Spinach Soup for the Walls

Spinach Soup for the Walls➹ [Read] ➵ Spinach Soup for the Walls By Lynne Harkes ➼ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk This is a message of hope for anyone in despair When we see our troubles as opportunities for growth we can turn our lives around Lynne Harkes has lived in many wonderful and colourful places moving f This is a message of hope for anyone for the PDF ↠ in despair When we see our troubles as opportunities for growth we can turn our lives around Lynne Harkes has lived in many wonderful and colourful places moving Spinach Soup Epub / from Nigeria to South America from the Sultanate of Oman to the jungle of Gabon in West Africa Lynne describes graphically both the warm hospitality and resilience of the native peoples and the magnificence of the landscape Soup for the MOBI î and animal world But eually the intensity of such a nomadic existence magnifies one's personal challenges and Lynne found herself retreating into unhappiness and isolation This beautifully written book is the story of how she fought to rediscover her own spirituality and find a new way of thinking In the end she would say it was simple we must learn to see the beauty of nature and of our own everyday world to recognise the remarkable in the ordinary. I won this book through the Goodreads First Giveaways Spinach Soup intrigued me because of the very first description of the book ‘This is a message of hope for anyone in despair’ now I am not considered at this point of my life as someone in despair but rather I do work with many young people who would be right in this moment of their journey I thought that this book could be potentially a great tool to help them through Lynne shares her experiences from her life as a ‘trailing spouse’ with her family throughout the world from places such as Nigeria to South American to the Sultanate of Oman and into the jungle of Gabon in West Africa Lynne shares openly her thoughts challenges and journey and how she rediscovered her own spirituality and thinkingI struggled with this book; the structure of the book was very hard to follow I found Lynne sharing her experiences very chaotic stories jumping from one continent to another without much reasoning to the relevance to her last posting in Gabon This made it very hard to follow and I got lost in some of her ‘lessons’ I did for the most part of her journey failed to see the hope that is supposed to be the message from this book while I found a couple of times of Lynne’s journey and the anecdotes she had to used to convey her point to be useful for the most part I was lost in the darkness of what West Africa had offered her instead of the hope she found thereI am torn to give this book a 3 to 35 rating as while i struggled with structure of the book and missed the overall message of hope I can appreciate the importance of sharing her story and giving voice to those who may not feel like they are able tooOne of those poignant uotes that I do take away from Lynne is “It only matters that they do their best to grow into their own magnificence and for however brief a time Doing their thing is what they know and they are not ashamedThe ‘weeds’ happily flowering and thriving have no idea that we have labelled them such” Empowering beautifully enlightening and sincere this stunning novel speaks from the heart Acutely perceptive and refreshingly original I was astonished as the author lays bare her soul for all who endeavor to acuire that depth which lies within A personal journey into the heart of spiritualism reflection and observation of life itself this wonderful book is like nothing I have encountered before Filling you with warmth optimism and fulfillment this remarkable book explores inner self discovery Lynne Harkes takes you on a sweeping journey from Nigeria to South America Oman to the Jungle of Gabon that captures the exotic and piuant as to delight any budding expeditionary or enthusiast of the natural world Intense and candid ‘Spinach Soup for the Walls’ also captures those personal inner struggles that Lynne encountered as she searched for personal enlightenment and a new way of thinking “We must learn to see the beauty of nature and of our own everyday world to “recognize the remarkable in the ordinary” The above uote encapsulates the profound meaning behind this striking book as by striking a chord within we learn to appreciate our individuality within the world Heightening my appreciation for wildlife picturesue landscapes and Earth I instantly connected to those positive vibes that radiate off the pages wherein your outlook is broadened due to alternate viewpoints As Lynne retreats into unhappiness and isolation I was touched by the conseuential change which cannot help but have a sharp impact on yourself as you uncover the messages that lie within It is incredibly brave of the author inspiring and heartwarming to read this delicately interwoven tale for it is her strength of spirit that is to be commended Complete with exuisite detail that brings Africa vividly to life before your very eyes I am most impressed by a wonderfully uniue novel comprising of poignant prose and bold ethos The fluidity and lightness of the writing is salient for when you come to understand and grasp the implication behind this book you’re appreciation for life and everything most precious will be all the valued henceforth On a personal level coming from an artistic family and brought up with specific beliefs and principles that have shaped my mindset I found myself relating to this genuinely It is so refreshing to be able to read not only a novel that is well written and engaging for a thoroughly compelling and enjoyable read but also something exuding authenticity and profundity Simply stunning I won a copy of “Spinach Soup for the Walls” by Lynne Harkes through a Goodreads First Read giveaway author – wwwlynneharkescom This book was a GOLD WINNER in The Wishing Shelf Awards This is what our readers thoughtFEEDBACKAuthor Lynne HarkesTitle Spinach Soup For The Walls Finding my spirit in