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The Avant-Garde❮Epub❯ ➜ The Avant-Garde ➛ Author David Cottington – For over a hundred years the idea of the avant garde has been perhaps the most important and influential force in modern culture ruling the critical assessment of the significance of an artist or a wo For over a hundred years the idea of the avant garde has been perhaps the most important and influential force in modern culture ruling the critical assessment of the significance of an artist or a work of art If they have been judged to be avant garde then they are worthy of consideration But very little attempt has been made to explore why the idea of the avant garde carries so much authority or how it came to do so What is the term remains a difficult one to define and is often used in a variety of ways In this Very Short Introduction art historian David Cottington illuminates the concept of the avant garde exploring its wider context through the development of western modernity capitalist culture and the global impact of both Cottington looks at the relation between the avant garde that is the social entity the club and avant garde ualities in a work of art or design or architecture or any other cultural product and he sheds light on the meaning of avant gardism Perhaps most interesting he considers whether now that contemporary art seems to have broken all taboos and is at the center of a billion dollar art market is there still an avant garde at all And if so what is the point of it and who are the artists concerned About the Series Oxford's Very Short Introductions series offers concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects from Islam to Sociology Politics to Classics Literary Theory to History and Archaeology to the Bible Not simply a textbook of definitions each volume in this series provides trenchant and provocative yet always balanced and complete discussions of the central issues in a given discipline or field Every Very Short Introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject in uestion demonstrating how the subject has developed and how it has influenced society Eventually the series will encompass every major academic discipline offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library Whatever the area of study that one deems important or appealing whatever the topic that fascinates the general reader the Very Short Introductions series has a handy and affordable guide that will likely prove indispensable. This short intro does a good job of tracing the rich history of how a French term of military origin came to be associated with everything from newness social nonconformism artistic movements and left leaning political sentiments Cottington presents the evolution of avant garde ism as a juxtapostion between the model first proposed by Saint Simon 'a state technocratic socialism in which the artists would play a crucial role in the leadership of society' and the position articulated by the poet Shelley who in his essay 'Defence of Poetry' argued for imagination itself as the highest moral uality that reuires no programme in order for poets to fulfill Along the way the author calls out differences between avant garde ism and modernism the role of capitalism and consumerism and also highlights how the avant garde expressed itself in very varied ways depending on the times and cultural contexts in which the expression took placeThe volume covers copious information on a difficult subject and accomplishes it pithily under 125 pages However while some sections flow very easily others get trapped in excessive conceptual content that detracts from the progress of the narrative In some places could have been done to call out exemplary works that launched particular sub variations of the avant garde All in all however a single reading suffices to provide its reader with a good holistic understanding of how the avant garde came to be and why it morphed in and out in the myriad ways in which it did and continues to do a monumental accomplishment for any writer with only a few pages to explain a rather abstruse subject to hisher inuisitive readership I love the VSI series and I've enjoyed every one I've read This one was a little disappointing Not because it doesn't do what it sets out to do it's full of stimulating history and avant garde theory and it is successful at pointing out the linkages and discussing the contrasts between various sub movements It's enlightening and it makes sense but it's also pretty dry Readability should be a priority in this series even if that reuires a degree of intellectual restraint on the part of the authorthe tamping down of certain impulses This volume gets down and dirty in a hurry It's intriguing certainly but exploring the avant garde and the restless innovation audacious creativity and unprecedented influence it is known for should probably be a bit fun than this I guess writer could've done better in explaining itcomparing to Art History from A very short introduction this book was totally failed to give me basic information The Short Introduction series is what it says it is Unfortunately for me there were dozens of writers and artists that I had never heard of but it was an informative read nonetheless The book I read to research this post was The Avant Garde A Very Short Introduction by David Cottington which is a very good book which I bought from kindle Nowadays Avant Garde is a common and well known term in the English language and is often used to sell something supposed to be hip and trendy Almost everyone has heard of Avant Garde as it pertains to art with there still being Avant Garde art produced The original term was a French military term and at the time of the French Revolution artists in France would often take military terms and apply them to their paintings Originally Avant Garde was used to describe the type of politics in France at that time and it was pretty anarchic Later it would be applied to other things like music and design not just art France had 3 Republics before they realized what they needed to do was relax censorship and up until that time anyone starting a newspaper had a substantial deposit in case they broke any censorship rules This rule was relaxed but soon afterwards there was the Russian Revolution which took a lot of inspiration from the French They started looking at experimenting with non conformist art Art had certain rules that Avant Garde art tried to do away with There is a notorious so called piece of music by John Cage that doesn't contain a single note and is in the Guiness Book Of Records as the shortest piece of music ever written Later on in places like New York there was an Avant Garde revival in the wake of the AIDS epidermic where many people thought the government weren't doing enough to prevent it's spread One issue was they should let victims try experimental drugs not yet on the market Let's face it they had nothing to lose The Catholic Church has come in for criticism because it doesn't believe in contraception Later artists started experimenting with African Art and this again was called Avant Garde Often art is polically motivated and it is difficult to separate the two Other art movements such as Dadaism have often been referred to as Avant Garde I really enjoyed this book and it does give you a lot to think about

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