I was a teenage Sex Pistol

I was a teenage Sex Pistol➷ [Reading] ➹ I was a teenage Sex Pistol By Glen Matlock ➬ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Glen Matlock was a founding member of the Sex Pistols and co wrote most of their iconic songs His story of the Pistols' rise to global infamy is an honest insightful account of a group of intelligent Glen Matlock was a founding a teenage PDF Î member of the Sex Pistols and co wrote most of their iconic songs His story of the Pistols' rise to global infamy is an honest insightful account of a group of intelligent malcontents determined to change the music business and to attack hypocrisy and stale conventions in society at large Glen brilliantly captures the flavour of seventies Britain and reveals the complexities and personality clashes that made the Pistols so explosive at that time Also includes true tales of the Pistols reunion tours of I was PDF/EPUB or and Never mind the other bollocks filled books about the Sex Pistols here's the truth. Many years since I read this mid 90s but I recall that it was highly enjoyable and easy to read Glen makes his point well that he was motivated by music not punk The bit that sticks in my head is his assertation that it was Steve Jones than anyone who exemplified the spirit of punk and makes a good argument for this If Steve hadn't been in the Sex Pistols now giving the occasional interview whilst lounging by his pool in LA with a fag and can of lager he'd most probably be a resident of Her Majesty It's clear that Glen and JR were not best of pals but he avoids a bitchfest all to his credit I read it at a similar time to reading JR's 'No Irish No Blacks No Dogs' and was really good to get the contrast and different perspective on events A few weeks ago Glen Matlock Sylvain Sylvain of the New Your Dools came through town and played an inspired acoustic show at Small's in Hamtranck It was a Sunday night and the crowd shuld have been much bigger but the two iconic musicians put on a show both solo and togther that I will long remember After the show I had chance to speak with an actual Sex Pistol and bought a copy of his bookAfter reading this book I am just as thrilled as I was after seeing the reunited Pistols on the Filthy Lucre tour The story of the Sex Pistols has been told many times but never in such a candid and down to earth manner Glen Matlock was part of rock roll history and he lets us into the world where punk was in its infacy and you could see the original Pistols and the early Clash and Damned playing around town But this story is than the Pistols it's a story pf how these young kids managed to turn themselves into one of the most influentual bands of all time Matlock calls the Pistols a failure because they broke up before they reached their potential and he's right there But they certainly weren't a failure to the generations of kids who still follow them and dream of writing a song like Prett Vacant or Anarachy in the UK All of the short Pistols history is here along with Glen leaving the band and the many years of rancor between the former members But of course we do know that they did make up and the reunion tours are all described in here At one point Glen Matlock says that the only ones who really know how good the Pistols were the few hundred or so that saw them playing before everything came crashing down on them And he's right I wasn't one of them but this book is as enjoyable as cranking up Never Mind the Bollocks for the millionth time The Pistols were timeless amd this book brings that era back to life again Glen Matlock’s version of events are far plausible than John Lydon’s whine fest ‘Rotten No Dogs No Irish’ Gratefully Matlock skips the majority of childhood reminiscing that plagues most biographies and slips into the period when he starts working at Malcolm McLaren’s clothing shop Also he covers but doesn’t get embroiled in some of the well known stories like the EMI split so stories that we wouldn’t know otherwise get covered He comes off honest about himself and the people around him All around a brief and interesting read I pull this one out and re read it all the time Very light and fluffy and fun about the formation of the Sex Pistols and the early punk scene in London I have an earlier edition from about 20 years ago At least as interesting as John Lydon's book Rotten though of course not as spirited For best results read the two books back to back Before Sidthere was GlenGreat readentertaining stories from the original Sex Pistols Bass Player Good read In a bandentourage of psychos junkies thieves weekend nihilists and machevelian primadonnas I think Matlock was the savviest and most normal He even talks about thirteenth chords For all music fans a must read Interesting to see the Sex Pistols from the viewpoint of Glen Matlock who could actually play the bass guitar unlike the so called punk legend Sid Vicious As Glen points out the Sex Pistols went into a gradual decline after he left the band Having said that he does come across as a bit of a bighead but he was there in arguably the biggest band to come out of the UK punk scene Never did see them in the 70s not easy considering they were banned from virtually everywhere but did see them on the Filthy Lucre tour A happy memory Not all the memories are happy in I Was A Teenage See Pistol but worth adding to your collection of punk booksRay Smillie Good but a bit blokeyInteresting fact about Nudge Ure being potential lead singer of SPs

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