Summer Fling

Summer Fling➶ [Reading] ➸ Summer Fling By Serenity Woods ➫ – A love story that starts at the top of the worldFor Chloe a tandem skydive seems like the perfect opportunity to prove to her ex that she’s not as boring as he declared But planning to jump and actu A love story that starts at the top of the worldFor Chloe a tandem skydive seems like the perfect opportunity to prove to her ex that she’s not as boring as he declared But planning to jump and actually jumping are very different things Luckily there's a gorgeous instructor who is happy to come up with an ingenious way to distract herAfter escaping captivity in Afghanistan Garth Rowland spends most of his time outdoors trying to forget the terrifying memory of being imprisoned and tortured Then he meets Chloe who embodies freedom with her sky blue eyes and hair the colour of the summer sunSoon a one night stand on the beach uickly leads to a Summer Fling But they both have ghosts to exorcise before love can set them free. Well I saw this book on my dash today and thought it looked interesting so I looked into it and found out that it was free for Kindle so I snabbed it and finished it in a whooping four hours It's a really uick read but despite that everything was developed very well The characters as well were extremely lovable Garth and Chloe's relationship was fast paced but it never felt like they were moving too fast The only thing I was surprised by was how erotic it was I've never read anything like this before and it just surprised me It was very interesting to say the leastOverall I enjoyed this book I marked it as a good summer read because it's uick but in no way does that make it light The content in ways than one is deep and mature and honest and real Favourite uote You banish my fears Like sunlight banishes mist Serenity never disappoints I loved this story Read it in one sitting and it thoroughly cheered me up on a day I wasn't feeling very well From the breathtaking descriptions of the scenery to an extremely yummy and tortured hero my fav kind of hero to a sassy heroine this story had it all The sex was sizzling the love story intense and the ending left me smiling What can you want in a story? Free on my Kindle Liked this one What do you get when you combine chocolate and sex? A recipe for success Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalleySummer Fling began as an entry in a Harleuin writing challenge The author says that it won first prize and has expanded from that Although I didn’t particularly care for this book I can see promise in this author and will try other romances that she writes in the futureFor now let’s look at Summer Fling a novel about a man and a plane The man is Garth Rowland an American living in New Zealand Garth owns and runs a sky diving business and he loves every minute of it He used to be a journalist but was captured in Afghanistan and tortured He escaped but lives with the emotionalmental repercussions of his almost two year long captivity He only feels free when he has the open sky above him and relishes taking newbies on their first jump I thought Garth was amazing We only get a few details about his time in Afghanistan thankfully but the author is able to express how truly awful it was And Garth is also dealing with some other scars as well He was married when he was captured and thoughts of his wife gave him the will to keep going He escapes his imprisonment and when he returns home he fully intends on devoting everything he has to making his marriage work Unfortunately Garth finds out that she was involved with another man named Nick and that it had started before he went to Afghanistan Garth is devastated and to make matters worse she was killed in a car crash while Nick was driving At that point Garth decided that he would have his revenge on the man who killed his wife by ruining Nick’s business Even though we don’t really get to know him very well I really did like Garth Chloe on the other hand not so much She starts out fine and has a great introduction she’s about to go on her very first sky dive She seems nervous of course but you can still see that’s she sweet and funny She too has her own rough past Chloe’s mom is bi polar and had never been diagnosed until recently Because of that Chloe and her mom were always moving and Chloe never really had an opportunity to make many friends On top of that Chloe and her boyfriend recently broke up because one he stole her savings and two she found out he was cheating on her He also claimed that Chloe was boring and not spontaneous To prove to herself that she ISN’T boring and that she CAN take risks she decides to do the riskiest scariest thing imaginable at least to me it seems risky and scary sky diving So there are a few things about Chloe that I like she’s brave for sure and she loves her friends Oh and she’s a chocolatier What a cool jobBut I have several issues with this book My first issue is super minor and could just be my own uirk but I’ll mention it anyways The book is set in New Zealand and it was obvious to me that the author was a New Zealander She mentions 20 degrees being the height of New Zealand summer I had to read the passage a few times before I figured out it wasn’t a typo she was talking Celsius not Fahrenheit The author also uses names of cities to convey a length of time but I don’t know where these places are so I don’t know how much time has passed And yes it matters because she’s saying that by the time one of the characters goes from one place to another they’ve made up their mind about something So was it a uick and easy decision? Or was it something that took hours to deliberate? Again it’s not a huge big deal; it was of a pet peeve The next issue I had was that Chloe gets everything she wants and I don’t feel like she’s earned any of it Garth pursuits HER romantically Her friends drag her to a wonderful beach party Nick pursuits her She wants to buy a local candy store and she can’t get the loan until she has collateral Chloe asks her mom to put her own house up as collateral which she does of course To make matters worse only days before she asks for that Chloe had essentially told her mom to eff off and had said what a horrible mom she was Hello?? And another thing Garth tells Chloe the details of his past which included changing his name Then she proceeds to tell those details to everyone she talks to after that Do ya think he wanted you to blab his personal details to YOUR friends? To Nick?? That’s exactly what she does Lastly after Garth gets Nick’s business a candy store or Chocolate shop I think Garth finds out that Chloe wanted to buy it and GARTH APOLOGIZES TO CHLOE For what?? He didn’t even know that she wanted the damn business And Garth is apologizing to her AND she has the fricking audacity later on to say that she accepts his apology Oh so fricking gracious of you She is so incredibly selfish Oh boo hoo her ex took her money and broke her heart So? Welcome to reality sweet tits Chalk it up to a big mistake and move on But no she just keeps torturing her friends and family with her shittinessAfter all of that I still felt like I didn’t really know the characters all that well I feel like their backstories were not fully fleshed out Speaking of flesh there isn’t a lot of it There’s not that much sexual tension either Overall I was wholly disappointed in this book and had a very difficult time finishing it Unfortunately I have to say that I would not recommend this book Really enjoyed the story It started out great with the scene where Garth and Chloe met It is funny and romantic Although I do not like Nick initially I felt bad for him in the end Would enjoy reading about him in future stories Sidekick Stella and Alex would also make a great story Overall it is a wonderfully romantic read with a little bit of sexy in it This was a sweet but somewhat predictable read The characters were nice and the plot was interesting The steamy scenes were well steamy ; I enjoyed it a lot and would definitely read from this author Hot A short yummy read The chemistry between Chloe and Garth was wonderful and I liked the New Zealand backdrop Good freebie on Would definitely check out some other books by this author Really like it but wanted to see where the relationship went afterwards 2 January 2016 069 on Kindle