wants to show his hardened credentials look at how tough how nasty brutal this guy is but doesn't want to give up anything for it he's still attractive intelligent better read than a lot of nobles cleverer his actions are forgiveable in the context of his life One moment we're told that something he's done was pure pragmatism unapologetic The next there's the explanation the reason why his actions are acceptableThe writing style is distant I think in part to make it feel appropriate to the era Everything feels described rather than shownIn short not a terrible book but not one that does anything for me or that I'd particularly recommend Pyke is a hard man see He's a tough man and he's cool right he's really cool Don't forget that because it's his entire character He doesn't like people because cool people don't need other people except for that one person who is also cool and knows he doesn't need other people either so it's ok for Pyke to like him if he liked anyone Which he doesn't But women like Pyke right because he's so cool they have to Women as we all know are foolish and only like men who are real bastards But Pyke doesn't care about them because Pyke's tough and only out for himself For what he can get see like a tough guy which he is He's so tough and so cool that he only has one name like all cool people—like Cher; a real tough guy like CherI fucking hated this Halfway through the main character kills his dog And I'm out A cracking good read I'm glad that there are books in the seriesMy favorite town London the year 1829 the main character PYKE a guy with rough edges the story full of intrigueThat is the kind of historical fiction I like I must admit that I liked Pyke than other readersMy full review over at Edi's Book LighthouseThe Last Days Of Newgate has been a than satisfying read An awesome historical thriller The Last Days Of Newgate is dark gritty intense and powerful with disturbing attacks on your mind Don't read it before you sleep because you will not sleep as usual Don't forget to close windows and doors An obnoxious main character uninteresting plot and the uality of the writing was variable Although judging by the long list of acknowledgements it would seem unfair to hold the author solely responsible Set in the murky world of 19th century London and Belfast and the even murkier world of the politics of that time this story also has as its background the last days of the Bow Street Runners and their unsuccessful resistance to Peel's newly introduced Police Force I am still slightly puzzled by the book's title as the infamous prison at Newgate which also features in the book survived for many years after the period in which this story is setHero or to be precise anti hero is Pyke a Bow Street Runner who is eually adept at capturing criminals and also perpetrating often violent and unpleasant crimes At the heart of the story is a traditional mystery with a fairly well worn theme in which Pyke finds himself accused of a crime which he didn't actually commit and he has to go on the run and simultaneously trace the real villains to save his skin That Pyke comes within an inch of being executed and is constantly having to fight for his life does add some extra tension to the storyAs the first book in what's promised as a series the idea has some potential but I'm not totally convinced by the execution The book isn't particularly badly written but the plot could have been a lot tighter and some of the characters particularly females convincingly drawn What worries me most though is the unremittingly grim way almost everything and everyone in the book is described Most of us are familiar with the over pretty chocolate box imagery beloved of TV costume dramas and romantic novels so a measure of gritty realism can come as a welcome change However when almost every page of this book revels in telling us about streets running in excretement and general filth; the cruelty corruption and all round nastiness of life across all classes of the population and heaps ever violent and gruesome crimes one after the other even the strongest of stomachs may find this all too much to take Only two characters in the book seem to have any redeeming features Pryke's Uncle uite well drawn and the main female interest Emily not drawn well at all I'm all for a reasonable amount of darkness in a story but this one desperately needed some light relief and just a touch of humour wouldn't have gone amissWill I try stories in this series? Not totally sure but Pyke is not going to be high on my must read lists Brutal callous cold hearted narcissistic that about sums up Pyke the protagonist of the story I get the impression we as readers are supposed to find Pyke a mystery unfathomable deep well read in philosophy despite his lowly status; his characteristics natural conseuences of his harsh upbringingBut the string of brutality by his own hands creates too much of a chasm for me; rough sex with a frightened prostitute violence towards the Madame of a brothel kicking a drunken old priest off his chair in a bar for no apparent reason and killing a lame dog that has taken to following him around out of affection are just ‘minor’ offences The violence goes on and on Secretly I would have been pleased if he had rotted in Newgate forever As a Bow Street runner he is tasked with investigating some horrific murders The investigations become overshadowed by his own skewed sense of morality; his judgement is final for heinous crimes he seeks revenge killing all those who worked together to frame him in the murder of his own mistress but what of the innocents that die to bring his plan to fruition? “Sometimes moral absolutes can be as harmful as acts of kindness People have committed terrible crimes in the name of some greater good” And so Pyke probably justifies his own existence to himself There will however be no Pyke mysteries for me to put it frankly he’s a bit of a knob Set in the aftermath of the Napoleonic era it follows a Bow Street Runner by the name of Pike who is a definite roguecriminal with a sense of honour I love historical novels and this one albeit almost entirely fictional has a lot of good history about the end of the Runners and the creation of the new Metropolitan police force The main character is likeable and hateable at times and that all adds to the flavour in the well crafted detectivemystery tale I love what can best be described as alternate detective books Old fashioned detective stories with a twist and this one is just that the resolution was well played too not forced and a few surprises near the end tooWhere I got the book In the run up to Christmas I was under strict instructions not to buy any books I had said I wanted as Emma was planning on getting me some of them One day I popped into the excellent discount bookshop in the Pallisades Bookends and saw the cover to The Last Days of Newgate and after reading the back I was sufficiently intrigued and bought it There was no way Emma could have seen it and realise I’d want it as I’d not mentioned it The risk was minimal Turns out she knew me better than I though and had bought me the book for Christmas I took my copy back and swapped it for a Dark Future book and waited patiently until Christmas Day Another period mystery grabbed as a fun and simple read for my recent canoe trip It wasn't very meaty finished it before the trip ended I can't really recommend it as a stand alone novel it's not well written although the historical period and location LondonBelfast 1829 makes for a very interesting and graphic background and I think it gets a star just for the atmosphere The cities are brutal and grim places to live but this author is far from the first nor the best author to point this out And his protagonist Pyke is no 'half cock Jack' He reminds me of Charles Bronson on a Death Wish The female lead character is unfinished so I never uite understood her motivation other than as a device to move the plot forward the twist in the ending felt contrived and easy That said YMMV if you are stuck on a desert isle or uninhabited lake and this is what you've got at hand

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