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More Than You Know❧ More Than You Know free download ➛ Author Jo Goodman – MORE THAN HE KNEWRand Hamilton vows to rebuild his Charleston plantation with the only means left to him a long lost treasure that has lured and cursed two families for centuries But to finance his ex MORE THAN HE KNEWRand Hamilton vows to rebuild his Charleston plantation with the only means left to him a long lost treasure that has lured and cursed two families for centuries But to finance his expedition he must More Than PDF/EPUB or agree to the terms of his wealthy London benefactor and allow his goddaughter to accompany him Although wary Rand agrees to take the woman with him unaware that she is the one who holds the key to a haunting riddle that will lead him to a glorious treasure—and to a passion he has never known MORE THAN SHE DREAMED London heiress Claire Bancroft is desperate to seek hidden meaning to the terrible fate that has shattered her life Determined to find her missing brother and unlock the haunting secrets of her past she must place her trust in Rand only to discover that she is becoming completely enraptured by himand the promise of a shining future together. What can I say I love Jo Goodman's style how mature her characters are and how she can weave a mystery with a love story I am usually very impatient with the suspense and mystery in a romance novel If I am reading a romance I expect the romance to be the focal point Once the mystery threatens to overtake the book I abandon ship as uickly as I can Jo Goodman's romance novels are never without a mystery plot She places almost eual importance to the mystery as she does the love story If it was any other writer I would have found it extremely annoying But when Jo Goodman does it I cannot help it but read on In this book the treasure hunt plot is developed with great details Rand and Claire's relationship was an established fact at about 60% I should have lost interest then only that I didn't I read on knowing that I'd just be reading about how Rand and Claire discovered the treasure And I read on because I wanted to know This book has a Southerner from the US Captain Rand Hamilton as a hero and a young woman named Claire Bancroft from London daughter of a scholar goddaughter of a duke as a heroine Claire was blind for 95% of the book She went to the south Pacific with her scholar father and contracted an island disease which made her lose her sight Rand Hamilton explorer scholar and a Southerner visited Claire's godfather for his sponsorship The book took us to London then Charleston then Rand's ancestral home nearby then to the south Pacific and its many islands It almost reads choppy at times Like almost always Jo Goodman worked with a lot of material A blind woman on a mission to find her father her brother and her sigh with a guilt ridden man on a mission to restore his family legacy London the South and the tropical islands Rand and Claire were the beacon of sanity in this book They are typical Jo Goodman characters Calm cool and collected understanding acceptance and dignity passion tenderness and love Their relationship developed in that order too This book will not appeal to a large group of readers I am giving it 4 stars because I simply love Goodman's characters They are just people who I can relate to They are without farce Steady and never dramatic They have pains and work through them More importantly they work through them together They grow as a couple and as individual characters I appreciate the depth of her characters They are people I would love to be friends with and their traits my aspiration This is not to say that this book is perfect This book was confusing to me but I experience this often when I read Jo Goodman She writes a complicated story I need twice as much time to finish one book from her than I usually do with other full length novels I didn't uite understand why we had to visit Rand's home in the US other than to introduce his sister Bria in the series I also could not uite grasp Rand as a character Sometimes he seemed formidable Sometimes he seemed weak But maybe that is why I love her characters They are somehow real with their strengths and weaknesses They suffer and rejoice No unrealistic alpha hero but just as protective with a touch of vulnerability No wimpering fragile heroine but just as feminine with a will of steel I cannot summarize the plot because other than the treasure hunt everything else can only be seen as one follows their journey You cannot describe this book because the story is told between the lines What I can say is that they spent a lot of time on Rand's ship so this book has a strong piratey feeling to it even though Rand was not a pirate at all He was a scientist his ship a research vassal His background coming form the American south was not featured prominently in the book either except for the beginning of the book where they spent a week or two near Charleston The best part of the relationship was that Claire was so unassuming about it She considered what it meant for her to accept Rand's attentions and decided to enter the relationship without expectations or conditions She remained the level headed heroine that is Jo Goodman's trademark It was Rand who had to make her see their relationship as what it was which was not an assignation or an affair And Rand oh Rand I love Jo Goodman's heroes too They are such rocks not in the sense that they are so alpha and no one will harm their women but in the sense that they are as steady as can be Never wavering from their goal and never aggressively male They are just a steady presence a warm chest and a set of sheltering not overbearing arms Dream materials I say dream materials I truly love Jo Goodman's style and I can understand why she only publishes one book a year Her books reuire such planning and research They are always full of details and written in a manner that I must apply myself to see the world she creates clearly This is no fluffy read Just solid story telling and character building But remember the mystery part you have been warned 35 After the Civil War and the destruction it wreaked on his family and home Rand Hamilton went off in search of the Hamilton Waterstone Treasure He's got a chance at funding from the Duke of Strickland but the Duke's stipulation that he transport his blind goddaughter Claire Bancroft to find her father and brother in the same island Claire's knowledge of the islands is the deciding factor and Rand finally accepts He does not expect to fall in love with the feisty independent woman nor does she expect a man like Rand to find her anything but a burden