Lustful Turk Or Scenes in the Harem of an Eastern Potentate

Lustful Turk Or Scenes in the Harem of an Eastern Potentate[Reading] ➿ Lustful Turk Or Scenes in the Harem of an Eastern Potentate Author Anonymous – The Lustful Turk or Lascivious Scenes from a Harem is a pre Victorian British erotic epistolary novel first published anonymously in 1828 by John Benjamin Brookes and reprinted by William Dugdale Howe The Lustful Turk or Lascivious Scenes Or Scenes PDF ↠ from a Harem is a pre Victorian British erotic epistolary novel first published anonymously in by John Benjamin Brookes and reprinted by William Dugdale However it was not widely known or circulated until the editionThe novel consists largely of a series of letters written by its heroine Emily Barlow to her friend Sylvia Carey When Emily sails from England for India in June her ship is attacked by Moorish pirates and she is taken to the harem of Ali Lustful Turk PDF \ dey of Algiers Ali rapes her and subjects her to his will awakening her sexual passions Emily's debasement continues when Ali insists on anal sex arousing the horror of her correspondent Sylvia who expresses her indignation at Ali's behaviour in a letter that the latter intercepts Annoyed at her attitude Ali arranges for Sylvia to be abducted and brought to the slave market of Algiers After an elaborate charade in which Ali pretends to be a sympathetic Frenchman bidding to save her from sexual slavery and engaging her in Turk Or Scenes PDF ✓ a fake marriage he deflowers her and awakens her sexuality as he had done with Emily Revealing his true identity Ali enjoys both girls together This sexual idyll is eventually terminated when a new addition to harem objects to anal rape Turk Or Scenes in the PDF or and cuts off the Dey's penis with a knife and then commits suicide Seemingly unfazed by this Ali has his lost members preserved in spirits of wine in glass vases which he presents to Emily and Sylvia sending them back to England with these tokens of his affectionThe Turk Or Scenes in the PDF or novel also incorporates interpolated stories concerning the erotic misadventures of three other girls abducted into the harem and enlarges on the fate of Emily's maid Eliza who presented by Ali to Muzra bey of Tunis is bound flogged and raped in turnThe book was one of those condemned as obscene by Lord Chief Justice Campbell when Dugdale was prosecuted in Via Wikipedia. This book is erotica Since it's really hard to review erotica without mentioning things that erotica is basically about but which might give persons of delicate sensibilities the vapours I've hidden the whole thing under a spoiler tagview spoilerThis book was uite hard to rate but I finally settled on two stars because it wasn’t well enough written even acknowledging that 19th century erotica probably wasn’t meant to be great literature to deserve any It’s an epistolary novel told entirely as a series of letters mostly from Emily Barlow to her friend Sylvia CareyEmily who is in love with Henry Sylvia’s brother gets sent off to India for reasons that are never made clear and don’t matter because she never arrives Instead she and her maid Eliza end up getting kidnapped by pirates and sold as harem slaves Emily ends up with the Dey of Algiers and Eliza with the Dey of Tunis Since this is erotica what happens next is entirely predictable Emily is raped by the Dey but pretty soon realises that after the whole messy painful deflowering is over sex is great and the Dey is really good at it so she’s entirely happy with the situationEmily gets to hear the stories of two other harem slaves an Italian woman and a Greek girl The Italian woman was captured on the way to Corsica with her new husband she is so modest that she is still a virgin; the Greek girl is sold by a corrupt official after her father and fiance are murdered The story is pretty much the same in all cases with only the names changed Additionally there is a sideways move into the adventures of a pair of Catholic priests who have a similar line in forcing young women to have sex with them then selling them to the Turks including a young novice nun who is faced with being buried alive after trying to escape her convent after her brothers refused to testify that they forced her to enter it in the first place Meanwhile Emily has been describing her new life as a harem slave in her letters to Sylvia who is shocked and rather insulting about the Dey when she writes back Since has been reading the letters the Dey determines to kidnap Sylvia to punish her as you do He manages this and embarks on a complex charade involving himself pretending to be a French physician and a fake marriage conducted by an English Jew pretending to be a priest Sylvia of course also follows the pattern and becomes uite happy in her new lifeSo far so unoriginal so distasteful However before we mount our 21st century politically correct high horse and ride madly off in all directions we should consider that “woman who gets blackmailedthreatenedbribed into a relationship with the hero” is still a staple plot device in women’s fiction written by women for women While this does not make rape any acceptable it does mean that we should consider that it isn’t limited to nineteenth century erotica written by men It’s alive and well and living in formula romances written by 21st century women although in slightly less blatant form Likewise the enduring popularity of “the sheikh” “the Greek” “the Italian” and recently “the Russian mafia boss” in women’s fiction are we talking racism and stereotype or are we talking “exciting and exotic”? Whichever it is and it could be both modern romances written by women for women have the same issues as The Lustful Turk and you can’t logically censure the one without applying the same standards to the otherAnyway moving back to the adventures of the Lustful Turk all of this bedroom activity is brought to a sudden end by a new slave who cuts off the Dey’s penis The Dey then orders his physician to also cut off his testicles since without the penis they are useless and has the amputated parts preserved in jars of spirits of wine one of which he gives to