Princess Sultana's Circle

Princess Sultana's CircleWith Princess Sultana S Circle, The Extraordinary Story Of Princess Sultana Continues The Forced Marriage Of Sultana S Niece To A Cruel And Depraved Older Man, And Sultana S Discovery Of The Harem Of Sex Slaves Kept By A Royal Cousin, Makes This Brave Royal Princess Determined Than Ever To Fight The Oppression Of Women In Saudi Arabia Princess Sultana S Cause Is Given An Extra Sense Of Urgency Against The Background Of Increased Dissent Against The Al Sa Uds, And The Looming Spectre Of Islamic Fundamentalism But An Extended Family Camping Trip In The Desert Brings The Luxury Loving Sultana And Relatives Closer To Their Nomadic Roots, And Gives Her The Strength To Carry On The Fight For Women S Rights In All Muslim Countries.This Book Paints A Horrifying Reality For Women Of The Desert Kingdom It Is A Haunting Look At The Danger Of Saudi Male Dominance And The Desperate Lives Of The Women They Rule. It was an overdose, I am from Saudi Arabia and I can tell you that women in my hometown are not treated as badly as the book suggests In fact I was surprised at the kinds of things mentioned in the book, I have never heard of a single Saudi girl I knew who was forced into marrying a old ugly man, and this book is full of such stories and much Majority of the people treat their women as equals and love and respect them, they might not be able to drive but they have drivers to their services as well as taxis available All my neighbors, friends, families I knew growing up with loved their daughters as much as they did their sons While I understand it s ultra conservative and change is needed, there is no way on earth would I be willing to bad mouth my own country with an help of a foreigner for a world to see and point fingers at, hence I question the credibility of this book, and if princess sultana does exist, she is nothing than a bored, pampered princess who does nothing but to talk about how unhappy she is with her life There are good and bad people EVERYWHERE, that doesn t mean that you have to point fingers at the whole nation for that Besides that, that princess sultana s life is far too exciting to be true, I mean seriously, fights with brother, sisters, cousins getting raped, brother molesting children and marrying lots of women, another sister in bondage with older husband and abused, then another cousin being in love with American bf and tricked into coming back and locked up until death, Sultana s daughter in a gay phase and going crazy, another daughter becoming crazy animal lover and a religious extremist.So on and so forth There is no way in hell that all these tales can be fit into one lifetime of a human being, no matter how much you fantasize, nobody has such an exciting life, and thankfully. Princess Sultana s Circle is the third book in Jean Sasson s Princess trilogy I really loved the first book The second was good But by the time I got to the third book I was starting to feel a little jaded.Let me just say that I believe that a lot of events described in this book are things that do occur in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries I believe that women are considered and treated as even lower than second class citizens there and that they suffer greatly because of it That said, these books are purported to be the true stories of a single Saudi Arabian woman and I find that fact to be a little difficult to swallow Books require tension and conflict to be interesting, and these books were nothing if not interesting Every single chapter seemed to outline or highlight some atrocity or violation of basic human rights If this were a collection of women s stories from across the social board in Saudi Arabia I would find it easier to believe But the fact that all of these things happen to or in the life of one woman sounds like fiction than fact to me.I think that author Jean Sasson, who spent over a decade living and working in the medical field in Saudi Arabia, had ample material gathered over the years of women and stories that she encountered in her personal and professional life and chose to attribute them all to one person.And maybe I m wrong This is just what I feel I still think that these books highlight important issues that should be seen and heard worldwide I think they can help to educate people about the plight of women in the Middle East And I think people should read them with an open heart and an open mind.I just don t think they are the true story of one single woman I feel like they are the true stories of a nation of women. A volcano of Lies 86 190 201 219 277 302 311 .. I thought the first book was really interesting, but by the 3rd book it was getting annoying It s hard to take someone seriously that goes out and blows 500K on a shopping spree in New York If she was really serious about doing something of value for women she would invest in things that would really make a difference for women like education, business opportunities, etc I guess I found it harder to be sympathetic to her family I don t doubt that life is hard for her, but I can t help thinking it is a million times harder for women who don t have her wealth. There is an entire series of these Princess books, all of which I have read with an open heart I wish I could say that I have searched for ways to make a difference, but, I have cherished my many freedoms with a clearer head and open heart. 3.5 Za nijansu slabiji od prethodnog dela, ali mi se poslednja scena pred epilog posebno svidela Dopalo mi se kako je zavr ena trilogija iako sam ula sa imaju jo dva nastavka koja btw ne planiram da itam Nadam se da e se svaka ena jednog dana pridru iti mom krugu, i da e svaka ena na svetu sada mo i da pomogne drugoj eni u nevolji TAKO JE GIRL CODE Mo da mi na Balkanu nemamo takve probleme kao u Saudijskoj Arabiji ali definitivno imamo probleme kao i ostali delovi sveta sa kojima moramo da se suo avamo svakodnevno i za koje nam je potrebna sva mogu a pomo kako bismo ih iskorenili.To to momci uglavnom smatraju NE SVI, AST IZUZECIMA da se devojke za njih obla e, minkaju i sre uju pa ose aju potrebu da stalno komentari u ta im se kod nas svi a a ta ne je samo mali deo problema Jeste da neretko mogu da se uju komentari na osnovu kila e, bubuljuca, izgleda lica, atributa , ak i bezveznih stvari kao to su ukus muzike i filmova od stane oba pola ali to nije ni ta u pore enju sa tim to devojke ne smeju ne ose aju se sigurno da idu same no u zbog mogu nosti da budu napadnute ubijene, otete, silovane od strane pijanih ili ne mu karaca Zato umesto da u imo erke da se uvaju, budimo generacija majki koje e u iti svoje sinove da se pona aju sa pa njom i po tovanjem, i to ne samo prema enskom polu.Btw predivne korice The conclusion of the Princess trilogy Reading the books in sequence allows the reader to follow the progression of the life of Sultana, Princess of the House of Saud, of Saudi Arabia Unfortunately, I cannot, at this time, get my hands on the second book, Princess Sultana s Daughters In this book, as with previous ones, there are torturous and despicable depictions of culturally approved and sanctioned use and abuse of women as property by men in Arabia, and the battle and struggle of Sultana as she rises to fight against this oppression. Made it to page 120 in this book, it just doesn t ring true I wanted to learn about Saudi Arabia after the horrendous news stories regarding the Prince This book offered nothing, like a gossip rag It does make me thankful I do not live in the Middle East, visiting was enough for me DNF ugh i really hated this i read the first of the series some months ago, and although not written well, i felt like it was an important story to tell i was disappointed to be reading this third installment about utter misogyny the sultana is a woman who s place in society is that of a victim, victim to her circumstance of dirty money and idle time i do not doubt that she is limited to help women, a cause, she vehemently says she believes in however, i do believe with a little self control and the use of the brilliant mind and limitless wealth she has been blessed with, could indeed do a bit a bit then spending 338,000 at an afternoon shopping spree at bergdorf s don t get me wrong, i love a shopping spree but this is supposed to be a book about something than that and unfortunately it heralds a woman who has money and time then the god in which she believes.

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