But they do fall in love And they'll need to stick together to unravel the mysteries and battle the dangers in tracking down the legendary treasure The I read of Jo Goodman the I recognize her formula This is a long and steady story and manages a decent pacing IIRC there was only about 10% of the book once they arrive on the islands that felt like it was slower paced but everything else went along uite nicely paced I wasn't bored or constantly checking my progress The romance was pretty good It's not overly angsty or dramatic but it's also not fluffy and without conflict as Rand and Claire try to navigate their feelings their insecurities and mistrust mostly hers and as Rand struggles to make Claire understand that he's absolutely serious about her Goodman usually has the romance part of the plot all wrapped up and lovey by the 60 70% mark so then the in love pair can tackle whatever secondary plot they're dealing with That's also the case here I honestly don't mind and even like this because it really gives the characters a chance to demonstrate how well they work together as a couple I also really enjoyed the secondary suspense plot as they hunt down the treasure try to solve the mystery of its location with the riddles and try to figure out who the villain is It was really well written and pretty gripping I will say that it's this plot that had me uestioning Claire's actual intelligencesince she had the riddle memorized all this time and figured it was a Mother Goose rhyme This wasn't so bad as her inability to recognize the rhyme as the riddle even after repeating it twice Also her not realizing that one of the characters was not what he seemedit was glaringly obvious to everyone but her and I'm not sure I buy her blindness as a good excuse for that Though I guess her inability to see duplicity is probably where this is This ended up being a pretty long but very enjoyable story I kinda wish that the epilogue had actually been the last chapter and that a different epilogue had contained the wrapped up story of what happened with Stuart and the Duke It kinda sucked that with all the Duke's manipulations and deviousness even if he isn't all evil seeing or even knowing that Claire had put it to him for his actions would have been really nice It's too bad we don't find out what happened 3755 Great prose and characters as expected from Ms Goodman and there is an interesting Indiana Jones like plot line where they are chasing an old treasure There is probably not enough romantic tension between the leads even though they had a fiery start There were a few uestions left unanswered towards the end and some unrealistic scenes Rand Hamilton wants to rebuild his Charleston plantation for his mother and sister after the Civil War To raise money he's trying to find the 300 year old Hamilton Waterstone fortune hidden somewhere Each family has a riddle and only together can they find it Rand takes a newly blind Claire Bancroft back to the Solonesian Islands to try to find her father and brother and to maybe find the treasure She and Rand fall in love and marry and begin to work together to find the treasure The natives aren't thrilled Gradually Claire remembers what happened when she left the islands but it isn't until the fortune has been found in a cave and their lives are threatened that her sight is restored and all of the riddles are solved Ah I don't know what to really say A book this length I can finish In a day or two For some reason it was difficult finishing this one it seemed to last forever I love the romance between Claire and rand and how much he really loves her even though she is blind I wasn't sure how I would feel about her being blind all thru the book until the end but it worked and I loved it The first 140 pages were so confusing perhaps I needed a history lesson I'm not sure I wish there was an epilogue I'd like to know what happened to the doctor and the conversation with stickle or even rands family Part of it was a little unreal like all the sex they were having lol like seriously not once she didn't get pregnant I guess that wasn't the point either but it would of been a great addition in an epilogue seeing rand moving on with a family I couldn't decide between three or four stars so I put three just because of the confusion By the way to the previous post it wasn't hard to figure out Claire lifted the curse with the yellow gem Although it did state perhaps it was placing the gems into the crown that lifted the curse I have read one other book by this author a western one and it's by far one of my favorite books and I honestly can not think of the name lol forever in my heart I believe This one was a miss for me but I'll continue to buy her books I found this book long and a bit tedious It started off well and then the mystery took over There was a lot of gratuitous sex every few pages which interrupted the story I couldn't uite understand the characters of both the hero and the heroine I preferred many of her other books Full of action and adventure this is a good historical romance well written with imagery that flows off the pages An unexplained loss of sight leaves our heroine Claire clinging to the only hope she has revisiting the tropical islands she fled in a canoe Only one of all the doctors she visits believes her condition could be psychological Her Godfather hires an American captain to take her to tropics to face her past Heat flies between Claire and Rand as they embark on the voyage to cure Claire and uncover Rand's family's treasure Uncovered secrets riddles and suspense keep the story flowing smoothly to a sweet HEA I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for a voluntary honest review An adventure on the high seas lost treasure a blind prickly and intelligent heroine – this was a lot of fun I had reservations about the hero Rand – as he seemed at first to come from alpha hole ville eg kissing the heroine when he first meets her to test whether she is really blind but he did grow on me The islander characters could have been better fleshed out but I do really enjoy Jo Goodman’s writing Looking forward to the second one in the services I generally love Jo Goodman's books but I barely made it through this one I found the story plodding but with good moments here and there There was a lot of sex that felt like filler The ending was not tied up to my satisfactionAside from Claire's unexplained tantrum when first kissed by Rand I really liked Claire's independence and spirit I liked Rand as well I think perhaps if the book was shortened and a little fuller at the end it would have been much better 35 stars

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