Emergent[Epub] ➛ Emergent By Rachel Cohn – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Zhara the First Elysia her clone On the surface they are identical But looks can be deceivingWhen Zhara plays she plays to win She thought she had escaped the horrors of Doctor Lusardi's cloning compo Zhara the First Elysia her clone On the surface they are identical But looks can be deceivingWhen Zhara plays she plays to win She thought she had escaped the horrors of Doctor Lusardi's cloning compound But the nightmare is just beginning Elysia has taken everything from Zhara a softer prettier version of herself and an inescapable reminder of all she's failed at in her life Now the man Zhara loves has replaced her with Elysia Zhara will get her clone out of the way no matter the costElysia has finally learned the truth she has a soul Her First is alive She knows it hurts Zhara to see her with Alexander but she can't give him up The genetically perfected Auine has chosen as her as his life mate and their days together are limitedElysia can't remain in the Rave Caves off the shores of Denesme forever Revolution is brewing on the island paradise Hundreds of soulless clones remain imprisoned like Elysia once was slaves to the whims of their owners wealthy human inhabitants of the island As a group of clones and humans led by Alexander plot an insurrection that will turn Denesme's world upside down Elysia knows her place is fighting by his side Terrible sacrifices must be made to defeat Denesme's twisted regime But even the greatest losses cannot prepare Elysia for the ticking time bomb built into her own programming. Why is the cover soporny? Imagine your mother asking you about the book and you trying to explain that it's just teen fiction How? How do you go from a pretty great book like Beta to whatever the hell this is? Last night my husband and I watched the MST3K riff of Parts the Clonus Horror That movie was a better produced clone story than this book If the guy from CinemaSins was given this book in movie format the list of sins would rival that of Transformers 4 and that movie took 2 episodes to enumerate its flaws It was just very very bad Imagine if you set up a little island play area and then gave a small child figurines of the characters from this book and then let them tell you the story That's how choppy and disconnected this book is I am Zhara I love him now No now I love him Here's a scene where we did the sexing Now we are on an island Now we are leading an insurrection kinda Now we're going to a different island This other girl and I are the same girl but we don't like each other Watch us be mean to each other and call each other bitch all the time We don't really have a love triangle because there are four different boys and we just go through them like days of the week underwear Now look We're revolting again And the clone people get sick when they get old but we don't call it expiration or anything cool We call it the Awfuls which is the most awful name from a sickness ever There's a baby in here somewhere and something about the government Oh we forgot a character from last book so let's bring her back And now it's done Ta da Now bring me juice it's nap time I can't even dignify this book with a listing of it's flaws I just can't I don't have the time energy or motivation It was just terrible So why two stars? Because I finished it It was hard going but I did finish it And the clone's rights discussions were fairly thought provoking Unfortunately that was like 10 pages of the book Ugh This book had the Awfuls 45 star rating A finished review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you Let's take a time machine back into time— one year ago Or actually a little than a year ago to be honest That was when I read Beta the first book in the Annex trilogy and that's where I found one of my most strongest loves dystopian books From there or even a little before that I've grown to be obsessed with this uniue genre where anything is actually possible Although the wait for Emergent felt extremely long and precious it was so worth it Emergent was everything I was looking for in a seuel and there surely was no signs of second book syndrome anywhere nearby not even a speckNow I understand—truly understand—what it means to have a soul because in this moment mine feels like it literally just exploded with exhilaration The feeling spreads to each and every cell in my body fireworks of joyAs most dystopia trilogies are formatted the first book is where the action makes all of the events prior to happen It's the starting point and formation Whatever happens in the second and third books are because of the first It's like a formula Many authors decide to follow that formula in order to create sci fi success At the end of Beta there was a huge plot twist that was revealed that would obviously change the seuel's setting and storyline That was the main thing that struck me the most and made me want this book a hundred times As we begin we're reading in the point of view of Zahra Elysia's First The beginning basically shows the points in her life that revolve around Elysia but she herself doesn't even know that she has a clone In the beginning she was having a death party and then got resurrected and woke up The funny thing is is that she expected to die at the moment when the pirates found her Next thing you know she was brought to a deserted truly unliveable island where the Emergents are There she tries to forget about Xander the guy who she's loved for her whole life and decides to move on And from there she finds out that she has a Beta and she's with XanderAnd of course that's where Zahra gets fed up and her attitude spews all over the place like lava from a volcano If you read the first book previously you'll obviously know that Zahra is the bitchiest bitch around She's like the Evil ueen from Snow White after eating twenty poisoned apples and still living The mind blowing thing in this situation is that I ended up loving Zahra She was such a drag ueen in the beginning I must admit but the magic and personality that Cohn added into her sprouted her into someone better She even PSST began a friendship with her Beta—a once in a lifetime opportunity I can be patient Paradise will be mine next time I get there This was like a Lost remake Probably taking place in the third season where the action through the island really began Rachel Cohn truly created a Survival 101 book with sexy romance thrill and heart pounding fangirling