Falun Gong's Challenge to China

Falun Gong's Challenge to China➵ [Reading] ➷ Falun Gong's Challenge to China By Danny Schechter ➪ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk China is nervous because there are now Falun Going practitioners than there are members of the Chinese Communist Party—Li Hongzhi founder of Falun GongIn one of the most bizarre cases of political r Challenge to PDF/EPUB ¼ China is nervous because there are now Falun Going practitioners than there are members of the Chinese Communist Party—Li Hongzhi founder of Falun GongIn one of the most bizarre cases of political repression Falun Gong's PDF/EPUB ² in modern history the People's Republic of China has banned a spiritual practice built around traditional exercises and meditation They say that Falun Gong has become a dangerous threat to the largest nation on Gong's Challenge to Kindle Ö Earth In a return to the dark days of the Cultural Revolution they have burned thousands of Falun Gong books and literature They have beaten and detained thousands of practitioners They have issued an arrest warrant for Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi They are sentencing some practitioners to long periods of incarceration at show trials World leaders and human rights groups are speaking outWhy is this happening Is it because Falun Gong has attracted an estimated l million practitioners What is Falun Gong's appeal What is it that China fearsThis is their story Largely Unheard Until NowThis timely non fiction book presents the inside story of China's crackdown on Falun Gong taking a stand against the most blatant and pervasive political book burning since the days of Hitler's rise to power By offering Falun Gong's story in the context of the current crisis in China it provides an important look at a dramatic underreported and unfolding story In China their point of view has been banned It deserves to be heard worldwideThe picture doesn't add up What I see here with these people and what they're doing they seem very normal people They're from all walks of life; and then on the other side you've got this picture that the Chinese government is painting and the two just don't match Adam Montanaro Falun Gong practitioner USA. From my interview with the author archived as selection 298 at archiveorg I wanna say excellent job on the book Falun Gong's Challenge to ChinaDanny Schechter Thank youI really enjoyed reading it and its sort of opened up a whole new world to me because I hadn't really noticed the issue a lot beforehand but then after that I started seeing it in newspaper headlines and stuff It maybe was there all along but this is where it made it stick in my mindDS Well you know we live in a world where news and information particularly from other countries often doesn't register with people because it's very hard to connect to and to relate to it to really have any sense of background or context to who these people are and what they're doing In this case we’re talking about as many as a hundred million people starting in China who basically took up what is called i gong exercises and a whole belief system called Falun Gong This thing started 8 years ago It was the most rapidly growing fastest growing spiritual practice in all of China It got practically no press attention in America whatsoever until 10000 of these people surrounded the Chinese Communist Party leadership compound one day to challenge the Communist party's repression of police actions that were arresting and harassing their people They're basically saying Look leave us alone We’d like to be legalized and we'd like to go on with our spiritual practice We're not against the government We're not political At first this happened in April of '99 the Chinese government didn't say anything and was kind of shocked by what happened It made headlines around the world and then it sort of disappeared again Then in July China decided to crack down on this group on the Falun Gong and to ban it Not only did they ban it but they basically prohibited any discussion of it They burned over a million books and they began arresting practitioners the people who were practicing this Falun Gong spiritual practice which is really deeply rooted in Chinese traditions It's kind of a fusion of Taoism and Buddhism It's kind of a system of how you self improvement We might even consider it something like New Age spiritual practices But in China this was perceived by the government as a threat to the government Since then 53 people have died 50000 people have been detained hundreds of people are in labor camps and are in mental hospitals and being treated really badly which has led to the denunciation of China by the US government other governments for the deterioration of human rights But because the United States wants to do business with China trade with China American companies got this new trade bill through Nobody's doing anything about it They're really not talking about it very much and so people read about it like you but they don't really connect to it This doesn't sort of makes sense to them “Who are these people? What is this about?” As a conseuence one of the biggest stories of our time is being missed and that's why I ended up writing this book Falun Gong's Challenge to China which is just out from Akashic books because I think it's really important for people to know about this This is a very big force and we've just seen what happened in