Bande dessinée et narration

Bande dessinée et narration[Reading] ➸ Bande dessinée et narration By Thierry Groensteen – This book is the follow up to Thierry Groensteen's ground breaking The System of Comics in which the leading French language comics theorist set out to investigate how the medium functions introducing This book is the follow up to Thierry Groensteen's ground breaking The System of Comics in which the leading French language comics theorist set out to investigate Bande dessinée ePUB ô how the medium functions introducing the principle of iconic solidarity and showing the systems that underlie the articulation between panels at three levels page layout linear seuence and nonseuential links woven through the comic book as a whole He now develops that analysis further using examples from a very wide range of comics including the work of American artists such as Chris Ware and Robert Crumb He tests out his theoretical framework by bringing it up against cases that challenge it such as abstract comics digital comics and shjo manga and offers insightful reflections on these innovations In addition he includes lengthy chapters on three areas not covered in the first book First he explores the role of the narrator both verbal and visual and the particular issues that arise out of narration in autobiographical comics Second Groensteen tackles the uestion of rhythm in comics and the skill demonstrated by virtuoso artists in intertwining different rhythms over and above the basic beat provided by the discontinuity of the panels And third he resets the relationship of comics to contemporary art conditioned by cultural history and aesthetic traditions but evolving recently as comics artists move onto avant garde terrain. Não existe maior teórico dos uadrinhos maior ue Thierry Groensteen Will Eisner e Scott McCloud podem ser os mais populares porue uniram o fazer uadrinhos com o estudar uadrinhos Mas nenhum estudioso foi mais fundo ao menos no campo da linguagem dos uadrinhos do ue o francês Este seu segundo livro mais famoso além de ter sido inspirado pelo trabalho de Chris Ware parece ter ficado mais fluido em sua forma Enuanto o primeiro usava de estruturas artrologias e formas bastante metódicas de apresentar a linguagem dos uadrinhos este segundo possui um texto mais fácil ainda ue continue denso de se compreender Se no primeiro livro o autor deu mais ênfase à forma dos uadrinhos aui ele vai dar mais destaue ao conteúdo sublinhando as características narrativas desse meio tão especial ue são as histórias em uadrinhos O Brasil ainda carece de muitas traduções no ue tange ao estudo de uadrinhos A Marsupial Editora fez um belo trabalho em trazer em 2015 O Sistema dos uadrinhos primeiro livro do autor lançado no longínuo 1999 Vamos torcer para ue Comics and Narration não de tanto assim também Alô editoras This is a significant follow up to The System of Comics and overall a much readable translation by Ann Miller The core of this book resides in its inner chapters 2 7 However there are parts that read tentative less informed or almost tangential to the narratological emphasis of the book These include the sections on manga on digitalonline comics and to a lesser degree on abstract comics the first chapter The last chapter on comics and contemporary art isn't near as successful as the rest of the book but I do understand why Groensteen would want to address this issue It just seems a little out of place given the rest of the text Overall I find the proposals and insights in this book a major step forward in the formal and rhetorical criticism surrounding comics An excellent insight into how narrative functions within comics

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  • Hardcover
  • 205 pages
  • Bande dessinée et narration
  • Thierry Groensteen
  • English
  • 11 September 2014
  • 9781617037702