Mr. Perfects Christmas

Mr. Perfects Christmas[PDF / Epub] ✅ Mr. Perfects Christmas Author Eva Clancy – A Christmas gift turns enemies into loversThe last thing Sam Warren wants to do is go to his new employer's Christmas party particularly since his arch nemesis Nick Foster is going to be there Nick's A Christmas gift turns enemies into loversThe last thing Sam Warren wants to do is go to his new employer's Christmas party particularly since his arch nemesis Nick Foster is going to be there Nick's been undermining Sam with his boss and the fact that Sam can't help lusting after Nick only complicates the situation But it seems the Christmas Spirit is at work When Sam receives an unexpected gift from Nick it makes him uestion his assumptions about his rival Could it be that he's been misinterpreting Nick's actions Mr. Perfects ePUB ô all along And is his reluctant attraction to Nick reciprocated. Review posted at The Armchair Reader35 starsEva Clancy is a new author for me and I felt like I was taking a chance reviewing this story but well it's the season for it and I ended up finding a story that I really enjoyedSam is completely dissatisfied with his life It's the Christmas season and a time for looking back at the year which leads Sam into a depression every time he thinks of it Once on a career track rising through the London offices before being made redundant and also losing his lover at the same time Sam has had to move to a small town and work for a small firm and pretend to be thankful for even having a job at all And well it's not that he isn't thankful but he can't seem to appreciate the fortune he does have when faced with all he's lost On top of that he's found that he doesn't actually seem to know much about his job when faced with clients that don't have a boatload of cash and a firm with inexhaustible resourcesSomehow all of that might be okay without the constant reminder of Nick the Wonder Boy The man whose position Sam filled seems to be everyone's favorite person his coworkers his boss and well he's pretty amazing so Sam grudgingly admits to himself He's handsome nice the clients adore him And he could do Sam's job better than Sam ever could making his cocky entrance to a job he thought would be below him frighteningly embarrassing It becomes even worse when faced with Nick again at the Christmas party Is karma finally collecting it's due for Sam's arrogant attitude or has his misplaced depression colored everything he sees about his new life?What I most liked about this story was that the characters aren't who you think they are not only Nick Sam's coworkers as well as Sam himself change over the story all because of Nick's influence as Sam opens up and starts to see his life in an honest way That was done uite well in a major part by a rather honest style of prose which shows the characters in a pretty harsh light Not only does the character change make the story interesting but it is a perfect compliment to a holiday story where we want to see the good in people The story then becomes a bit of a holiday classic in the sense that Sam is shown his misdeeds in a harsh light all brought on by his own influence It is somewhat subtle yet still the focus of the story so it didn't overpower it in any way and worked wellThe romance here was part of that but came in second in my enjoyment Much of their relationship is somewhat of an afterthought or at least implied at the end of the story Most of what we see is an attraction and an encounter and are left to our own thoughts about what will happen in the future I suppose I would have liked to see a little less than perfect Nick Sam would have a hard time seeing that because it takes him a while to understand that Nick isn't the Wonder Boy he thought and that he might have misconstrued many things about his workplace but I would have liked to see Nick be a bit honest with Sam Sam finally breaks down and admits it and I agreed wholeheartedly that Sam is a bit of an asshole He whines through a lot of the story and is pretty vain and has a high opinion of himself Much of this is a front and like I mentioned before a front that is shed during the length of the story but a bit of honest from Nick instead of Nick always saying how wonderful and perfect Sam is would have made their relationship seem a little honestThat is really my only critiue of the story however There were a few laughs on the part of Sam's coworkers especially a game of Secret Santa And I liked the story most of all I'll definitely recommend it The current edition of this book has been revised and is under the author's name Joanna Chamber The story was sweet and hopeful as Sam learns that not all is as it seems He sees himself as lacking never measuring up to 'Wonder boy' Nick I liked that Nick and Sam opened themselves up to reveal how they feel about each other One of my early mm reads back again I liked these characters and the misconception they have about the other Not a lot of Secret Santa books that I know of The author gave several phone numberswebsites for people needing helpdonationsetc which I thought was great Cute and fluffy great short story Sometimes how people looked on the outside didn’t always match how they felt on the insideShort sweet story about insecure Sam who is a bit disgruntled with the course his life has taken The story is basically about what happens at his new firm during their office Christmas party and the secret Santa gifts Sam loved his fast life with his boyfriend But than things started going south starting with his breakup with Gareth in February then losing his job and having to leave LondonIt looks like his crush and predecessor Nick Foster is at the party too and Sam's secret Santa And Nick confesses “Sam the only reason I’m here tonight is because of you I asked Monica to make sure I got your name for the Secret Santa I was pretty much smitten from the moment I saw you”But I am a bit confused about who the author is of this story Merry Bright 35And another cute and fluffy short by Eva Clancy Perfect if you're looking for something nice and fun in betweenThe blurb basically says it all Sam is on new turf with his job from the location to the clients to the cases to the general conversational tone in the firm And he doesn't fit in He's insecure and insecurity often thinks every laugh is insulting and every good humoured joke criticism He's especially allergic when it comes to his predecessor the Wonderboy Nick Nick whom everyone praises who is loved and admired who knows everything and most importantly knows everything better Things come to a head at the firm's Christmas party and the outcome is not something Sam would have ever imagined While I truly enjoyed this book I'd have loved to see it longer than the 40 or so pages it is There's so much about Sam and Nick the author could be telling us There's a lot story to this tale than is being told I'd love to see her re write and expand it making it a full novel or even a novella When I finished reading the story I felt unsatisfied It's like I was missing half the story I would rather read it from the day Sam started workinh at Morton Higgins a small law firm So his hooking up with Mr Perfect or Nick wasn't emotionally satisfying as it could have been otherwise Great potential but It was a good even if short read I'll be reading by this author