The Black Stiletto Stars Stripes

The Black Stiletto Stars Stripes❮BOOKS❯ ✯ The Black Stiletto Stars Stripes Author Raymond Benson – The Black Stiletto returns in the third book of the thrilling new series It’s 1960 and the Black Stiletto in her civilian persona as Judy Cooper volunteers to work for JFK’s presidential campaign The Black Stiletto Stiletto Stars ePUB ✓ returns in the third book of the thrilling new series It’s and the Black Stiletto in her civilian The Black Kindle - persona as Judy Cooper volunteers to work for JFK’s presidential campaign only to become involved in a devious behind the scenes plot that Black Stiletto Stars Kindle Ö could change the course of history In the present Martin the Stiletto’s son must deal with his mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms his own mental health issues and the dilemma of whether or not to reveal his family’s secrets to a new woman in his life And then there’s Gina the Stiletto’s granddaughter who is exhibiting behavior that suggests she is closer in spirit to her grandmother than Martin would like. Book provided by the publisherAnother enjoyable addition to the series A uick read I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two books and don't think it is satisfying as a stand alone book Central characters and events from past books are mentioned in passing but without enough detail to explain Judy's motivation for becoming the Black Stiletto Her son's girlfriend hires a PI to explore Judy's past which provided an opportunity to fill in some of these gaps Instead the PI has only scratched the surface when the book ends so it felt like an unsatisfying teaser for the rest of the series There was an interesting subplot involving the Judy's granddaughter but that also felt cut short and teed up for the next bookThe Stiletto had two major plot lines that didn't really have anything to do with each other until an ending that felt contrived She also made reckless decisions than I remember in the first few books and it wasn't clear why she uickly rejected the idea of sharing anonymous tips about her findings with the Secret Service In the present I also didn't understand why her son felt such tremendous anxiety about telling his girlfriend who was also his mom's doctor that she was the Stiletto Considering how much tension the Stiletto's story contains the small amount of drama created by his repetitive inner dialogue was unnecessary and tiresome The third installment of the Black Stiletto series and it continues the story of Judy Cooper as told through her diaries given to her son Martin Entertaining read These books are addictive When I finish one of these books I am immediately looking around for the next fix; alas what will suffice until the next in the series is available in audio? Perhaps I will check out the numerous other works by Raymond BensonJudy the masked Black Stiletto is in her early 20s in this book and her character continues to grow I especially liked that the author showed Judy muddling through life drinking too much making poor decisions and getting her ass handed to her in a few fights This made Judy very real; I want to be her when I grow up China Town NYC style played a healthy role in this story The Black Stiletto found herself caught up in some Chinese organized crime Her attempts to do good end up getting not only her injured but others too For a while there I was afraid the Black Stiletto had met her matchMeanwhile the every day Judy joins John Kennedy’s political campaign making new friends and dressing as a Kennedy Girl in uniforms designed by Mrs Kennedy Of course you can’t have Kennedy without the perceived evil blight of Communism Hence politics plays a bit of a role in this tale I felt this aspect was a teensy over played but overall it did not reduce my enjoyment of the book My only other mild criticism is that Martin Talbot is just on the edge of too whiny in this book Granted he is highly stressed and suffering from anxiety attacks but I found myself wanting of Judy Cooper and less of MartinMy little sin concerning these books is that I like to give myself a day off and play Diablo III while listening to the exploits of the Black Stiletto In this particular sinful episode my female barbarian must have been channeling the Black Stiletto Every time the Stiletto got her ass kicked my character went down When Stiletto was victorious so was my barbarianNarration As usual for this series the narration was spot on for this book I am glad the two main narrators have been able to carry over through all 3 books We also had a few Asian Austrian and South American accents which were done well 4 STARSThis is the third Black Stiletto novel It keeps me rivited until I finshed readingJudy Cooper is the Black Stiletto's real name Hardly anyone knows that she is herJudy volunteered for Kennedy's campagn and finds Russian Spys who want to kill Senator KennedyShe also gets involved with the chinese tongs in Chinatown Police still