Emily and the other to Sylvia After which the two girls are sent back to EnglandOnce back in England the last letter discloses that the jars of wine spirits and contents have been donated to Sylvia’s friend who runs an expensive girls’ school; Sylvia’s friend shows them to her students as a reward for good behaviour Further Sylvia has married a baronet who has apparently not noticed that she is not the virgin he expected but Emily is determined not to do so until she can find a man who is sufficiently charming and skilled to replace the Dey in her affections and her bed She has a “young willing maid” who “auditions” all of her suitors of whom seven out of ten have been found wanting Emily discloses that she has hopes that the current one an Irish earl will pass the testThis conclusion to the tale is somewhat unexpected The “bad guys” the Turks and the Catholic priests are portrayed as lovers with great skill as well as stamina and charm we don’t know about the Jew able to secure any woman’s love and devotion Whereas of the “good guys” Henry is portrayed as a wet blanket who goes into a decline when Emily leaves for India and thereafter does nothing; the Italian woman’s husband is so unmanly that a month after the wedding he still hasn’t consummated the marriage; the Greek girl’s fiance gets stupidly and uselessly murdered though it's in her defence and it’s notable that she’s the only one who doesn’t completely fall for the Dey’s charms; the Italian novice nun’s brothers would rather leave her to be buried alive than admit that they forced her into the convent in the first place; Sylvia’s baronet husband is too stupid to notice he hasn’t married a virgin; and as for seven out of ten of Emily’s suitors they’re just not worthy of her consideration Further the story ends not with the Dey going merrily on with his career of lasciviousness but instead unable to have sex with anyone a sort of enforced faithfulness to Emily and Sylvia Meanwhile far from being fallen women whose marriage prospects have been destroyed and now face a lifetime of misery and shame Sylvia has married up she is now a baronet’s wife and Emily is determined not to marry at all until she can find a man who meets her high standards hence the maid not Emily auditioning the candidates The current candidate is an earl representing a huge leap in social status for Emily if she deems him worthy of herIn short the “foreigners” are consistently portrayed as “manly” than the women’s male relatives and conventional lovershusbands and the two girls far from being ruined by their experiences return to England to social success And the Dey’s parts have been handed off to Sylvia’s friend not even kept as mementos and how’s that for crushing to a man’s ego you give a girl your genitals and she hands them off like an unwanted birthday present to be displayed to schoolgirls as a reward for learning their French verbs properlyThe book ends not with as might be assumed the men in control but with the various men dead mutilated deceived or discarded and Emily and Sylvia in controlInteresting hide spoiler I am going to over analysis this book as it is not really literature it is smut pure and simple What makes it different is it is historical smut written in a time way before I and any of my family was born As you can see from my name I am Turkish and as you can see from my written language I live in UK So a book called the Lustful Turk makes me curious to read this for want of a better word novel The time the book was written and the time it is set are totally different from know Although Erotica is never a good outlet to study people perception on society that is kinda of what I am doing Having read Orientalism by Edward Said he created a work explaining the European attempt to demonise the middle east and Islam In a way this book is a product of that mystical world the European fantasied about The portrait of the Turk in the story is stereotypical and racist even the terms the unknown author uses to explain the Muslim are all European terms There is also some confusion as to whenever he is a Algerian or Turkish The poor treatment of the English maidens and there progress form virgins to lusty woman is pure sexist male thoughts Well it is my fault I kinda knew what I was getting into but I was interested into seeing this orientalist perspective that really still persist regarding the Muslims Harem My final thoughts are while interesting I not going to lose any thought over what is basically historical porn Not my cup of tea but if I were in to authentic Victorian rape fantasy erotica there probably is no better book than this one This book is all about deflowering virgins and Stockholm SyndromeThe translator of the book Bora Ercan did a good job here from English to TurkishI will not mention about orientalist view of Eastern culture or Harem according to the Victorians because other reviewers already may have mentioned thatFinally I could not find this book as philosophical or adventurous as the books of M de Sade or Sacher Masoch If you love erotica you may read them since they have depths than this one It's all about virgins getting deflowered Don't read it all at once Read one sex scene then go do something sensible Brush the cat or take out the trash Parcel out the deflowerings if you can Because nothing is worse than a stale virgin Had to read it for a class Please don’t read it uick read The Lustful Turk is one of those erotic classics that you’d find on every “best of” list; and I think that’s because it’s a tale that’s proven timeless It’s vivid sometimes violent in its explicit details However it falters as a series of “letters” to the downside of the framing device being a correspondence Some excerpts come off as clipped than carnal or climatic which thin what should’ve been a viscous narrative I got a similar impression from in Dracula as it seemed prolonged rather than strengthened in its correspondences in addition to indistinct albeit meticulous likenesses of its narrators Amusing and also revealing See my review at There are much better examples from the period

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