The Slave-Girl and the Vampire (The Slave-Girl and the Vampire, #1)

The Slave-Girl and the Vampire (The Slave-Girl and the Vampire, #1) Set In A Post Apocalyptic Future Where Men Are But A Historical FootnoteWhen Carolyn Arrives At A Remote Mansion For A Job Interview, She Is Horrified To Discover Herself Trapped And Enslaved By A Perverse Mistress But It S Not Until She S Taken To The Basement That She S Given Reason To Scream, And Then Her Life Changes Forever. Carolyn, a naive and hopeful girl, wonders why her second job interview happens to be in a remote location Where Valery was professional during the first interview she is somewhat frightening to Carolyn this time around When a maid dressed in a leather outfit appears and Valery takes out a riding crop Carolyn decides its time to head out However Valery isn t going to let her leaveThe author takes us to a world where men are extinct and women engage in relationships and make families with artificial insemination The character doesn t feel desire towards other women so because of her anomaly she has been picked as a willing victim to enter Valery s harem of naughty maids Although this was a short novella the author gives us a full scope of the world in which the characters live Relevant social issues were presented as the downfall of our civilization and a pseudo Eden is created This novella was full of detail and I devoured it quickly still wanting Pick this one up and find
This story of vampires in a futuristic world where men are extinct was a decent read Its best quality was the overall erotic feelings the reader would get from the description of of the Master, yet there wasn
The future of this vampire world where men are extinct is a new take in the vampire genre Well, new to me anyway.Although I m not a fan or erotic vampire stories, I found this one to be an easy and enjoyable read.As the author mentioned, this is a short story that appeared in a charity anthology. This short story was first published in the charity anthology