AfricaCOVER 910The readers thought that the cover was generally very good They liked the title very much and they thought that the blurb was well written and persuasive A few of the readers thought the image on the front although colourful and eye catching needed to be stronger and pethaps represent ‘travelling’ a little betterCONTENT 1010This book won the Gold predominantly because of the excellent way the author balanced spirituality and travel As a result the book was enjoyed by a much larger range of readers A number of our readers particularly the men are not big on spirituality but they enjoyed the ‘travelexperience a new culture’ parts of the book; the readers who are open to books which ‘expand personal horizons’ enjoyed both the spirituality side and the travel side of the book The result Gold Winner The most enjoyed chapter in the book was ‘Elephant Encounters in Gabon’ The readers also very much liked the imaginative and interesting chapter headingsEDITING 1010The readers thought the book was well edited and discovered no glaring problems with grammar punctuation or spelling There is a tiny error on p149 new speech new sentence The readers thought the book had excellent pacing and was well structuredSTYLE 1010The style of the author’s writing was very much enjoyed Not only was it easy to follow and well structured there was also a nice undercurrent of humour Eg p1 All the childhood years of watching Blue Peter had paid offThe readers also commended the author on the fantastic detail she went into particularly when describing the different cultures she experienced Eg p48 the bowler hat unpside down Also p118 the termite invasion They found it very easy to ‘get inside the head of the narratorä and understand what she was going through Note from Ed – a number of the readers felt this book could be promoted as much as a travel book as a book on spiritualitySTATSOf the 32 readers30 thought the cover was excellent28 thought that ‘description’ was the author’s strongest writing skill 4 thought the ‘simple yet elegant flow of the language’ was the author’s strongest writing skill32 would very much like to read from this author‘Not only is this a spiritually rewarding book it is also a fantastic travel book providing a wonderfully detailed insight into South American and African culture Highly recommended’ The Wishing Shelf Awards I knew I’d like this book because I love spinach In a refreshingly honest biography of her life as a ‘trailing spouse’ the author avoids the comfortable straight line A B C journey but instead gives the reader a colourful timeplace pastiche of her life both as a native Scot in her home country and as an ex pat wife following her husband’s work in Oman Nigeria Gabon and South America Being an artist and painter who uses words with the same ease with which she wields the brush her approach makes sense Her use of visual imagery ‘Relationships’ like butterflies are best left to fly free’ is clever but what comes across most in this work is one woman’s struggle with loneliness forced upon her by circumstance As a doctor I could see her story retold in the lives of so many patients with fractured lives and marriages but never does this writer wallow in self pity as is commonly the case or resort to blame or bitterness In the end there is a journey a journey of self help through spiritual guidance from which many could learn meaningful lessons There is humour even anger at times things that make us human but there’s also hope and joy in finding for want of a better word ‘salvation’ I love the references to nature not only in Africa and the moments of tension – a black scorpion in Oman and a rampaging mango loving elephant in Gabon; and the way she describes the child she once was coping with the death of her white hamster – attempted resuscitation with a hairdryer a stripy straw I remember those and a drop of the best brandy – is at the same time hilarious and poignant Whether the ‘angels’ that help the writer and her family find peace together are from within or truly from another world matters not; they heal and this I believe is the strength of the book showing how broken relationships can be healed rather than giving in to forces that tear us all apart Read it whatever your take on spinach This was a strange one for meas I'm living in Gabon right now it was strange to know that I walk by the house she lived in I knew her husband and her dog as they were here when I got here and used to come to running club occasionallysomehow it's easier to read a memoir when the characters still aren't uite real peopleHer view of Gabon was also fairly different from mineher descriptions are mostly dark and dangerous which is not how I see things hereI tend to prefer books with a bit structure to them This one jumped all around and occasionally there were anecdotes that didn't seem to have anything to do with the rest of the story Overall I am glad i read it but am not sure i would really recommend it to others The author has lived in wonderful places from Nigeria to South America Oman to the Gabon jungleShe describes the hospitality and resilience of the natives and the magnificence of landscape and animals But Lynne was unhappy and isolated This is the story of how she rediscovered her spirituality We must “recognise the remarkable in the ordinary” It's a beautifully written lesson for us all I was a firstreads winner on goodreads Will edit my review once I have had a chance to read the book Having lived a similar lifestyle to Lynne I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experiences both physical and spiritual in so many different countries It’s not always as glamorous as it might seem from the outside I’m glad that she has found peace and that she followed her heart allowing herself to blossom once again free from the restrictions of expat life And I love the cover painting

Spinach Soup for the Walls MOBI Þ Soup for the  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
  • Spinach Soup for the Walls
  • Lynne Harkes
  • 17 February 2016
  • 9781907203466