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Singing School➸ [Read] ➳ Singing School By Robert Pinsky ➽ – A bold new approach to writing and reading poetry based on great poetry of the pastuick joyful and playfully astringent with surprising comparisons and examples this collection takes an unconventional A bold new approach to writing and reading poetry based on great poetry of the pastuick joyful and playfully astringent with surprising comparisons and examples this collection takes an unconventional approach to the art of poetry Instead of rules theories or recipes Singing School emphasizes ways to learn from great work studying magnificent monumentally enduring poems and how they are made in terms borrowed from the Singing School of William Butler Yeats's Sailing to ByzantiumRobert Pinsky's headnotes for each of the poems and his brief introductions to each section take a writer's view of specific works William Carlos Williams's Fine Work with Pitch and Copper for intense verbal music; Emily Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop for Death for wild imagination in matter of fact language; Robert Southwell's The Burning Babe for surrealist aplomb; Wallace Stevens's The House Was uiet and the World Was Calm for subtlety in meter Included are poems by Aphra Behn Allen Ginsberg George Herbert John Keats Mina Loy Thomas Nashe and many other master poetsThis anthology respects poetry's mysteries in two senses of the word techniues of craft and strokes of the inexplicable. Meh It was really just an anthology with a few comments I'm sorry It's possible I just don't get Robert Pinsky but I doubt it I know his poetry and anthologies are almost universally beloved but I can't find much to love in either I'll limit my comments in this review to ones regarding only Singing SchoolWhile the introduction was promising and had me reaching for my highlighter and pen to add excited marginalia once the book proper began I was wholly disappointed For two reasons First Pinksy's analyses of the poems are limited to a pithy sentence or two which serve to highlight some formal element and pose a writing challenge for the reader Granted he discusses some of the poems in each chapter introduction but these go no than detail and surface deep Second while Pinsky suggests early in the book that he'll be focusing on older works as examples because doing so inhibits imitation and forces aspiring writers to discover essence Fine But the poems he selects just don't move me Yes they may embody a particular point Pinsky is making but I find it hard to believe those were the best he could find Excerpting INCREDIBLY long passages from these poems also gives the impression of his trying to turn a much slimmer volume into a longer workI was inspired to create my own anthology of poems which make me see anew Maybe that's a good lesson from Singing School Pinsky himself admits that this book is his personal collection of poems that exhibit one or masterful elements of poetry as a craft I loved his introductory statements to each poem; some invited the readerpoet to try his or her hand at a similar poetic style or varied subject Some mention the need to look closely at one stanza or particular wordingAs a reader I came away impressed not always with the poems included in the collection as is the case with most anthologies I loved some and dismissed others that didn't really speak to me but also impressed with the desire to create a personal anthology of poems that speak to me That at least in part is a goal of this book Pinsky wishes the reader to make his or her own poetic anthology and include the know by heart choices as well as the always read aloud or hold deeply in your heart choicesI am so glad I heard the author speak in person and recite several of the poems in this volume And I'm happy to add another poetic volume to my shelves I think if one reads this book plus The Sounds of Poetry plus his selected poems one gets an advanced degree in the sonics and application of poetry I've found some of Pinsky's past work helpful in my poetry studies but this book seemed thrown together for the sake of putting out another book I don't mind that he selected somewhat less popular poems by certain poets but many of them don't seem like the best teachable examples and many of them didn't grab me stylistically as much as I expected them to Additionally there is barely than a few sentences of analysis from Pinsky on each poemsometimes even less And while I don't particularly support a hand holding method when it comes to teaching poetry this could have been a great volume to use in poetry courses if there was analysis that prompted group discussionOverall this is just a seemingly random anthology of poems not worthy enough as a whole to justify a whole book Even the separate sections are nonsensical as Pinsky freuently references poems from previous sections in other ones You also get the feeling he's trying to fill space as some poems are referenced than once Bottom line if you're looking for Pinsky go for The Sounds of Poetry instead Really enjoyed this one Pinsky's poetry selections are inspired Maybe too sophisticated for a novice For beginning students of poetry I'd recommend Mary Oliver's Poetry Handbook or Ted Hughes' Poetry in the Making This is a great compilation of poetry Pinsky calls it a literary study of poetry but without any of the pejorative connotations of that term and I would agree Writing suggestions accompany each poem I haven't actually written anything but I've dreamed that I might I cannot wait to get this one What a profound contribution RP has made to the next generation of readers and authors with this work So awesome Our former Poet Laureate does a wonderful job of introducing different styles and ideas The introduction to each of the four sections is easily read and inspiring Singing School Learning to Write and Read Poetry by Studying with the Masters by Robert Pinsky is not a conventional poetry book Most poetry books just have an anthology of poems or a story told through poetry but this book analysis many poems from some of the greats poets and Pinsky puts his own notes on the poems These notes help people understand what the poet may have been trying to convey with the poem While I am not a fan of poetry in the slightest I can respect the poems that were analyzed in this book It is also easier to read the poetry with the headnotes that Pinsky provided I would suggest this book to anyone that may not like poetry but would still like to see how someone may interpret some of the greatest poems

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