want to arrest her at least most of them The novel starts with her son Martin and tells what is happening in his life with his mom in the care center his daughter coping with being attacked in New York Martin's ex wife getting remarried The drama of his life and inbetween his updates he is reading his mom's third diary bookWhen reading Judy's diary it has the feeling that it is a real diary made in that time and place of the 60's With all it's problems and good pointsThe novel does a good job going from Martin's day to day life to Judy's diary and back againIt's a lot of actionchasesfights and choices of good or badI will continue to read the Black Stiletto books as they come outI was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley04022013 Publisher Oceanview Publishing ISBN 10 1608090728 325 pages It was only after I had reuested this book from netgalley that I realised it was part of a series I was worried that I would not be able to follow the plot and that the story would make no sense to meI was wrongThe Black Stiletto series is about Martin Cooper and how he deals with the revelation his mother was the Black Stiletto a female vigilante in the 1950's1960'sThis installment sees Martin wrestle with his conscience as he debates whether to tell his girlfriend Maggie about his mother's secret identityThe story is exciting the characters realistic although I am not entirely sure Judy as the Black Stiletto is all that convincing but if you suspend your disbelief you can enjoy the talesMy biggest regret in regards to this book is that I have yet to read the first and second installment; again it is easy enough to read this book without getting too lost should you not have read the first two However there are characters in this book that felt uite secondary to me but I knew little about them having not read the earlier booksI would highly recommend reading the first two books and then moving onto this one The series seems gripping and uite the page turner Definitely worth your timeRecommended5 stars The Black StilettoStars Stripes by Raymond Benson is book therein the Black Stiletto series Benson weaves the story between the titular vigilante in the sixties to her son in the present The story diligently weaves a well spun story that had me hungry for both sides Benson sprinkles real historical events in his narrative to give the reader a significant frame of reference The events of the past weigh heavily on the present that is what makes Benson a master storyteller The audiobook version is voiced by many different actors doing a plethora of voices This brings the story even further to life in essence making it a kin to a high level performance I love how this series has obvious continuation points but each book is a full complete story The Black Stiletto Stars Stripes is a full five stars Book Review Giveaway We’re participating in the Kick Butt Characters Giveaway Hop and I can’t think of a appropriate character to include than the heroine of the Black Stiletto series The Black Stiletto Stars Stripes is Book #3 in this historical series by Raymond Benson and mid 20th century super gal Judy Cooper just keeps getting better Library Journal compared this series to a mash up of Gloria Steinem Ian Fleming and Mario Puzo under Stan Lee’s editorship and I couldn’t have said it better No worries; Stars Stripes can be read as a stand alone novel uite easily in case you missed Books #1 and #2 Want to win an advance readers copy? Go to This was an entertaining addition to the series Judy is a fun and lovable character who goes around trying to right all the injustice in the world In this installment she runs afoul of the Asian gangs and the Russian mafia all while trying to save JFK And while it's sad to see her in present day times as an elderly woman with memory problems the ending of this book indicates Judy's spirit lives on we just need to read the next book to find out how My only complaint with this book is that it reads a little like a martial arts graphic novel where Judy thinks she's indestructible and takes on guns snipers knives and assassins without ever getting too seriously hurt While this makes the book totally unrealistic it's still a lot of fun to read First one of the series that I read Not my fault the edition is deliberately printed to obscure the fact that it is part of a series Publishers want to sell books but to sell them under sort of false pretenses makes me a little angry I got this from a library but it still bugs me In any case the story is fairly stand alone and not bad It is an intermesh of two stories one told through a diary The modern story is just ok it has some tension that feels artificial The other story is fine although the whole diary thing breaks down For example intricate fight seuences probably wouldn't be described in the kind of detail that the reader ends up with here But it was still a fun read Be good on an airplane ride

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