Das Museum der gestohlenen Erinnerungen

Das Museum der gestohlenen Erinnerungen❮Reading❯ ➷ Das Museum der gestohlenen Erinnerungen ➯ Author Ralf Isau – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Seltsame Dinge gehen in Berlin vor Als die Zwillinge Jessica und Oliver aus den Ferien zurückkehren haben sie ihren Vater vergessen Nur ein beunruhigendes Gefühl der Leere ist zurückgeblieben Aus d Seltsame Dinge gehen in der gestohlenen eBook ☆ Berlin vor Als die Zwillinge Jessica und Oliver aus den Ferien zurückkehren haben sie ihren Vater vergessen Nur ein beunruhigendes Gefühl der Leere ist zurückgeblieben Aus den Aufzeichnungen des Vaters erfahren sie von uassinja dem Reich der verlorenen Erinnerungen und von Xexano dem altbabylonischen Gott dieser geheimnisvollen Welt Um ihren Vater wiederzufinden beschließen die Geschwister einen kühnen Plan. Das Museum der gestohlenen Erinnerungen – The Museum of stolen memories – has accompanied me for the last couple of months And I am truly sorry to say that I have finally decided to give up on itI found myself reading on for the sake of finishing it rather than because the story was particularly captivating I have such mixed feelings about this book Firstly – in this specific case – it suffers from the fact that it is in German I have never enjoyed reading German novels and I am afraid I never will not to say I do not enjoy the language – just not in the form of novels With it being German – the sentences and descriptions are already longer than they would be in English But the author has a way of describing things that make them seem all the longer So while this is not necessarily a bad book – it was an extremely slow read and it was taking up so much of my time – time I needed for other things I chose to read this book because I needed a German novel for an assignment and the description seemed to give a Harry Potter like vibe; I do love fantasyadventure stories with children or teenagers as protagonists Personally I never felt that these books were too focused on younger readers – if written well enough it can appeal to older readers as well I was not too wrong in thinking that it has a similar atmosphere to Harry Potter We have the twins Oliver and Jessica who are trying to fend off evil and discover the mysteries of disappearing objects from the museum their father works for The first chapter is great – you are thrown into the story and you can feel the twins’ helplessness of them being interrogated by the police over the stolen objects Once the twins realize that the missing objects have disappeared to the magical world of forgotten memories the book takes two paths – one following Oliver who has found himself in the said magical world and one following Jessica who is trying to solve the mystery from the real world Every chapter switches the perspective between the two – an element of story writing that I would usually very much enjoy But in this case I felt rather unhappy as the focus was much on Oliver who I sadly did not like very much at all Another issue was the fact that this book reuired you to have a lot of pre knowledge of history Now I love reading and learning about history and I would have loved if this book would have taught me some – but because the book assumes that you already knew everything there were many paragraphs that ended up being very tiring to read – and one did not even benefit much from it But the worst part was the element of horror Not that I would call this a horror novel but it sure had some utterly creepy bizarre and horrifying creatures that gave me the shivers While novels such as Harry Potter also produced some scary scenes – it was not uite the same In this book I was really left baffled at times having to remind myself that this is a book for children – yet there were some truly nightmare worthy things going on I think the walking and talking embryo must have been the worst but there were many other strange disembodied limbs floating and walking about Not uite so scary was the deer fawn but still – Bambi is not meant to have bloodshot eyes and exhale frost Another thing that was not handled well was the foreshadowing I love foreshadowing but the author added so many unnecessary details and descriptions eg “She moved her mouse to the top of the screen to use her index finger to click the X to close the program” that it made you think that it MUST be relevant in one way or another – but unless they were things he wanted to add during the last pages which I doubt there was no sign of them being significant in any way On the contrary the author often picked up things I had long forgotten Not even after they picked it up again did I recall reading about it earlier in the book – but perhaps that was just because the reading was so darn slow for meWhile this book certainly has its merits – uite a uniue and complex fantasy world a large variety of characters switching perspectives – I just could not get the positive aspects to outweigh the negative ones Hence why I decided to drop it Nonetheless I have to say that Miriam an Irish archaeologist who Jessica befriends was an incredibly likeable character this book is really nice though it has a story some might think of as childish i think it is fantastic in both meanings 35 På dansk Den stjålne hukommelses museum Seltsames geht im Berliner Pergamonmuseum vor Exponate verschwinden plötzlich über NachtDer Museumswächter Thomas Pollock gerät unter Verdacht etwas mit den Diebstählen zu tun zu haben Als die Polizei ihn aufsuchen will findet sie nur seine Kinder vor die 14jährigen Zwillinge Oliver und Jessica und die beiden können sich nicht an ihren Vater erinnern der im übrigen spurlos verschwunden istMit Hilfe von Tagebuchaufzeichnungen kommen die beiden auf eine heiße Spur die ins Pergamonmuseum führt Dort lernen sie die Wissenschaftlerin Miriam McCullin kennen die ihnen mit ihrem Wissen über die Sagen und Götterwelt der antiken Kulturen von Babylon und Kusch zur Seite steht und ihnen helfen will ihren Vater wiederzufindenDie Suche nach Thomas führt Oliver schließlich in die geheimnisvolle Welt von uassinja der Welt der verlorenen ErinnerungenDiese Welt ist so detailreich liebevoll und witzig geschildert dass ich das Buch am liebsten gar nicht mehr aus der Hand gelegt hätte Really good and intense book One of my favourites ever It introduces you in a wonderful world where you want to go and help everyone The characters are normal people not like in other books where you can not identify yourself with them at all Searching for the truth and what’s important the memories Amazing Probably the book I always wanted to write Truly a phantastic novel

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  • Hardcover
  • 671 pages
  • Das Museum der gestohlenen Erinnerungen
  • Ralf Isau
  • German
  • 03 April 2016
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