The First Touch

The First Touch✐ The First Touch pdf ✑ Author Alice Sweet – Once you touch them the change beginsIt must be sealed with a willing kiss within a day or they diesimple enough reallyThe problem is they are vampiresAutumn has been troubled by voices and visions fo Once you touch them the change beginsIt must be sealed with a willing kiss within a day or they diesimple enough reallyThe problem is they The First PDF \ are vampiresAutumn has been troubled by voices and visions for years though she would never admit that to anyone She desperately tries to appear normal to hide herself from the world and most importantly from a padded room However after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger on a street corner her carefully orchestrated life takes a turn towards the unexpected Ivan a man so eerily handsome that he just has to be no good especially for Autumn It is no surprise then after a visit to a coffee shop that Autumn discovers why her companion does not drink a drop After seeing through the cracks in his armor Ivan begins to have an uncanny semblance to the monsters from the storybooks Autumn realizes too late then that this casual moment with this illusive stranger could just be her undoing. This had potential but kind of fell apart for me I'll attempt to do a little synopsis but to be honest I spent uite a large amount of time just muddling through what was going on so I can't say how accurate it'll beAutumn is a vessel which is a person that can turn into a vampire after touching one and sealing the deal with a kiss If the vessel and vampire don't kiss within 24 hours the vampire bursts into flames and dies After transforming the vessel feels a pull to their intended mate not necessarily the vampire they kissed and they can seek them out and live happily ever afterAutumn has strong powers strong enough that the vampires think she could be destined to be a member of the council a group of vampires with their own strong powers that lead one of the vampire clans or the eye destined to be the clan's leader After completing the kiss with her vampire Ivan Autumn begins her transformation and is shipped off to an island to be tested by the council which will result in her death if she's not strong enoughAutumn has visions of the future when she's in danger which allow her to change her actions and save herself and other people from dying That's all fine and good it's a pretty handy power to have except that it has the power to confuse the reader I can't count the amount of times I was reading through thinking oh she's had a dream about bad things happening so now she's woken up she can change it only for her to actually be having yet another dream and she wakes up where we were 100 pages back This would be fine if it happened once or twice but there must be 5 or 6 alternate futures in this book and I found it extremely annoying to be constantly yanked back to a much earlier part of the story especially when I was just beginning to enjoy it For me it made the story unnecessarily complicated and tedious to keep trecking back through the same bits but slightly altered Autumn then begins jumping through time but each time things are getting worse Okay I can roll with that but what's with the seemingly random changes? Why after one particular jump did her mate change from being Ivan to the evil bad guy Mirth who previously wanted to separate her head from her body? How did it come about that they were bonded and he was now in love with her and her severing their bond broke his heart? I was under the impression that you could feel who your mate was supposed to be Ivan was still there so why would she possibly bond with the worst guy in the book?I found that there were uite a few little things that didn't uite tie together as well as I would have likedAside from my problems with too much plot jumping the book is in need of better editing and a proof read a lack of proper paragraphing in places makes it confusing to see which character is thinking what; words are used wrong vile of blood instead of vial; and there are words mis spelt and general sentence structure mistakesOverall I was pretty frustrated with this book A bit of simplification and tying things together better and it would be a much better read At first I have to say I thought I was not going to able to finish this book There are a lot of grammatical errors from the beginning to the end it was a real turn off for me The story line at times annoyed the crap out of me All the different scenarios were very tiring and it should have ended much much sooner than it actually did This book did time travel than Dr Who in his time machine the Tardis at one stage i am sure i developed whip lash Despite this it is great little book for me anywayif you want something light and different in this genre and yes I know it had it's problems but with so few new ideas out there we have to be forgiving some times I enjoyed this book but the jumping back in time became tedious early on and in my eyes and ridiculous I would recommend this book however for a short light read as I finished it in little over one night I expected it to be vampire y and it was a welcome surprise that it wasn't This book totally got shit fucked by the middleend area Had great potential but it died a fiery fucking death The author murdered her own novel There was too many characters introduced which confused and complicated the story