The Geneva Option Yael Azoulay #1

The Geneva Option Yael Azoulay #1❰Reading❯ ➿ The Geneva Option Yael Azoulay #1 Author Adam LeBor – A gripping thriller of international espionage and government corruption pitting a sexy young UN staffer against a brutal conspiracy to control Africa's minesYael Azoulay does the United Nations' dirt A gripping thriller Option Yael eBook ´ of international espionage and government corruption pitting a sexy young UN staffer against a brutal conspiracy to control Africa's minesYael Azoulay does the United Nations' dirty work Her job is to cut the behind the scenes deals that oil the wheels of diplomacy and big business the ones we never get to hear about Eually at home in the caves of Afghanistan the slums of Gaza and the world's corporate boardrooms Yael can sweet The Geneva PDF \ talk warlords terrorists and CEOs Until she decides that the ends no longer justify the means and goes rogueYael is sent by the UN's Secretary General to Goma in eastern Congo to negotiate with Jean Pierre Hakizimani a Hutu warlord wanted for genocide She offers him a deal surrender to the UN tribunal in exchange for a short sentence and a return to politics The West's hunger for Coltan a mineral vital for computers and cell phones found Geneva Option Yael PDF/EPUB ã in Congo means nothing matters than stability in the region But Yael soon realizes that Hakizimani was behind the death of her beloved older brother years before and that the UN is prepared to turn a blind eye to mass murder and to sanction it Yael discovers that a secret cabal of high ranking UN officials mysterious businessmen and corrupt politicians are planning to incite a continent wide war to impose a protectorate on Congo and thus take control of Coltan With this knowledge Yael finds herself on the run hunted by the world's intelligence and law enforcement agencies and haunted by her past ultimately learning that salvation means not just saving other's lives but confronting her own inner demonsSpanning New York City Africa and Switzerland The Geneva Option is the first in a trilogy of gripping and intelligent conspiracy thrillers featuring Yael Azoulay Written by a high profile foreign correspondent and critically acclaimed investigative journalist The Geneva Option takes readers on a nonstop journey through the secret corridors of power. This is a book that turned out to be real disappointment the leading character was kinds wasted upon me and the politics in the UN read like from a right wing point of view Hence no stars I simply lost the will to read this bookI would not advise this book to anyone Yael Azoulay works for the United Nations Her job involves negotiating with the bad guys Her current mission is with Jean Pierre Hakizimani Yael is making a deal with the devil After her mission Yael returns to visit a friend only to learn that she is dead Yael learns that Jean Pierre is involved Yael decides to take matters into her own hands I like these types of books of espionageinternational thriller However I have strayed away from these books for a while Only because the last few I read were just ok Mr Lebor has renewed my faith in this genre Yael is one of the coolest people that I have met She really can kick butt I like her take charge attitude While I did like the other storyline involving the news reporter that was tying into the whole overall story I did not connect with the other characters as much None the less I still enjoyed reading this book There was lots of fast moving action to keep me interested until the end This book is a fast read a lone agent a secret agenda an unimaginable war yael holds a senior position with the un doing their dirty work and answerable only to the boss then she is suspended when details of her latest exploits r leaked to the press and make public when a suspicious death at the h is covered up yael decides that the ends no longer justify the means and so she goes rogue this leads her to geneva when an operation is being planned from their h there that will cause deaths and massive disruption in an african state the 'neutral' un working together with big business this gets even personal for yael as she lost her brother a un worker in a botch up that she has never forgiven them for can she expose this plot and make it totally credible or will she be wiped out? a well written novel with good characterisation and a plot that is still relevant today the first i have read of his but i assume there r others featuring yael just a few uestions what did she learn in the un file about her father; why was the bonnet's office door locked when he was inside also found the press calls rather repetitive obvious what the writer does for a living 45 stars bev The plot of this book was interestingan international thriller set within the dark underbelly of the UN bureaucracy The action shifts from New York to Geneva to Rwanda In spite of all these promising aspects this book falls flat Primarily this is due to Mr Lebor's writing style He is so focused on packing in information that the characters are left underdeveloped I found myself not caring for what happened to the main character by page 200 In summary a tantalizing premise poorly executed Reasonably good start spoilt by rushed unrealistic ending I liked the idea and writing but the end was a bit rushed A well written thriller seeped in international conspiracy I’ll be checking out the next books in the series Excellent read could not put it down Not a genre I usually read but a plausible and well constructed thriller set in the UN in New York and Geneva I love this series super fun for a corona virus read

The Geneva Option Yael Azoulay #1 PDF Ê Option Yael
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Geneva Option Yael Azoulay #1
  • Adam LeBor
  • English
  • 04 May 2014
  • 9780062208552