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American Gothic Tales❰Download❯ ➸ American Gothic Tales Author Joyce Carol Oates – Joyce Carol Oates has a special perspective on the “gothic” in American short fiction at least partially because her own horror yarns rank on the spine tingling chart with the masters She is able Joyce Carol Oates has a special perspective on the “gothic” in American short fiction at least partially because her own horror yarns rank on the spine tingling chart with the masters She is able to see the unbroken link of the macabre that ties Edgar Allan Poe to Anne Rice and to recognize the dark psychological bonds between Henry James and Stephen King This remarkable anthology of gothic fiction spanning two centuries of American writing gives us an intriguing and American Gothic Kindle - entertaining look at how the gothic imagination makes for great literature in the works of forty six exceptional writers In showing us the gothic vision—a world askew where mankind’s forbidden impulses are set free from the repressions of the psyche and nature turns malevolent and lawless—Joyce Carol Oates includes Henry James’s “The Romance of Certain Old Clothes” Herman Melville’s horrific tale of factory women “The Tartarus of Maids” and Edith Wharton’s “Afterward” which are rarely collected and appear together here for the first timeAdded to these stories of the past are new ones that explore the wounded worlds of Stephen King Anne Rice Peter Straub Raymond Carver and than twenty other wonderful contemporary writers This impressive collection reveals the astonishing scope of the gothic writer’s subject matter style and incomparable genius for manipulating our emotions and penetrating our dreams With Joyce Carol Oates’s superb introduction American Gothic Tales is destined to become the standard one volume edition of the genre that American writers if they didn’t create it outright have brought to its chilling zenithrom Wieland or The transformation Charles Brockden Brown The legend of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving The man of adamant Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne The Tartarus of maids Herman Melville The black cat Edgar Allan Poe The yellow wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman The romance of certain old clothes Henry James The damned thing Ambrose Bierce Afterward Edith Wharton The striding place Gertrude Atherton Death in the woods Sherwood Anderson The outsider HP Lovecraft A rose for Emily William Faulkner The lonesome place August Derleth The door EB White The lovely house Shirley Jackson Allal Paul Bowles The reencounter Isaac Bashevis Singer In the icebound hothouse William Goyen The enormous radio John Cheever The veldt Ray Bradbury The Dachau shoe WS Merwin The approved WS Merwin Spiders I have known WS Merwin Postcards from the Maginot Line WS Merwin Johnny Panic and the Bible of dreams Sylvia Plath In bed one night Robert Coover Schrödinger's cat Ursula K Le Guin The waterworks EL Doctorow Shattered like a glass goblin Harlan Ellison Human moments in World War III Don DeLillo The anatomy of desire John L'Heureux Little things Raymond Carver The temple Joyce Carol Oates Freniere from Interview with the Vampires Anne Rice A short guide to the city Peter Straub In the penny arcade Steven Millhauser The reach Stephen King Exchange value Charles Johnson Snow John Crowley The last feast of Harleuin Thomas Ligotti Time and again Breece D'J Pancake Replacements Lisa Tuttle Spirit seizures Melissa Pritchard Cat in glass Nancy Etchemendy The girl who loved animals Bruce McAllister Ursus Triad later Kathe Koja and Barry N Malzberg from Geek Love The nuclear family his talk her teeth Katherine Dunn Subsoil Nicholson Baker. Read for ClassI didn't read all of the short stories in here but the ones I read for class were pretty good Then again I love almost anything Gothic so I guess I'm biased Regardless I can't wait to get back to the stories I didn't read; I'm sure they're just as eerie This is a nice little collection of classic gothic tales by well known American authors Most of them aren't horror writers per se but all of them have written one or books that fall within the realm of dark Romanticism If you're into modern horror you may find some of these stories too dull and literary not a lot of gore or monsters or graphic violence Instead most of these are subtle stories of psychological terror think The Others or Donnie Darko rather than The Exorcist or Texas Chainsaw Massacre Oates is no stranger to the gothic genre herself and she has created one hell of an anthology here Some of the authors are the usual suspects that crop up in high school anthologies A Rose for Emily The Yellow Wallpaper The Black Cat But Oates moves beyond the usual syllabus to include Lovecraft she should get some credit for helping to mainstream him and contemporary writers like King and Thomas Ligotti an author I think deserves critical attention Surveying the entire history of American gothic literature Oates presents an astonishing array of authors and viewpoints from straight up horror to existentialpsychological gothic Unlike some anthologies this one isn't just a random hodgepodge of some gems and a bunch of mediocre tales