Redshank's Warning

Redshank's Warning✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Redshank's Warning By Malcolm Saville ⚣ – Redshank’s Warning is the first title in the Jillies series Redshank’s Warning is the first title in the Jillies series. Another one from the 'Books to go' shelf Unusually for MS the location doesn't come across particularly strongly; usually the dastardly plot is a bit rubbish and the characters are downright irritating JD the Jillies' dad takes his children to Norfolk in an unreliable car without ensuring that they will have accommodation once they arrive His eldest daughter Mandy is petulant bossy and generally far too big for her boots 'Strong willed' is the kindest way of putting it I uite like Prue and Tim and Guy and Mark Standing but JD and Mandy are the two who put me off the Jillies booksBut this was a different age perhaps Mandy's behaviour was considered attractive at the time who knows? You can tell it's a different age because when near the start they are all going out for a meal Mandy reuests they go to a restaurant that serves that wholly exotic dish spaghettiThe dastardly plot is the theft and smuggling of valuable pictures using a local church as a drop off point all elements which MS used in the Lone Pine series although possibly not in the same combination The Jillies and the Standings are enlisted by a Scotland Yard detective to help in the uncovering of this plot not something which would happen today and something which I suspect was pretty unlikely to happen then It's not a strong start to the series If the rest of the books hit a higher mark it's possible I will keep Redshanks' Warning to make up the set but I'm not optimistic The book is set in the 1940's if I remember correctly in one of the most beautiful parts of England North Norfolk An adventure story for children along the lines of Enid Blyton's Adventure series it now gives an insight into another age beginning with a child in uarantine at home and then the long drive from London to Blakeney in a rattly old car at a time when having a car was still a luxury for many families and a seaside vacation was something that families scraped and saved all year forThen the adventure really beginsI first read this book when I was uite small and already in love with this part of the world The place hasn't really changed all that much; the hotel is still there and the redshank still delivers a warning should you stray into the marshes It's just we human beings who have changed our expectations of a teenager's behaviour and words In response to an earlier review

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