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National Velvet[Download] ➸ National Velvet ➽ Enid Bagnold – The timeless story of spirited Velvet Brown and her beloved horse has thrilled generations of readers And now the republication of this classic story in a fresh up to date package will charm confirmed The timeless story of spirited Velvet Brown and her beloved horse has thrilled generations of readers And now the republication of this classic story in a fresh up to date package will charm confirmed fans while captivating new ones Fourteen year old Velvet is determined to turn her untamed horse into a champion and personally ride him to victory in the world's greatest steeplechase the Grand National. A truly magical story that has been on my favourite books list since I was a childThrough the years my children and grandchildren have all enjoyed reading this book that makes you think that no matter how big the dream your dreams can come trueI also love the film that was made starring a very young Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney and I believe it was Elizabeth Taylor's first movieThis has to be one of the best classic stories around that never loses its magic A very uick review as I'm going away tomorrowNot an easy book to classify but I will go with young adult because of Velvet Brown's age She was fourteenI love the interaction of the Brown family and found them all very easy to relate to I loved seeing a young girl follow her dreams But I did find too much just too improbable and I found the book poorly structured it took till chapter 7 to get going and with distractions like view spoiler the other five horses hide spoiler How do you rate a book like this? It's marketed as a children's book but when I read it as a pre teen there's no way I got all the subtleties that the author works into her themes It was written in 1935 so of course it's aged While I was reading the book I was very aware that I was being given a slice of life for a way that people don't live any How many people even know what butchering is much less what it would be like to live in front of a kill yard? There's nowhere I know that would give kids candy bars on credit with the kids carefully tallying up what they owe for when they have the money The rural way of life in which most dogs aren't pets your pony is your means of transportation instead of your hobby and the village is a long walk away all pretty much goneNational Velvet is about a girl and her horse that's true enough But it's also about women rising to their best because of a man supporting them men seeing past appearances to the power of the woman's personality that's hiding underneath living a life that's poor in resources but rich in community This is not a kids' book although a child could read it This is also a book for people who know horses Who know that putting a horse out to grass without grain will make them lose condition and what that looks like Who know that a horse can be willing without a clue what to do Who understand that Sir Pericles is a marvel and that you never want to break his heart Who can see the stubbornness in a pony's rump turning toward them That's part of why I love the book having grown up riding but never having a horse of my own I really identify with Velvet and her paper animals her driving pretend horses before bed with tapes for reins I traced paper horses myself had Breyer horse miniatures that filled my closet The way the Bagnold can portray the individual personalities and magnificence of horses while still finding humor in their tricks and uirks setting it all down in passing while describing a scene is just masterful It's a book that's funny that's tragic that's triumphant It sees below the surface and helps the reader to do the same if they read carefully It's an artifact of a time gone by It's a book for people who love children and animals and remoteness I've never seen the movie I can't imagine that it's anywhere close to what the book offers Though I've treasured this since I was 12 I'd completely forgotten to include it here until Flicka's lyrical narration on the Hallmark Channel sent me scrambling for book excerpts online thru red swollen eyes of course hey it's a horse flick which led to a lovely Velvet detour And what a lovely book it is yes yes the triumph of the human spirit and all that which by the way can never be overdone in children's or YA or ANY literature for that matter but Enid Bagnold laid it all out with solid characterizations just the right pith and passion and all the good feels Now can we talk about how incredible THAT movie was?? This may be one of the strangest books ever written I first read it when I was eleven or so and didn't understand it uite frankly I still don't Is it a slice of life book? Is it a race book? The race speeds by so fast page time is given to the media than to the race and yet the entire novel turns on those few pages It's odd The first half of the book is purely a family story and that has its very odd moments too Lots of the older girls looking like golden greyhounds and being beautiful and Velvet looking boyish or like Dante huh? Lots of Donald being well impossible Lots of inadvertently hilarious mealtimes And some passing commentary that never fails to make me raise an eyebrow The Browns loved Jacob the dog as they loved each other deeply from the back of the soul with intolerance in daily lifeWhat do I do with that? Then there's Mi who works for the Browns whose father coached Mrs Brown back when she was Araminty Potter and swam the Channel against the tide in terrible weather Mrs Brown with all her imperturbability and her closing of doors in reporters' faces I think I might love her MiMi watched them go off with a ueer look in his eye a look old Dan had worn when he saw Araminty Brown strike out from the brim of the land There are men who like to make something out of womenThere's dated and there's datedDon't she ride him said the voice It's that Velvet girl The ugly oneWhat the kid with the teeth?That's who it isMi knew that Mally's beauty stood beside him and he resented it He half turned his shoulder on her While Velvet sat on the piebald he thought her the loveliest thing on earth Like Dan his father he hardly saw the faces of womenFirst published 1935 Still it's a funny mix of insight and the oddest misogyny The book ends with pages and pages of the press hounding Velvet before deciding she's old news I think that's the best part of the book not at all dated in fact and a meeting with the Grand National folk who half accuse Mi of trying to steal Velvet's price money almost 8000 pounds In 1935 Wikipedia tells me the prize money is A MILLION POUNDS today and Velvet being shy and retiring and I did it for the horseThis is a human interest book I suppose One where the race is almost unimportant even as it's the reason the book exists Not long ago I read Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons written in the 1930s and set in