Rather Oates has gone out of her way to include distinguished work from high brow and low brow renowned and largely overlooked authors Some of my favorites in this volume include August Derleth's The Lonesome Place Sherwood Anderson's A Death in the Woods Stephen Millhauser's In the Penny Arcade and Nancy Etchemendy's Cat in Glass Well after over a year of intermittent reading mostly seasonal reading in October I finally finished this excellent collection It's arranged chronologically which I found both logical and interesting and the selection was uite varied There were only a couple tales that I found uninteresting or not to my liking and uite a few that were excellent Some of these were in the vein of the unsettling tales of Robert Aickman a personal favorite and others had a touch of macabre humor Reading the HP Lovecraft tale The Outsider in this book made me reread of his work elsewhere something I hadn't done for years and years Even beneficial was finding writers I'd never heard of before that I hope to seek out in the future such as Nancy Etchemendy Lisa Tuttle and Nicholson Baker Also represented are several modern masters not necessarily associated with this genre such as Don DeLillo Stephen Millhauser and John Cheever I had not read either DeLillo or Millhauser though I'd always meant to so was happy to have their stories prod me toward finding other work by them I have not so far done so but these things will come in their seasons Then there were the classics both modern and old that bear reading again and again Faulkner's A Rose for Miss Emily Ambrose Bierce's The Damned Thing Edith Wharton's Afterward another personal favorite Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper Add to the roster other illuminaries such as Herman Melville Edgar Allan Poe Stephen King Nathaniel Hawthorne Ray Bradbury Harlan Ellison Henry James EL Doctorow of course the editor herself plus many many others and you've got a very fine collection indeed This kind of book is best kept on the nightstand and dipped into occasionally rather than read straight through The effect of these stories is powerful when they are spread out Also I should mention that Oates' personal taste comes through uite clearly and although she does a fine job of selecting representative American tales the reader will note that the choices are slanted toward artistic and subtle tales rather than straight up horror which is my preference as well There are a number that don't really have conclusions as such but simply leave the reader to contemplate what may or may not have happened I especially enjoy this sort of unresolved and cryptic story I only wish that someone would edit such an eclectic and far ranging collection of British and Irish writers if they haven't done so already I'm imagining such a book featuring EF Benson AS Byatt Sheridan LeFanu Wilkie Collins Charles Dickens Daphne DuMaurier Algernon Blackwood Margot Livesey Kingsley Amis Henry James arguably British though also claimed by America of course Somerset Maugham Oscar Wilde Bram Stoker AC Doyle Robert Aickman well those are just a few off the top of my head That would indeed make a wonderful companion volume Interesting collection of gothic tales dating from 1798 to modern times Many of the authors I've read before Hawthorne Poe Lovecraft etc but there were several authors and stories I had not heard of Truly horrific tale of madness As the tales became modern there are a few from science fiction including stories from Bradbury Le Guin and Ellison Some of these are truly disturbing tales while others left me scratching my head wondering what I'd just readThe spookiest one for me was The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Last Feast of Harleuin by Thomas Ligotti also creeped me out becauseclowns Cat in Glass by Nancy Etchemendy was another good oneIt's been a while since I've read any short stories Enjoyed it Favorites The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman In the Penny Arcade by Steven Millhauser The Reach by Stephen King Edited and compiled by Joyce Carol Oates with whom I think many may have a lovehate relationshipalthough in the end I am not entirely sure what sort of influence that should have on anyone deciding whether or not to read thisThat said I think this is a fantastic compilation of Gothic tales past and present Oates I feel was thorough in including a breadth of short stories that was reflective of the genre I read many not all of these stories in my Gothic lit class a few years ago and continue to teach many of them in my American Lit class my juniors LOVE this unit Dark and creepy outright gory or somewhere in between this anthology has a little bit of everything for the true Gothic lover Some of the selections are really pushing the definition of gothic c'mon The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? and it's nuts not to include biographical info for the authors but this is a pretty nice anth all things considered Tons of great gothic stuff from Hawthorne Melville Faulkner Joyce Carol OatesPlath and WS Merwin Great classic writing ready to be read by you on a stormy night Awesome book A collection of short spine tingling stories Great read

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