moments The only thing that I didn't really like was the beginning I do wish that the author gave us a better recap on what was happening at the moment I obviously eventually got it but it did take a while for me to remember the characters and who was who It's been than a year people The story was honestly so perfect It's something that would come out of an inspirational person's dream since it was so smart and logical There was suspense at the end of every page and I honestly couldn't stop reading Every word was like something I need to follow by OBVIOUSLY NOT THE CRAZY THING THAT ZAHRA DID DUHI just didn't want the end of the book to come AND IT HAD TO IT HAD TO AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER GURGRJGRUHGEOGHEUOK YEAR sprouts anger I only want you when I can have all of you Aidan places his hand over my heart which is the one part of me that's in no way ready to give itself to a clone The romance was so agonizing in this book First of all because there were so many get together moments where characters were either a pissed because they're with someone else or b confused with who they really love And honestly that's not a bad thing because Cohn really made everything seem real This wasn't picture perfect romance it was much realistic and special I had so many ships and they all sunk This book actually had it all What a fantastic comeback from Rachel Cohn—who's books I'm so obsessed with This was action packed gorgeous and even had hints of discrimination and mystery What dystopia adds that in? If you haven't picked up Beta yet I DARE YOU TO because you'll need to get ready to be obsessedThis review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived check it out for reviews TRIGGER WARNINGS This book contains slut shaming ableism gaslighting and pregnancy by rapeThis book was delayed Originally due out in 2013 maybe March it didn't release until October 2014 Never heard any explanation for the wait but that's okay probably none of my business And maybe because Emergent is the second in a series no word yet on the next book though I think the series sold in a four book deal there seemed to be little publicity for it It's only just barely mentioned on the author's website And it's official Beta book 2 Emergent is now available Not even a summary for the book there but I suppose that's fine too maybe to prevent spoilers? And managing a website can be troublesomeI gave the first book Beta five stars and like with other five star books I was concerned I wouldn't enjoy the next as much so I put off reading Emergent when it was finally publishedAnd thus I have mixed feelings about Emergent It starts off from the point of view of Zhara who took a drug that slowed her heartbeat so when she crashed at sea at first her rescuers thought she was deadso they cloned her It makes sense in the context of the book Anyway now Zhara lives on an island Heathen with self actualised clones who are planning an Insurrection against the people of the island paradise Demesne from whom the Emergents escapedThen Zhara's clone Elysia arrives and there are love jealousies andnot much happens until the ambush When the characters move to Demesne the plot gets going But is it a case of too little too late? The conveniences of someone acuiring someone else's lightning finger abilities; the two women in fridges ie females who aren't Zhara or Elysia are the first to dieI love Demesne's setting such a vibrant and vivid world of colours It's fascinating to learn about cloning and the plight for clones' rights And while I do rather like this novel I wonder how much of my score is due to nostalgia I was hopeful of another five star read after Beta so I think my own expectations brought me downAll this said I'm very much looking forward to the next book or books in this series Hopefully the wait for Book 3 won't be as long but I'll understand if it is The first book was pretty good This seuel how ever was awful it felt like a completely different author wrote it The storyline is all over place with so many diffrent things trying to occur at the same time that it is not believable for a sci fi book Too much teenage angst and moodiness for me the story really did not get going until the last couple chapters were the insurrection was just rushed through and not explained very well Overall a poor book and I will not be reading the next in the series I loved Beta so I was so excited when I heard about the second book Emergent I tried to read twice butit was a little difficult to get thru I dont understand why this book was so different from Beta I think what made it different is the perspectives I will reread this book again sometime soon As much as I enjoyed the first one I stopped reading this one at 75% of the book Much centered on relatin shipsplus I don't buy the story of parent's Tahir being able to help so much giving the way things are 355 starsI liked the old covers so much betterThere will be some spoilers from book 1 BetaI really enjoyed Beta and had been looking forward to Emergent for uite a while I thought that Emergent was okay but the first part was not that exciting the book is divided into two partsBeta was narrated by Elysia a teenage Beta clone who had a soul and could feel At the end of that book Elysia killed the Governor's son and escaped Also it was discovered that Zhara Elysia's first the girl who died and who she was cloned from was not dead at allEmergent is narrated by both Elysia and Zhara This was interesting And while these two characters were uite different it did get a bit confusing mostly because it was not indicated who the narrator was at the beginning of each chapter It did say when the narrator changed But if Zhara was the narrator for 3 chapters then you had to remember thatInstead of a love triangle there are actually two love triangles One love triangle for Elysia Xander and Tahir and one love triangle for Zhara Alex who is Xander and Aidan This made things kind of odd and not everybody ended up with who I thought they would end up withI guess Emergent is not the final book because things did not end As with the first book things really picked up towards the end I think that the book did end off in a very interesting place I just wish that happened in the rest of the book WHY WAS THE RELEASE PUSHED BACK TO 2014??? I enjoyed the original uite a bit but this seuel felt too rushed and ended too abruptly A shame since Beta was such a great story

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