rural England just like this novel There was an illuminating introduction to that book in which the editor explained how Gibbons was parodying a writing style and subject matter popular in that era If you've read any DH Lawrence you will have a feeling for what I'm referring to the inarticulate but powerful Nature of women and that sort of thing I couldn't help think of that essay when I read this book It is an exceedingly strange book in some ways and not really meant for children You could probably give it to an eccentric 12 year old who is a sophisticated reader Nor it is really about horses although the dramatic climax of the book has 14 year old Velvet disguised as a boy winning the Grand National on an appallingly muddy and foggy course Really the book is about family and about will and desire If you can succumb to the peculiar charms of the writing style you might well enjoy this book but don't buy it for your pony mad little girl From BBC Radio 4 Afternoon DramaFourteen year old Velvet is mad about horses She knows 'there are pleasures earlier than love Earlier than love nearer heaven' in the form of horsesWhen she wins a piebald horse in a raffle she recognises he's something special He can easily clear five foot fences and he'll do anything for her Soon she and butcher's assistant Mi have their sights set on the biggest race in England But how can a girl in 1930s England get near Aintree?Peter Flannery rescues National Velvet from Hollywood returning 14 year old Velvet to her Sussex butcher's family in the 1930s A welcome return for Enid Bagnold's strange inventive fairytale about a young amateur girl rider who takes an untrained horse over the stiffest course in the world and winsSound design Eloise WhitAuthor Enid BagnoldDramatised by Peter FlanneryDirectorProducer Melanie HarrisExecutive Producer Polly ThomasA Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4httpwwwbbccoukprogrammesb03m7p9z One of the best books ever written about childhood adulthood and all the days in between Horse lovers will of course find this fascinating but it's a book that's much than a horse book It's a book about family and relationships and knowing your own self and others I can't recommend it too highly I encountered this novel in a Short Story collection Its negative aspects impressed themselves so much on my mind that I felt that the book itself warranted another separate reviewDon't get me wrong I have nothing against the content of the book The plot line while fragmented had some saving graces Velvet Mi's touching relationship was great There was also some joy to be extracted from the family's Kafkaesue demeanour What made me dislike the book profusely was the prose It was too dense and too niche Bagnold relies too much on cryptic slang For the average horse fanatic in 1930s England I bet the book would've been a mere couple of hours worth of reading But for me and I dare say us all of us who live in the 21st century it's all unintelligible twaddle To add to this it seems that Bagnold has difficulty grasping the basic tenets of storytelling Character development and a well formed A B C plot structure seemed to have been thrown out the window The amount of words also do not scale up to the story at all You could cut out at least half the paragraphs in the book without losing anything in terms of story However even in the face of all these negatives I was somehow able to finish the story I also came out the book knowing a little bit about horses which certainly isn't a bad thing But I think the most important thing I got out of this book was that reading is a very subjective experience I for example cannot understand how this book's rating can be anything greater than a 3 Or how it got to be made to a movie Or how it has been anthologized by damn near every professor of literature worth his saltIt's uite baffling really Like many girls in the last century I went through a horsey phase Do girls still do that? I suspect not but since my acuaintance with modern girls is small I don't know I read all the horsey books I could find in our small local library Billy and Bangs Misty of Chincoteague Brighty of Grand Canyon Man O' War etc I also read dog books but I still read thoseI remember reading National Velvet either in late middle school or early high school It was one of the books in the bookshelf just outside the door of the Kids Room That's where the Andre Norton books were too the stuff that was just a tiny bit advanced than the kid booksNational Velvet was where I learned the world piebald I couldn't uite visualize it but I had a good idea what it meantAnyway National Velvet was on TCM last night I watched it for the first time in donkey's years and was smitten by the desire to read the book again It's available inexpensively on Kindle so off I went and read it overnightI found I liked the writing style of this story VERY MUCH It's a dated style and family life and treatment of animals are very different from now The girls Velvet and her sisters go off and ride horses without supervision The dog has the run of the bitches of the village Part of the father's slaughterhouse is apparently just on the other side of one of the walls of the houseIn the midst of all this Velvet has become enad of a horse The Pie who keeps escaping his enclosure by leaping fences and running through the village She wins him for a shilling in a village raffle and somewhere along the way decides she could bring him into the history books by riding in the National Steeplechase race The rest of the book is how she gets there and what happens after It's really an extraordinary book Velvet isn't a supergirl She has a nervous stomach and vomits easily She's skinny and has buck teeth She gets tired and nervous Mi short for Michael Taylor her partner in the race prep is her father's employee He is NOT a love interest anywhere along the line He's a facilitator helping Velvet with the knowledge he gained working at various racecourses over the years He's also the son of the man who coached Violet's mother Araminty when she swam the English Channel when she was 19 So Velvet wins the race then faints and falls off The Pie which leads to the discovery that she is in fact a girl The National Hunt committee men meet to decide what's to be done whether to prosecute someone for attempts to defraud That led to this little exchange between a couple of the menIf my daughter'd done it said Lord Henry Vile I'd be He paused and stroked his lip with his fingerPretty upset I should thinkI wasn't going to say that said Lord Henry No The men in this story either HELP Mi Taylor or don't hinder pretty much the rest of them Velvet Her mother is Velvet's rock The other family members have their uirks and foibles and how WEIRD is Donald the one boy in the crew??? and the shape of the family is very different to what we're used to now But it's a good family and they're good togetherNow I want to read Enid Bagnold

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