Pickle in the Middle Murder (A Shay O'Hanlon Caper)

Pickle in the Middle Murder (A Shay O'Hanlon Caper)❴Ebook❵ ➠ Pickle in the Middle Murder (A Shay O'Hanlon Caper) Author Jessie Chandler – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Shay is privy to murder in book three of this award winning seriesShay O'Hanlon accompanies JT Bordeaux her gun toting medieval loving cop girlfriend to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival which featur Shay is privy to murder in book three the Middle MOBI í of this award winning seriesShay O'Hanlon accompanies JT Bordeaux her gun toting medieval loving Pickle in Epub / cop girlfriend to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival which features thrilling jousts feisty wenches and pickle vendors selling tasty tonsil ticklers Trying to rein in the Middle PDF ↠ in her newest dog's overactive nose Shay finds a dead body with a bullet hole in his skull A real dead body In the privyBefore Shay can shout Huzzah JT is arrested for being the porta potty body's murderer Scrambling to prove JT's innocence Shay must contend with the sheriff's deputy who wants to throw away JT's cell key forever. In Jessie Chandler's Pickle in the Middle Murder the third installment in the Shay O'Hanlon caper cozy mystery series this mystery packs a helluva punch and gets down to some serious matters of the heart When Shay and her girlfriend attend the Renaissance Faire things do tend to get interesting for them At the time they discover a dead body in the port a potty JT's accused and then arrested for the murder of the pickle vendor known as Russell Krasski Frantic with worry Shay would do everything in her power to set things right while she held her own at her bar It was up to her Coop and Eddy to pick up the pieces and get deep into the core of JT's life even if it had to do with the past and a mean cop named Clint Roberts who has than a bone to pick with her As soon as she discovers insight behind Krasski's demise one clue lead to another and escalated to a gripping climax in a dicey situation to escape for her life This mystery had a lot of fun moments bouncing around in semi disconnection from the murder investigation and the main character Shay It took me several chapters of reading to figure out about Shay than her gender and her stress borne tendency to revert to messiness without JT her partner who's falsely accused of the murder in uestionThe set up to the story reads like a missed opportunity Shay and JT are at a Ren Faire where Shay stumbles upon the body of a man in the portapotty But that part of the storyline is dropped like a hot potato and it leaves me confused why was the victim there How would the murderer know he was thereMany colourful characters add to the story some regulars such as Coop and Eddy others just for the story like Taffy and Peaches Maybe a few too many weird nicknames running around here Even a Dimples for goodness' sakeThe murder mystery is resolved in a flurry of action but not with much satisfaction There was a lot of the story left hanging until the last few chapters and other elements that didn't seem to be carried on through from the outset In Shay O’Hanlon’s third caper Shay is hoping to enjoy a thrilling day at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with her partner JT Bordeaux and their two dogs One of their dogs a bloodhound with a heightened sense of smell somehow leads Shay to finding a corpse in a porta potty with a pickle in his mouth hence the title and a bullet to the head Before the dust settles JT is then arrested for his murder Shay with the help of her friends Nick “Coop” Cooper and Eddy uartermaine sets out to see who framed JT and why and who really offed the man in the privy Written with a lot of humor and and one crazy adventure after another this will appeal to Janet Evanovich fans looking for something new This series is so fun and wacky The characters are out there and the situations they get themselves into are just insane but that's what makes them endearing I enjoyed that Shay and JT's relationship is evolving and I can't get enough of Eddy Coop and Rocky I loved that this one took place at the Renaissance Festival which I have attended many times One of my favorite series by far I can't wait for the next one 3rd book in the series I won a copy of this book on goodreadscom as part of their free reads program Since it was the 3rd book I decided that I needed to read the others first so that I would know who everyone was I was intrigued with this murder mystery by a local author that takes place at the Renaissance Festival a place I grew up working at and loving I found it at a local mystery book store It was OK A little contrived Fun interesting people Reminded me a lot of a Janet Evanovich novel This started off a bit slow but then picked up Another fun caper with Shay and crew This book and the last didn't have much interaction with JT and Shay which really helped make the first one Hopefully the next will have of them working side by side A terrific mystery with well drawn and likeable characters that jump off the page and a fun setting What could a reader want Oh yeahMORE This was the third in the series but the first one I read it stands alone well Looking forward to devouring the rest Loved the characters Story was uneven I like the characters in this story Shay and JT are a cute couple Story bogged down

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Pickle in the Middle Murder (A Shay O'Hanlon Caper)
  • Jessie Chandler
  • English
  • 20 October 2015
  • 9780738725987