Belgrade Yugoslavia where people non violently challenged the government basically overthrew a decision by the government to not recognize the elections Well in China you have a situation where there are no elections whatsoever There's no democracy yet you have a movement with a hundred million people which is immense Not only is it in China but it is in 40 countries now including the United StatesDanny I’d like to have you elaborate on a couple of the points you made This is an internet radio show and we're really interested in the internet here me personally Something about that jumped out at me through your book As you mentioned and it might seem kind of odd to our listeners that there's a sort of contrast here This is something rooted in Chinese traditions but the Chinese government themselves see it as a threat Correct me if I’m wrong but part of the reason they seem to see it as a threat was the group's ability to be organized and to put on their demonstrations as silent and as non violent as they were It seems that one of the tools that they were able to maintain this organization was their use of the internet for websites and email in order to keep people togetherDS Right right This is a force that has mastered the new technology Many of the Falun Gong practitioners well in China many of them are older women people who are looking for the health benefits of this practice Many people feel that they do these exercises they're able to feel better if not recover from various ailments and diseases They have a faith in its healing power but also mentally they wanna become better people and it has a whole philosophy to it But in America many people who are involved in it are actually PhDs graduate students computer experts specialists and what have you There's a network of websites that they have used in many many different languages and in many countries They try to get their message out because the media the mass media has been a very unreliable way of getting the message out because by and large even though they're reported upon they're really uoted in my book in Falun Gong's Challenge to China A lot of interviews with the people of Falun Gong themselves What did they say? What did they say? You really get to hear that It's always uoting some expert or uoting some government official but it's very really actually giving them a chance to be heard This problem with media and I’ll get to them in a second is something that I’m very deeply concerned about I'm editing a website myself called wwwmediachannelorg and wwwmediachannelorg has brought together 520 organizations from all around the world It's the largest online media issues network in the world What we're doing online is to try to talk about what's not being covered in the media and how and why we're not getting the full story One of the topics we have written about has been this coverage of Falun Gong One of the things we've noted is that the internet has become a major tool in the organization of Falun Gong just like in Yugoslavia where the government there Milosevic had banned the radio station or tried to drive it off the air Those people went online and were able to broadcast into the former Yugoslavia through the internet Falun Gong is doing the same thing In my book Falun Gong's Challenge to China there's a whole chapter about how they do this how they used the web which is fascinating Not just the web but also beepers and all kinds of communication devices to stay one step ahead of the Chinese police and the Chinese Intelligence apparatus which is very paranoid about them So the web’s become a major tool for democratization all over the world In China it's increasingly being heard In fact the New York Times reported today that after these events in Belgrade various chat groups and chat discussions online in China Chinese sites in Chinese there are people commenting on what happened in Serbia and saying “We need that here too” The internet is bringing together despite attempts to ban it repress it filter it hack it limit it it's bringing together a global audience of people who are concerned about free expressions concerned about communicating their ideas and values Falun Gong is doing this and I found out this fascinating phenomenon by and large it hasn't been reported on in the media but in my book I do devote uite a bit of time to discuss this and also to how China has responded China itself has a website One of the things I have in the book is a whole list of all the sites that you could check out pro Falun Gong anti Falun Gong third party sites that can tell you about the argument because there's an online media war going on here There's an electronic war and in addition to the political war one of the things China has been doing has been hacking these sites and also the email boxes of some of these people Some of the so called disruption of service attacks that we saw on Yahoo and other things Chinese had been doing this against the Falun Gong sites One guy told me that one day suddenly his email box filled up with 2500 messages in a minute basically overcoming and overwhelming his site Finally they tracked it down to an undisclosed web service in China but they couldn't get the Chinese to stop They have to actually close the email box and open a new one for this person So China has been using this type of approach and by and large has nothing reported on

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