Frühling der Barbaren

Frühling der Barbaren☂ Frühling der Barbaren PDF / Epub ✐ Author Jonas Lüscher – Der Protagonist dieser raffiniert gebauten Debütnovelle von Jonas Lüscher der Schweizer Fabrikerbe Preising wird auf einer Geschäftsreise in einem gehobenen tunesischen Oasenresort Zeuge aufwendige Der Protagonist dieser raffiniert gebauten Debütnovelle von Jonas Lüscher der Schweizer Fabrikerbe Preising wird auf einer Geschäftsreise in einem gehobenen tunesischen Oasenresort Zeuge aufwendiger Hochzeitsvorbereitungen Reiche junge Engländer aus der Londoner Finanzwelt haben Freunde und Familie für ein großes Fest um sich versammelt und feiern schon im Voraus ausschweifend als sich die wirtschaftlichen Krisensignale zur Katastrophe verdichten Das britische Pfund stürzt ab kurz danach Frühling der ePUB ô ist England bankrott mit unabsehbaren Folgen die auch Tunesien nicht unberührt lassen Preising als Schweizer zwar von den schlimmsten Folgen ausgenommen muss miterleben wie dünn die Decke der Zivilisation ist und lernt seine ganz eigene Lektion in Globalisierung denn seine Firma lässt in Tunesien fertigen Auch Preising bleibt nicht ungeschoren Spannend klug konstruiert durchaus auch komisch mit unvergesslichen Bildern und einer reichen beweglichen Sprache erzählt seziert dieses Buch menschliche Schwächen und zielt dabei mitten ins Herz der Gegenwart. This slim novella shortlisted for the Swiss Book Prize back in 2013 is another entry in the small roster of fictional works addressing the global financial crisis In this case the approach is to examine the dynamics of a group of ‘brash and self confident’ London bankers gathered together for a wedding at a luxury resort in TunisiaYou can see why this was a priority target for English translation – not just for its portrait of finance wankers who are in danger of supplanting football hooligans as our most depressing exported stereotype but also for its vision of the UK as being at the centre of global meltdown By setting the action just slightly into the future Lüscher allows himself to imagine some of the conseuences of collapse in terms which post Brexit have become feasible than everIn effect what Preising was presenting me with here was a variation on the by now familiar theme of ‘Where were you when Britain went bankrupt?’ Latterly this genre had taken over from the earlier ‘Where were you on 911?’ Likewise we all now vividly remember the moment when the baby faced PM in his baby blue silk tie – an unduly optimistic and frivolous choice in the circumstances I always thought – commenced his speech with the words ‘In thirteen hundred and forty five when King Edward the Third told his Florentine bankers’ Sure it had far less visual impact than 911 but it's still seared on our collective memoryThe climax is a suitably Ballardian spiral into social breakdown and violence all played out in the microcosm of this North African resort Lüscher doesn't have Ballard's control or his flashes of genuine weirdness – but he does have a great hook and the themes of financial disaster and Arab Spring give him plenty to work with A bullish debut; analysts recommend buy Warning likes can go down as well as up This is a powerful little book that tells in a few 125 pages the imaginary story of a group of British tourists and a Swiss businessman and what could happen in the event of an economic collapse A very interesting short novel It was meant to be 3stars until the senseless scene befitting the title Barbarian that marked the denouement of this book I suppose telling a random tale likely the cause and is a symptom of the MC's PTSD An eviscerating critiue of neo liberal market worship hovering between satire and farce Lüscher wields the barbs of a sharp wit and a global intellect to make Barbarian Spring a novella relevant funny and disconcerting The author’s love of literature makes small cameo appearances at the corners of the narrative Overall an entertainment that though excessive remains in ways a metaphorical and perhaps needed look at the financial crisis of ‘08 and possible ones to come I devoured this practically perfect novella beautifully written and skillfully translated from the original German The author's story is set at an opulent wedding celebration at a luxury desert resort in Tunisia The narrator in one of the best narrator perspectives I've encountered provides a uniue perspective into the wedding guestsyoung rich entitled London financial industry professionals and their families In the ensuing hours two eually chance and trivial occurrences combined to trigger a series of events that culminated in an apocalypse of blood and flamesI discovered this book at the Bay Area Book Festival this year and heard the author speak about the project of writing it He wanted to adopt one aspect of Goethe's theory of the novella which states that it should contain something impossible or almost impossible Lüscher chose two almost impossibles the complete bankruptcy and collapse of the British financial system and a main character who would make his way through all the events of the story without making any decisions whatsoever The latter proves impossible than the former depending what you count as a decisionBecause goodreads isn't displaying the blurb in English I'll copy it from hereOn a business trip to Tunisia Preising a leading Swiss industrialist is invited to spend the week with the daughter of a local gangster He accompanies her to the wedding of two London city traders at a desert luxury resort that was once the site of an old Berber oasis With the wedding party in full swing and the bride riding up the aisle on a camel no one is aware that the global financial system stands on the brink of collapse As the wedding guests nurse their hangovers they learn that the British pound has depreciated tenfold and their world begins to crumble around themSo begins Barbarian Spring the debut novel from Jonas Lüscher a major emerging voice in European fiction The timely and unusual novel centers on a culture clash between high finance and the value system of the Maghreb Provocative and entertaining Barbarian Spring is a refreshingly original and all too believable satire for our timesThis novella is a single sitting read and is structured as a story within a story A mystery narrator sets up the tale that is told to him by another character Then occasionally mid story this narrator swings wildly into unaccountable omniscience that is never explained This irritated me enough to withhold a fifth star but otherwise the story is immaculately told and harrowing in the extreme Trigger warning bad things happen to animals I will not say but it was hard to readWhile the novel does indeed culminate in something very like an apocalypse of blood and flames it is also full of uiet dramas of the human experience I was particularly moved by the inclusion of Gary Snyder's The novella ultimately explores the total breakdown of order and how a variety of personalities react How extreme can the chaos really get? Brace yourselves for an absurdly violent and horrifying series of events that make the implied location of the frame story a sanatorium make significantly sense by the end Very snappy prose I had high expectations as one of the characters on page 1 or 2 was called Prodanovic Alas cliche ridden and somewhat smug Still in German but this one's translation is out there Get your hands on a copy Short strong dark and very funny takedown of finance and global industry I'm not sure what to say A good read Easy and interesting